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Intern Hank is Graduating and Sean is speaking at the ceremony.

Jun 20, 2014|

What does Hank have in store from Sean at his graduation? Find out here.


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Eight -- and Jamie is a big day here at PG Jamie morning show so. -- all he's like a little kid I feel like a mom like this. And I just I haven't moments when I feel like it that I read that into an iron right now that's now but this is and how to please don't -- acts like that. And I get to third that microphone around 88 -- I think it's backwards in part of the reason I'm -- where all the clintons because you're graduating from radio broadcast school via the excess. Yeah I don't have any young they don't tell you that I am confident that the microphone just faces certain way. The previous I guess I bark and -- and Hank he's graduate. School of Colorado expertise today. Now it's a big day for you her talent to go. It's a year long while whole year -- the year well here we knew him by click here. It appeared and how right how do you feel about your experience -- that went to school. I think is trick I learned a lot it's a lot hands on and it's a great experience and I'm glad that I didn't -- and I'm looking forward to future. And elect said to a monthly payment on those loans. I'm getting things how much. How many other professional as of today income professional right. -- -- -- how many other professional broadcasters are you graduating with today. About 25 of -- -- at all after our jobs. And instead it's the next whatever error. You -- the next Generation X. Arab broadcasters coming out of the school today aren't so sure on our producer for the second time in a row and it's because he does such an incredible job with -- -- commencement speeches or are they just can't get anybody else to do whatever the there but but she wants doing the speech again today right. Yes yes I did these via guest speaker for the graduating ceremony. Have you ever heard and speak before. I just in the Booth over there number -- it's like you've been -- was graduation because you know he did last year this is the second 10 I thought those special. Well -- it's the second time once he's become somewhat of a staple there yeah you got a call on when they needed good speech and. The guys that they like to see some got a job. That's a poster child. He's the poster child the broadcast I did not ensure that the the most successful graduate -- -- I don't wanna think about like that. And you know -- am -- gonna. Show I'll yeah and I guess making fun of I mean you've got a long way. Don't ya mean that I. Finally imam -- do this and why do we. Tell our. Is was really -- moving he might wanna bring -- -- tonight now known that the graduation tonight just you know just a tissue and just the mean it is still make it easier for. OK and we. Did you think it was like to have some of our guest speakers. In this case. Yeah former rabbit has been very successful we're just looking over the records it's only been a couple of years and graduate. -- exit from the program and I had the privilege of being education directorate that time he -- new position of -- services record no one. Education agenda so out of fuel in honor. The army and positioned to see each student -- that is in -- it's going to be successful. All we have to do sometimes to stand back and watch the magic happen. What -- the blue room. For blue Alison -- Entercom. Communications today. -- -- graduated just a few short years ago started in turning them or intercom communications for -- Did you enjoy the show continues to -- that capacity as morning show producer and sometimes. I was taking this as Italy. They shot at a -- this means a lot of for every person UC on camera there's five or. Obama regulars who need support. Let's go on every show that you hear and they should get rid in this part of the speech yeah. Pay as you you see any of that and you just start from the beginning. I. -- lot of stress but -- yeah that shows couldn't make it without the producer. Make them produce not officially introduce you know we like to. One of the awkwardness would be lost. And show producer gets to. My aunt she showed what it's this guy this audio. It's I -- -- the best -- -- it. I had no idea how big long gap moment we I'm getting there -- There's lights and. This morning I'm certain. I don't know. Right yeah -- -- -- It's on here I had no clue so I think this is what he doesn't broadcasting hour. And you don't do unity usually have it all from prayer to be a long ceremony yeah. We played -- -- -- -- about producers again I. Notes taken them an incentive. Every cell in the audio that delay is a great -- derby day at at the. Haiti haven't well I've got something here doesn't show Allen's speech conclusion OK I have an idea what that is I. I LaDainian that in that you guys sprung on me last time and so I didn't even at a. -- Yeah. Ali yeah. No I didn't really hit it should be an idea you said before we started I thought I deleted -- -- and I should deleted. You. And I thought. -- -- -- I did not I swear that I do not. Where is it. -- I think this isn't comfortable sure and we would never taken it out and this is very comfortable I just -- that is that's been a more into fights with their producer. You didn't mention that when he stood up to talk about it didn't know we don't know I didn't are quickly show on some of the highlights in the last time you were there -- do you remember exactly what you said. Remember he almost got down the crying. Well I know that I -- -- -- use my broadcasting baby. Metaphor about how you know when you started the school became impregnated. With -- -- -- ST yeah. Higher this morning I you nurture that and -- that -- time in school is like your time through pregnancy and you carry that dream of your broadcasting career with -- -- view. And then as you go through graduation you births that dream with -- -- take it out into the world that you raise that broadcasting baby sees it. Is so down sitting out this fire is that I now. Basically what we have this morning with our producers after birth. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- I. Couldn't. Features brown says yeah. -- professionally show on answered. With a allegedly. Nina in the enjoyed the golden microphone we're gonna put it by the way. From her and makes the TV and I showed us at the golden microphone dead and overlooks later announced. I'm excited though the bug spreading. Value we are in our view in means a lot not really appreciate being years in turn -- so thank you. Anwar Al -- Jamie's gonna make. Go to the graduation party. It and yet in the it's cool parties excellent. Cool part of yeah I'm not drinks cocktails and apartments the music. We're having a pool party. With public pulled at the apartment complex. -- -- -- you get to finally somebody uses that that room that they tell you about when you go look at apartments like. And yeah the -- -- he couldn't get any time you and nobody ever does we did yeah. This -- me. Three and got bad news and and I will never -- -- -- how much wasn't. It was a 75 dollars right dominant in that. And they use actual party room at the apartment not me where Bosnia who have rented that thing -- it's it's always set there all pristine in little. Yeah -- nobody parties and you're like quilted I don't tribunal the other graduates. Congratulation and thanks guys that it definitely -- is out this out. Jumped early casualties is laugh at it. -- -- -- -- -- -- weekday mornings on -- 105.