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Gay Pride and Goddess Dwight

Jun 20, 2014|

Gay Pride Fest is back and ready to rock. Goddess Dwight gives us all the info on this great festival and more...


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Don't you -- and -- -- Davis. The stretch of games and guys Souza French -- isn't today -- Davis. Can be done on them either. Bad break here there you meant that whenever. So frigid day muscles on the voice. And she's been on brought raises that most African American dealing you know the -- -- But before we get started -- -- on -- while nobody knows two things two things. It's the first time I've ever been in her sober. Totally weird experience you know it's so different you've been drunk every time he's been here every time the last nine years laugh. Even when you were doing the Biggest Loser -- I was -- -- at least that's what we're saving a lot about that -- it came early in the morning yeah. Won't do the bus everywhere we know what are you were so combative that morning what but the thing here that started late at night they just hearing on the morning. Our environment right now as the second thing -- congratulations. Biggio pitching in this weekend. I think that's appropriate that being gay pride weekend -- to get to pitch it. -- -- -- And the danger it you know why do you stop it up and stop this stuff that's about the time you're gonna get me thrown off on the mound with. I will be able to get go out there and throw the first pitch and I just keep on next shall be wearing the pants in your relationship with the. I would feel I can turn your microphone off -- you can just sit over there in the dark you know. Taken from me First Act again OK it's like -- I really means you're Mitchell why your your first. Guys I pride fest weekend and celebrations already started this week right and I started well I army mental -- zone and didn't a big day said park tomorrow has do you want me to go to you on and on yeah we're gonna go to Jim for I guess he's got a problem -- -- A whole lot stuff happening -- and that's why you're here that's the Christensen does my -- my -- my yearly moment. Yeah can you take up to me yes OK so listen -- Amazon women wrote me on our. Began -- -- pages as I seriously cannot believe you're going to represent the radio station at the bribery. This week and when you constantly and consistently make disparaging remarks about the GL BTQ community. You should really better role modest models as you'd Jamie. I think about -- It's like and talking about. I hear you and you have that continually making jokes at the expenses of the GL BTQ community as both heterosexual is an offense and that's not. What -- I do think a lot of fun make fun of the GL BTQ element of you're you're not helping -- -- he's very supportive of the -- and saying thank you. Because I handed over to you when does that make credible -- all tomorrow. That's gonna help and how she always listen -- bought me a cocktail that's been very supportive the the gay community hating -- parent just doesn't seem to -- in the case. Compared to. Admiral Dennis if he loves gays and gays love park can -- that when police shot I think to make you drop out of that so that we reinforce that the community and I guess. I mean listen bits of leverages the umbrella. I don't know but -- The sharks are unpalatable well now we're sure -- Like that's -- -- could Alter -- engines went a little bit and let it does it is of the authority to other young elder of the -- Closer digital business -- other direction -- it. And I think yeah Obama. You know for your support you awesome yeah seriously I mean here would show. Jamie and we never made fun of the gay community we do -- in front of the Geneva was generally anybody but I'm not the gay community and some. -- your year you announced the -- Well yeah he got there you've got a big responsibility in this we can you do when you're a talk show on step by Albert doing the final touch. You know this is a John Maine now on going to be drug so. So are you after this weekend since you're doing tucked on stage the final time -- god is still lying fruit for forever now will be untouched until it's. Blowing in the breeze and wow. That's a vocalist at the margaritas -- like you know. So this is and what is the last as the last show for thirty to five there were either -- day isn't Sunday sending forth pretty good they are ready telegram from -- -- the. I think government we are you I think the last two or are you gonna be in the BIB's exit sign I wasn't invited to the VIPs shouldn't though I don't. Maybe I'll see you won't have runs in the I did not -- now and then we thought he knew people and you be there anyway one. Rules later yeah. He can downwind eventually be supportive of the -- yeah but yeah like TJ is so so that you just. I just -- and eighteen game we know we will get you will if we can happen if we have to I'll bend over you can just jump on my back. Gold medals I think it is OK I know I don't know I thought. -- -- -- Yeah you get Ahmad backing and legal because it is that he may be a pitcher but I've not had -- effect that. Did those right yeah yeah yeah yeah -- -- on -- and -- I've -- over in the get on all four of us running him. But because he doesn't only yourself up do -- Proud of uncomfortable what else is doing this is. On stage I get a comfortable so what else -- and I feel comfortable I do I thought about ralphie 'cause tomorrow listen we are ralphie -- So tomorrow is family day you know and so -- -- the kids pride parade and the mile high freedom band. And then add to the voice deprived kids karaoke. Disaster. Why doesn't I was like oh my god rental -- would love that would totally up through Daytona and there's like dialogue parade than people dress them up and might dolls and all that mean I. What is the -- -- now. The calmer day right out Saturday Saturday as the families of friendly fun day OK and then sending gets all of the F and is raising yes. So now Sunday. We have it three the ultimate event starting for -- Davis Wright -- we talked about. The Morrison goes slaughter he's the one that. It's an -- together and until -- -- thing -- for thirty I have a question what do the pride frozen teachers show. Well that's hot hot -- With the put on for both teams mixer so and so nuptials are grown and there's only letters -- themselves whether -- here in charges saying I. Asia and -- -- -- -- -- -- Many of years he knows what's going on yeah. This before been drawn by nine saying I'm thinking. I liked you better when you come to the studio drunk. Listen -- -- came prepared you -- I don't like you prepared so we -- and he shared that we're afraid that there are -- now know that I. And they're going to be drawn to and bone around and then DJ Christmas -- 530 and then gone and how well let's back up here why he giving up tucked. I'm -- is the finale why why no more because you know I've been on this journey of late -- -- and -- so I just want to do is something to do tomorrow on FaceBook right now it here you know the journey in life. And -- went circle journey that's why do some. I need is a series of the journey is is like Armon or not our -- there are. Yeah it is it's -- massive yeah right now. I -- the potent. And you're like swing and can we expect and like a little yes I'm always Colombian adjourning so I. I've been on this journey. And you know sometimes I journey to the barn Kenya and the manager and he -- yeah you -- he'd Barry moody and bitchy and FaceBook. And one of the nicest people unfazed would you aren't yeah that might help to -- popular and enduring emotional wreck okay. If you really arguing yeah I don't know what. -- you why you get here today and give hope. Certain about you because your emotional wreck on FaceBook and there. Journey as there's an intervention yet again another one yes. What's the view they hate the gays to -- -- -- yeah. They get a handyman and he didn't hit it and it's not about if you're gay or straight you know you're just an emotional. -- -- -- Yeah of course well and it's -- -- I'll. Just the. I should sign reads it it's not grumpy it's just we hear that -- chicken breast and and know how much better drunken tucked right. Yeah and look at how these men look at some days so Sunday I'll be -- Austria. -- only. I them and welcome all of you that toasts are you say -- -- We're looking ahead and emotional you I'll look at this your racquet opens them as. Take some for Stu pointed out that it didn't have it because I'm usually don't and a -- -- you're sitting behind displayed. Sitting behind a screen at home by yourself writing is something doesn't appear that way to you. It's busted your friends reading you go oh my goodness what can offers -- any ready here's our normally solitary outlets elsewhere. Listen I feel like a child. That just found out about -- I don't know why or what a balanced but I'd just have this major let down feeling and I can't she can't. It was that was over broken screen hi it was OK and so that you can play well as not being so picky and it's over coconut cream pie we don't -- Let down I don't -- -- he -- lifted up. I don't like to speak on behalf of Jesus unlike a lot of his followers but I've been pretty. Upset if I had some of the folks were shouldn't mean as she -- there's some real idiots out there when. Like I. And aiming -- that -- it was it was over these people. These religious people there they're crazy but it wasn't it was about this guy. The religious. -- -- Him against the rest of all people out there that -- -- did say -- level I said there's some idiots out there. And -- -- of and Purdue and sort of yeah he's thought he'd be he'd look but through his windshield. And thought Jesus in birds and and and that's -- your match you don't believe Jesus can appear -- so why would Jesus appear -- -- if you're gonna appeared don't do -- and -- proof. And I think he's a little bit more and. The -- could have. The islands sit and watch it all come crumbling down and laugh and drink and rejoice in your hair again. -- Darn deal and this has seen one -- that -- don't -- -- and I can't say that was a passive aggressive but he could. And even they. And again and sit and watch it all come -- them and couldn't drink can rejoice in your -- contain me and I mean. And that. He did -- -- masses and I'll tell yet -- the person that's been really really air again and think that there. They're doing stuff right now and as is gonna crumble. -- it doesn't have a can do both -- out. Wow it's -- got a friend of mine who works at home with the mayor I feel like that he is. Aggressive in the one hour and he organized the parade there's a 145. Entries the largest in the history. And it's it's fourteenth if the news. Anthony Erica now a good job and now it sounds of his of 100000 about science and I that's an average -- flu related to breathing -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- I'm glad I would say you believe I just said we're definitely -- yeah we have to take a break down. You don't get -- you know and that did I got I want my peanut butter Captain Crunch I -- some peanut butter captain graduate like at eleven enough. -- It's flew me right back into -- minutes prior -- this hey. -- all right good I'm gonna break and Jamie's -- cabinet. This writer Melissa I don't have destroyed it and there and days left. We'll be right back there. Got a bride dresses with you you'll have a blast they thought. -- -- -- Hey BJ -- Warnings on Dallas 105 now.