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BJ & Jamie - Jamie had a Caffeine freak out! (6/18)

Jun 18, 2014|

Jamie has been off the Diet Coke for weeks... yesterday she drank half a 2 liter and had a bit of a caffeine freak out. Bj has a story of a 16 yr old who may have died from caffeine.


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On Alice there it is okay now and I want put in my -- a depressing mood or anything you can't -- -- or. You have them like little -- yesterday McNabb and I got so sick. That was the that was scary -- mean what do you think why I think it -- caffeine I really do because you know I don't drink caffeine anymore which is weird communities stopped with the -- -- Right and so yesterday I had -- a two liter bottle. Diet Coke examined -- I'll just grab it unthinkable drinks. Because I've allowed myself to have landing. Can of Diet Coke for the whole show. Can I mean you know and I said that during the battle born. Half -- nothing outside here that is so it's all right here read more for the caffeine some people have coffee you have that one went more than -- for us but yet now we have two practices -- saying that there was a time. When 82 liter bottle just wasn't enough that they had two liter bottle she carried around. All the time and Alex I'll show and home. I would every three or four or five liters a day in the -- being cut it down did yesterday. Yesterday at that two liter bottle and I drank half summit. In any way it goes I mean not a partner -- -- scary for me I thought it was you know something weird was happening. And all is like I I I I like my ears are going mama mama mama I don't know. No I. When you where you were making a movie you were getting out of the chair there and you were going to stand ups do something on for purse what are. That you were about stand up in the -- would stand up like this and you would. Stop like OK let me get my balance. But he about balance here whereas we year I mean you had that look like she can fall over us. I was scared in the I had a meeting with combined to minimize their boss and that some salespeople and I actually said to this and never sinister bus. Am I acting like -- on drugs. Do I seem OK DUMI acted like it like I am under the influence of something. Connection to week thing but yeah you -- a couple of we have congestion I don't we give up the life I was -- did I I don't not -- -- I know you scared me you know I didn't think that much about it I knew that you were having a little bit reaction to caffeine and appeared to be Kathy. But you really scared me at the very end shelves when we finished out the show you stood up it started to move around the bed and then you said. OK maybe I should drive myself. The emergency room I -- and I thought wow this pretty serious when she says that. Whether -- got so scared you know and then -- this like you're about to panic attack basically you know I was million and I can't believe I can't believe that. I used to drink like five gallons or whatever of this stuff and now if I have half of a leader. Our one leader is too late so let's say yes and when leader in what to me how can I. I think caffeine does that concern people and the reason I bring this up your -- into me because -- immune. India -- when she stopped you know it doesn't take very many months before your body to adjust and before you know you back down to this level -- Fire on hold -- leader of caffeine in that could have a reaction for yes scared the hell out of me music on your own eyes and this thing there's a story and I thought have you yesterday after we left -- You couldn't like signing a lot no it was like Psycho and cycle they're not cycle -- I'm sorry mate well. He likes me psychics -- out you're your -- symptoms from yesterday we're like they were site. For a story that I saw yesterday. Okay a girl like wet dog and I give -- a young girl thought I had a vision. Is on vacation in Mexico. Sixteen years old and stayed out in the sun all day. You know no indication on the beach and drink drink energy drinks all day long and died. The caffeine inside that the drinks themselves too much because she had no water to diluted not -- mind that's too much caffeine -- killer. Sixteen year old apple Waite plays high school's softball I told you I almost died yesterday. -- in serious condition at the end. Any type of reaction to caffeine for some -- I used to -- it was like opening get a buzz off of that you know -- getting get them to buy -- app that like Ford leaders. There you were hurt yesterday it was so weird how old is she sixteen. And she just wish she'd let you -- says she was Mexico with their friends and suddenly died from heart attack this happens yeah. A mother clearly believes the energy drinks were to -- the girl's softball player athlete high school in Arizona. Not like you don't know the hot weather right now doesn't Mexico's slim Mexican and drinks no. Well she says she spent a full day on the beach drinking energy drinks but no water. That night the girl complained to a friend's father not feeling well old. Dizzying. Vision blurry Dennis. I I almost died vision boring I think it's a short time later she walks off and tell laps this. And they never bring her back to. -- -- In the it was exactly she's so pretty amateur groups or she's so pretty another manners of Susan they're pretty she's the band -- just drinking Kathleen. -- see you know what I guess from Kandahar I started to really be an against because only. I think I'm dying but people think I'm crazy for saying I think I'm dying of Kathy -- a -- with me evolve cable can't say that. Now but when you get to a point where you're making BS statement that you might need to drive yourself to the emergency room that's when I knew it was serious it's like OK wait a minute. I -- are you okay -- -- I think going to be five. I was really concerned. That point then this pops up later today -- and we'll shine kinda made fun amigos to did you go to the iron at the. Now what I said. And. She said no I got some top guerrillas instead and made me feel better. That makes sense I could definitely I mean ate his food makes sense because you -- -- diluted and some some -- right. -- -- -- I would tackle bell and -- got three cheese let's and I got a large ice water on them so much better about Timmons after it yeah and it is let me get this -- any. Our -- -- -- I think I. Mean time the -- cheaper -- -- yards defensive man -- hit them. -- -- -- -- -- -- It's -- PGA and we see mornings on how this 105 now.