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West Nile

Jun 30, 2014|

West Nile is back. Are going to be putting chemicals in our neighborhoods?


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-- On Alice. Holy -- and that's -- out when he first we have like drag implies that we had mosques that month epidemic within some Indies and -- And easy now we have mosquito problem we have a skeeter problem. Actually it's so bad that a group of Stapleton parents -- in stable than. Our am so fed up with it that they're starting a petition. As the city of Denver to take emergency action knowing what's the problem of the mosquitoes. I -- so many of whom they said dad there's so many mosquitoes drama neighborhoods that they add to threaten the West Nile Virus it's too dangerous to let their kids go outside during summer months. Remember we had a sub somewhat epidemic may be what three years it yourself where a lot of people in the area got -- you were bitten by mosquitoes. In denial popped up everywhere. Nobody knew I mean this is that I'd. Rather take my mosquito bites being put chemicals on our. Knowledge staff and our water I don't know I -- United just because it -- those things happen with the. Like chemicals in her own life like sorry you know what about off doesn't that still work. He's spray yourself down should. She highest in vitamin B no skeeter still act as thing vitamin B is and the best thing makes distinct. So -- in India who knows -- he kept getting paid heed the Salomon and they I have to do is take some vitamin B and sweat a little bit. Well Larry that's the answer stable. Well no I'm just saying that. And you know Baptist school life their bit alarmist citing their larva sightings storm water. Yeah. Than sound. That means that killed in the larvae -- -- -- and add their they eat these days straight electric granulated. Stuff out there and instead it attacks the larvae which kills the larvae in the them they'd never amateur to an adult so they can't come and. And then they got topless for Aqua Aqua Fina then -- -- net they have something not -- and and it's for adult mosquitoes. Sean wife Susan disabled an area nowhere else knows and I have a skeeter minority baskets on. The figure he's too good right now yes absolutely. A stable in Gaza a low lying area so because it's new -- they've got some. Newly developed storm drains and a retention ponds -- on the area of the area. So yeah some -- rules -- a lot of standing water apparently modesty in the water. And not a reason to ante up. Yes -- -- and it's it can't be happy if I. So I got shelter that's all I can figure out I mean is that what'd we figure out what are they saying is -- masking they're saying there's a large mosquito population in that area. Do you -- the area the area and that starts. Not saying specifically -- is a lot of the water but there's a lot of mosquitoes has got to be water. -- -- I just don't know about these chemicals -- not to get on a chemical soap opera that you know when I was little there's this place in Saint Louis this whole town and they -- and they -- the streets you. Seven people were being born applied -- ads for arms -- -- and so that's little city is shut down. There are people would do is -- city yes. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- It's a city and say it does it's dormant. They had them and put in the dorm and nobody lives there nobody had to because there -- two headed people in the had to leave yet because they put chemicals on the roads of and then it never did we find and didn't he didn't T -- Whatever that chemical that we when we are little they're spraying for mosquitoes and let we Edison that -- that as a bad. They are doing -- -- those two in the spring and all that crap yeah I think that was a chemical -- I think he's -- Yes so. Am I wouldn't go stats don't. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- I can't imagine yes I'm. Aaron isn't too many people Union Station and had a good images at times speech on scene. So where there's so they think of all -- was they had to move so do you think openness in that direction. Land a land that's -- that -- is a chemical debt. And a move out to. Say you they didn't use the complete outlook and -- -- you know and I. He and other measures had to move away in policy is a sign on the jury notice -- and they used chemicals and and we will return but. I was offended by the -- your fear mosquitoes this morning. I just don't know about the chemicals I don't like that bad idea that the gonna crap that's dozen should scares me. Unionize and to finally get that -- have they actually said what they're going to do to to get religious mosquitoes. -- page to regulate in -- I would like -- you give me some more in formation. Barrel terrified friend terrified of the sport with -- -- as far. -- Sierra. This it says they have also worked with the master community association. And they are monitoring the situation. With the with the -- -- They're they're gonna monitor so they're gonna monitor the situation but right now there are no plans to spray and you were alarmed the. That there there's one before. Before it even happens warlord there's an. It did and that's a lot all these parents are worried because the kids are getting -- that's not the problem that prom is how they can fix via. Well could be a problem with these kids are getting bitten you know you that was now when -- don't need that action happening again you get bitten up as a kid I did. No it's not that west -- play and getting up and nobody even came every here regularly and he used to play in the -- -- -- -- followed him. And everybody was phi dioxin. What I'm dioxin is contaminated times each -- I asked some years ago thirty years believes dioxin on the streets but now that the town is. And burn it crap but we don't know it's the previous plays when you drive by it as an analyst into the previous place it's orchard noble. It Chernobyl could land them mediums try and related patents on Bernanke's decision that there are moments where he didn't happen nobody cared. Nobody cared back in the day Natalie we would go out would you beast things we did all kinds things happening to us stuck into a no it really cared saddened him in about this man about a source network or something that is kids. He says it is driving him insane how his wife will not let his kids get her. Let him get hurt them and get you and me in these people let their kids go outside. Things like I don't know what's happening in society that you know -- when I was there is like my wife and -- -- news she let him get hurt at all. And then when we we used to walk to school one way to in my outs in the snow and Boumtje. The youngest so it's a EJ -- This 105 now.