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BJ & Jamie - KFC Scam. (6/24)

Jun 24, 2014|

The little girl who was asked to leave KFC was a hoax.


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On Alice let's -- this is a serious topic but let's talk about his kids. Well the mom in the KFC story that that is so so does serve and these people make me mad. OK so I. I and a -- along time ago. Is about a month ago I think. Wasn't that Orleans yes three or four weeks ago a little girl who was mauled by cables by her grandparents that bulls winning should -- fried chicken with her grandmother. And apparently was asked to leave because her wounds were so -- that people are losing their life. And they said please leave because people can't eat with -- And so they did. And now she's been -- -- are the largest. So sad for the slow growth has all these scars and whatnot and so. They they put up a FaceBook page donated to her and and -- fried chicken donated money to work. It's been this whole thing. It -- stay amateur houses -- And Clinton. Well they the content rich again -- gave 30000 dollars to assist with their medical bills this little girl and they if they are like. We need to because it's such in this sense PRD image right Bryant that we need to bring an act another person just to see what happened to the primary investigator. Can -- -- this is after this families are collected a 135000. Dollars from various people who felt sorry for the little girl right because she's so hideous that people can't -- in front of cell. On May sixteenth is when they said they went into this specific IT FC so the investigator. That's where -- for people. They went online to FaceBook until this ladies FaceBook page that grandma. And what it says was. We asked not venture -- today Victoria the little girl. Poulter feeding tube out. Out of her nose but thanks to degrade people at bats against Children's Hospital. She is home today waiting for her new sister. Momma baby Abby come home today you'd -- So there's no mention of conduct dementia and she's at the hospital having a treatment and this is the day. The supposedly. Incident happened he can't see there's. Now oh magic. They went to the hospital. There are two locations that were close to the hospital so they are not needed she just didn't want to mention. Since then they took all those surveillance videos from that today. They never walked in the stores. Never happened who who they made of the parents made up the story that green impair the grandparent of the -- -- the entire story. Of KFC and being asked to leave which brought in all these don't include adding. KFC who wrote a check for 30000. I'm surprised they wrote a check for 30000 before they invest. I think they just needed it says to go away yeah there are so upset by this is up eight and his war. The people can remember which today Virginia they went to this when the meadowbrook brother would -- -- and so they look at. All the surveillance tape where this investment is mark. And they said only one little boy shows up -- either store and then he orders food with this parents and then they leave the store. When you're in this position and I know it's a tough position you've got a kid deterred or whatnot but when you start using it to your vantage point scamming people. That's the lowest a blow is it not. -- win not to say what ya. I would not to say on that they asked for that order -- I just love investigators but that's what I meant to know this immigrants from how he loved that. You know I'm all of that -- yeah I mean homegrown investigation bright -- they even as a people what they ate. And they said that they had mashed potatoes. And sweet -- And so they looked of all the recedes of that today and nobody ordered in any order. Sweet -- with mashed potatoes on time. So get out here you weren't here to -- you weren't here and no one ask your kid. Who looks terrible from the of the dog mauling which you know that's horrible in itself. You when eating go and you even make a story so you can get all these tenacious and one of the managers has a child with threats syndrome so they are furious. How dare you say any of our team members you know would say anything when a child did it does seem like he was a scam from the very beginning treatment well I thought it did I thought that. Really employee is gonna come over how stupid could they be. Yeah that was still she teachers have relations but would. Kids you know and we know. That they always get busted. And we had to and and there's and be that guy in my caller we -- yeah right. Those really stupid but. Really I've never heard of anyone working in any fast food or any restaurant whatsoever that walked over and told someone they couldn't be there because they looked. -- -- I agree that it that is just so extreme. It went viral on June 12 some Victoria is -- page posted does this space looks scary DO. And that's how they started out they said last week he can't -- and Jackson Mississippi. This precious face was asked to leave because of -- scared the other diners. And then accidentally increase. And then you got this lady that's down in -- -- and Parker wherever she's from that right here locally that. The hairdresser. That hair Dresser chick that convinced her ten year old Sutton that he's got cancer. And that's -- And then laid that out with racers at the school involved had PTA topple -- Which everybody a multi -- It was apparent collateral off I don't know but here's what I do know Condit be private investigator my next life you should I really do one of the I'm really can. Mean apparently. Gone to transform the -- He should keep your kids work and my -- did everybody throws a rotten way. Incriminating stuff I'll like especially you have to something -- -- to seven -- special a birthday is because it would get a Carter's sudden you have -- whatever always check on the birthdays Facebook's email trash cans whatever it is for the mining get a little gift that's no fun to have your head. Buried inside amount of trash animal -- Mikey you've got to do it today. The other -- case he -- attended where I guess that -- and 39000 dollars investigating this failing now the attorney that they have attorneys on both sides and and now saying that they think they went a different KFC the most of northern just trying to make stuff up now keep the story going. The insulin to cover their -- -- And there's a grandmother who they're dogs -- -- pimples in an iPhone up on the pit bulls -- any -- that we're child. Why couldn't this kid through -- greed OK and doing the you know endurance and could pull things now. This -- in the two starts Carlin -- of you know feel. But three of them but. The lady here locally with the cancer story -- Foster kids that this this grandmother should lose this child I agree. I mean -- you got to pit bulls. He bureau scamming people using this you know this this look -- that this girl has from the injuries to skim money. -- -- -- You know I will tell you and I know lessen the clintons but I swear to god FaceBook is the key to finance stuff. -- you know that one thing not to get into evidence got to get into anything about anything or anyone or anything. But. I started is when I was dating -- -- there. I started -- and this one particular girl I noticed on every post so you have to watch evidence if somebody's hitting like on everything. Your boyfriend or husband post some -- is hitting like it was all like I like. -- I was. When they like and everything and I -- had to throw a little more than this -- little more in enemy remember you only half. The like button is simply no way pilots still pledged to pledged look like like like. This though -- that means yes it does when there's only what there was one picture you posted every -- it was it was they think she at like that's and I -- She's only life the life. -- It makes into the story and that's and I knew and Soledad back to him like yeah I know all about blah blah blah. And and I didn't really -- an issue like don't think. But it worked out via the team clean area. To just notice if you've seen on Lisa's face abatement can die just like and like like -- everything I guess I feel like him like -- Yeah she Stepan and it's a PGA and we see mornings on how this 105 and.