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When do to take off your wedding ring?

Jun 16, 2014|

The question of the day: At what time to you off your wedding ring? Right away? Once you move? When?


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On Alice all right the question of the day. Lindsay take the wedding ring off that's not done in the -- and it's taken off. Does he is that than the others -- for his first mother's that guy who land. Yeah he's just going through separation nation does is bring on in and then -- -- found -- that their blood and a senator. None consciously and coupling right they both had their rings on they had the rings on right. So will it win it did they like OK and then. And there was somewhat of a debate over this is like OK you don't take your -- until you get the divorce the -- -- to go through and bam it's stamped and approved and you've got -- the -- she did bring up -- say when you're separate. Once you move out of the place but nobody can take the ring off. Some say when you're separating you still in the same house still tapering off. Yeah I don't know what is the right time I'm sure when you do. No wind IE in lieu of found out about the -- Didn't know when FN I'm about the -- to get off I even put out what I'm the last number floor when you find out about the other check. Yeah would you find out about the -- your neighbor. Yup -- still been my neighbor then I think officer in Daytona during okay so we have four options right now. I tell you how I did that. Because I about the diamond from my ring you know -- -- -- you think that it right. So I had so yeah I did that popped a dime now that I about the diamond not the setting anti left it is -- we'd. Yeah. Does that. Awesome. So only went through this week Rowling is joined to peace. Each time so what's this is what I've belonged mostly to the diamond content boosted it looks unbelievable massacre. And then I guess I don't get that money from that died when she bought yeah. You know I think that if you literally bust somebody ran handed in the other person you know that that they're seeing. That's pretty good times take the ring in the pro and Adam Fleischer do something let's sell it. The FBI and a -- I gave back the setting either when it but -- the diamond and it seems that the Tanzania and -- And here's what I don't get it's really nice -- thank -- -- as big a paid for beautiful Hitler in town and which is special you know I. -- put a fake gun in my engagement and and you had to replace current I is that when you find out that you're that you're diamonds faking your engage wearing a Wednesday ever illegal I'm Ali was great guys that -- but again I miss him dearly -- I -- I -- not buying a real diamonds -- great guy. But this easy and my setting. I want to -- -- his new fiance he mileage that's. The fact that. A 3032%. To 5423. When you think the wedding ring off just quickly your quick little survey. I here's what I don't agree with I don't agree with those who just completely. She start on the fact they had you have to wait until you get a divorce. To -- paperwork sir I don't get that I don't get that at all because there's a lot of things that happened between that the time you actually breakup. And the action before going through for me it was about five years but I saw a lot of things weapons I don't get those it. Somebody else so I hear that works here and I was like nine years yes I feel long to end they guard moved in with somebody else above the -- you're supposed to Wear your wedding ring until that day comes I don't get those people in all 30322254233032225423. I took mine off as soon separation -- Susan moved out of the house I'm Michael every legally separated. Or just -- legally visit physically physically OK so decision physically removed yourself you remembering you what is legally separated. I think -- filed paperwork. He filed for divorce in yeah did you separate nets called legally separated when you're going through the divorce is part it's called legally separated I think. -- an iron out of Lieberman did that part I think he's did it on our own. I think we need jumped and just to see you know up let me ask you this for me at least because -- I had this ring on my finger Aaron and Allen was a couple of years. And so after -- took off. I can't like and taken my thumb and feeling for the bottom of they have. It really -- me I didn't have a -- whom I hated not having you know which is weird because I'm not really that Islam person but Atlanta has. I am against you yes weird it's a piece of jewelry that goes missing the eloquently can -- it just doesn't feel natural and then -- them always been to the bottom and -- You. It's higher in the -- -- And Miller that and money hey ray you are good Whitney what do you take the ring off. While I check my -- -- it. Hey now it has been on abstract or because he told me that -- We'll a lot of live question that president questions. What. What would push somebody to say said this is -- words -- Where did you guys get in that conversation where he thought that was necessary. Well I am a little dot com. Because I got to -- up right here in Israel in -- to sell I was going back to that they expect to tell how the -- here and I actually visit after a week slipping out here is. -- -- it's kind of like hey what's -- and that's when he called me I think we need of course because. On. You're back and -- are attractive women and -- while. This is like the third can't gladly call we've had in the past couple -- On just various topics let's just solve heartland. Steel and I don't know that's just part I think. How brutal do you have to beat somebody to look and say well the reason leisure fat not only. The house. Out after a let thing. They're just like that in the same ideas are eleven. And it doesn't even matter even even he didn't get bigger who says that what I says that 21. Especially you can only currency that he'd tried to build or implement yeah. It's not yeah me you know that. The high road going out the door but my god he's such -- horrible hateful -- person didn't. Yeah definitely wouldn't say that he can tapering -- I had some imitated did you get some plastic surgery lose some weight. On no but I it it didn't try out. True to myself that I'm not act. Don't -- that's what's weird about it too is that that just about everybody that is verbally abused in outlying. They they have a tendency connecting. Agree with that and -- yeah -- they should you should be and that's just a mean person. When they say simple like that to -- well election noses like just hideous kind of text. And it's okay you say that I can't say that I I'm gonna seem like that guy is new and Mateen persons of Gibson not only ST I mean. The way that modern dentistry is now you have those things nice yeah the night's policy if you thirty pounds overweight come on me and drop it stop the there -- -- overweight -- -- Brad. Changes subject auto Brad. Friend for the. So I believe it is. Even if you moved out of how haven't worked out of the house it doesn't matter. What matters is -- in your heart whether or not you believe that it truly over. If that's from day one way it after that huge argument you know. For a fact 100% that you are not going to be getting back together. CI I see it on the opposite -- It's like when I look at her and say hey she truly believes that she's never go to the back around me that and that's what I think -- radio -- what I think Danica -- she thinks that's what I think -- kind of her college BJ's case -- -- -- Like she lets say hey I'll never you have anything to do it I didn't know what the call with -- BJ's women -- the. Most people they get to make the call could hit it a bit but at that at this. And it is never got to -- you can follow your heart if you what do you bread but I my heart wasn't worth following -- -- -- DO. Oh. It's been a little bit of pop and out of moving out moving back in the but we're still together at the -- So your relies on spy ring -- saw. Him. And so -- have you ever taken an us for that one -- tramp that is on the bar. Now never eat everything in your pocket. -- -- -- I have put into pocketed one and and east and include marvelous. -- seem like he did me in Paris what about her she got her zone. I've yet to take her up constantly Kitchener. I'm sure she knows that the at at at at this condition with a doctor in a closet and that the fact that at at at. -- -- nice I didn't Brad Brad sounds like he's completely madly Stillman had registered. I accidentally hitting -- simply -- his charts with her broken heart -- India -- are you okay. -- -- -- Let's talk through steam than a bread the -- the how many times he moved out of the house. -- Why these guys and that first on the blues. Completely mine operated. At least and when the second. -- this second one. I go to. Most liked first exit that. Strike went to hold -- would you do Brad would you -- stupidly. I got an order. You've -- got a we people who loss. Is your birthday. Your old Herbert today restraint bread the bread when you and three top secret or call us -- What the anniversary it was eight. It was a very specific date not a. Like when they matters -- what it was that it was she threw me about a house she's there yeah house and that. It wasn't just. Did you hold on percent of -- yeah just a second parent. Comes to mind my deepest respect you and can you on the phone with Brad and get the. You know every criminal. A base that can you be with questions and in -- -- -- called to tell us what's in what's happening deal. It just -- on the split up -- force took it in its seems so trivial that you get thrown out of the house how solid keep your your. Your whole relationship Beecher being thrown out of the house because you forgot it. They cannot forget everything and not pretend she's -- you got the -- -- match. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Exactly. That's true love refusing to ship over here I. Car. But a hole and hit the size of all law. You can't sing her a lot -- is straighter. -- asked you would have a far ahead as she'll be right there for you does not so and then well an -- comeback yellow -- Boise ready. I'd be only -- and so on but I guess her great choice okay I was gonna Jason Jason quickly here. -- -- -- -- So I didn't divorce over a year -- Of these to. I have absolutely zero interest in a relationship Jarrett and it's just easier somewhere in a wedding -- end -- Like girls know -- interest. We got a lot going on you got a lot going on them yeah so does Brad -- should he join a club you go drink and. Yeah that I. I gotta admit I've been looking in the initial purpose and I really just don't understand why people are so that settled and relationships. -- well because we don't like lonely that's the only option now that lonely I read it don't early July are great yeah -- -- are so no good. Well yes -- no G needed that does mean. That his next relationship did he opened up his mind to it is gonna be miserable he could find the love of his life out there and I agree but what I'm saying is is -- said lonely. But I would rather be alone -- miserable -- yeah me too but actually if he thought somebody that you share your live with a better than. In a loan. Out of most stressful times I've ever had in my life -- soared. During our media Aaliyah were caused by a relationship or significant other. -- Jason. Well what happened well what happened. I was married for ten years that a divorce. By. -- -- -- Who runs he now bigger women who it is bigger and I don't what are I'm not better. I enjoy it women a great deal. Oh lead and now you're not getting into when when the point you're not enjoying lament what -- us early Accenture. -- give -- a point of wearing a real and from somebody that debt completely with the tournament or cheated right. I mean why would you Wear that circle of infinity around your anger when there was no infinity and there was no that's. Her -- It's not -- -- and there is it's a real close to not think -- and get some other you know. As with this ring I thee wed facility like your pathetic. She does AJ I don't know if I cheated on a guy and I he was still wearing our our -- I'd be like oh my god it grows some. Moles here. And other Internet alert this -- -- the Tucci to go wider -- You don't need -- when you're not married. I don't wanna be a relationship that is easier to both girls -- and -- -- you trust you with your attitude alone you won't be in relation to pick -- I. -- -- -- Take all you -- you're you're going on. -- and I think we just chased off this thing. The next you know everywhere and we're gonna have a bigger toll that we have. Only saw it get rid of that just is weird science that is weird thank you Jason. That is. Just don't understand that's all have a lot of people don't understand out on let's quickly go back to Brad Bradley got. -- -- -- Yeah it's -- The second time I did go on the old -- relation to the earth it would. I'd get a little blue local currency in the -- that I cared. And these arguments has led to. All of all of us we wanted to be out for a while on her want to be for all. Yeah but you guys still love each other and still is she and she's wearing nurse and you're wearing yours and guys in now there's some that probable. You know they wouldn't divulge exactly -- this second time but the first title is a great idea so Madonna has -- he said there was no cheating I get asked about cheating infidelity again I don't trans. You know what it felt talking to the brand -- -- thank you. It really makes you appreciate -- these fights in my fights with Lisa. I thought at least one million U fights -- your boyfriend I have a boyfriend well I any guy that that. Your your fights in my fights it makes me appreciate because he got substance still don't let -- so yeah. I don't think there's so like. And. That's why was the kids like -- I entered to find the right that's what that is so does the era at bats and die if they finally they did the leg and -- -- -- -- -- I don't theory it's the F I forget the trash out adamantly thrown out of my house scene I don't feel that. Sometimes you do on the island and who would seem. Okay that one thing that I have spent that this is BJ NT. Ellis went 059. PGA and -- Weekend mornings on how does one -- by.