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BJ & Jamie - Sleeping nude makes you happier. (7/2)

Jul 2, 2014|

A new Study says sleeping nude makes for a better relationship.


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On Alice here's what it's as it says the new survey said that 57%. Of those who reported sleeping in the buff said they felt happier. -- wait wait wait wait wait happier than people that -- Jamison. Might be easy even. Which you would thing nineties when he and bright or it says that most I'm happy as people were people who were Wendy's what are what are the ones. So those big like pajamas that are old cast with feed him. Doesn't cool yeah I have known as -- -- -- those you know at least get a couple lows. She's unhappy you know Bob. I don't know about the unhappy but I clearly here's what I think -- -- -- this -- and I know there's a lot of pet peeves is up to go along with -- I I just think that when you go to bed if you're completely naked both parties are you always have that. Kind we're ready to go moment but that's exactly what it. -- -- Things that LE YN and my complaint is if you're fully dressed each if you're showing a signal a signal that I'm not wander and he would. Or are like my comfy clothes and. It says that's been you don't encouraged and being intimate and open. And it also because of soft bedding added that skin to skin contact I had -- as being naked in bed with your partner is physically and emotionally intimate. It's a way of showing what you said. I want to be close to you and a green light for -- yeah now it's a green light green right. It's volleys intimacy and emotional physical a bell ability availability is what keeps our relationship strong. In light of day asked dressers and challenges whenever. When you go to bed with sweats on you -- T shirt on you get -- odd yeah you're sending a message to the other person. Yeah man you really are you just don't realize you know -- Each company clothes and some people don't like to be and I hadn't been imminent and that. I first of I really like those. Well I have posted because I warm the other day those fleece jammies those gimmick -- I love -- -- and ended. So familiar and what are the other side -- -- just Wear white tank top with no you know. -- -- on or anything like that just awaiting that or out where those. -- Jamie -- you know top. -- it easily -- still hoping -- provide it you don't find wearing clothing period in here's -- Really have a problem because it's not like every data go to bed ready green my god. I -- nicely -- and the reason this is why cannot stand to be sleeping in to wake up with my underwear all quite locked up somewhere or a T shirt I don't Wear twins. I'd like this. You don't say yeah I. I hit in a Bahrain in my clothes because I tossed and turned so much. Do things that that you bring him neverland and -- -- adding that's crazy it got eleven -- he got in letting daddy let's have some stuff for you I thank you -- -- I agree that had a thing. Yeah I think that's healthy so that's number one but I always. Isn't afraid of an intruder our fire you know like Kelly have either the top part god or the bottom part on. Just because. They're gonna help you know -- -- intruder fire and let the kids if I jump out at least have a take up -- or my body design. God one or the other it's not going to be covered completely anyway what I still going to be more than BC bank. -- -- I think it's like a little bit sexy to have like a tank up bundling get that. Instead he's walking naked not me Nagy walk over there -- Indiana and it -- -- -- let me see the walk. Yeah the -- I have just a white tank -- on where you know you're a little cold. I think that's when sex union and abandon -- The -- like to hide me hide. And -- here's what's weird is I had a baby sitter who really thought it was weird though I didn't have my son sleep in his underwear he -- GMA. Knew I had to -- his underwear off and justly and his team race because of Stockton you. It's like oh my god I about flipped out when he was I was changed discloses a while back obviously she was up an image that. Where I -- so I don't make him Wear underwear to -- that. Right now it's you know I don't know if that's one way or the other that's personal choice yet secure as I watch -- -- Right I think I'm crazy I just I want him to bring new. You know I mean I happen to those cute little -- they need to Wear underwear and of that so what some of the pet -- -- says that the study looked at -- mostly eating habits and relationship and I -- write this down people this is important stuff -- might not know it wouldn't. The way you go to bed at night in the way your perceived by the other person's important. It says the bedroom environments. Is very very important the bedroom and it -- -- -- to the bedroom and firemen again. Where would you get I get -- it's important actions so -- in the bedroom -- no TV. Now let's draw the line there I told you that they say it the happy is relationships don't have a TV in the bedroom police and I both agree will of the TV. Well -- happy -- couples don't have a TV well will be miserable we have to we of the TV kind of went in my room I refused to have it. Because you know I had months but I can't leave. -- Odd that he had -- So in my -- and I'm just addicted to TV. And I've got to have it didn't really -- TV Ali -- entities you. I today's gotta be in a different my dad's that he is over that -- is that this is the sex -- parent and that's just what. Anyway it says other huge turn offs that partners had against each other wearing life. Don't know what what I. I had to ask the question there. Soul if you want to have relations can you do it in the TV rumored you have to go to the and there. Where there's -- -- well last night apparently we can have it in the TV of says that's why doesn't make sense at -- you have a -- we never did exactly as we combining their rooms so we have one we combine the rooms yeah. -- that the thing is you know a lot of don't turn off the TV and so it's in the back here at. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Now who did you put the plot is saying and do well to have relations with TV on them again. I would sit next to another pet -- that -- lives in and it. When I am a good girlfriend he finishes at US. I don't know what happened. You gotta do be or the back while nobody has come into it now I have five minutes left that like -- -- going to be okay. You know like if somebody getting in a diamond I don't know that there's some breaking news this morning so I'm sure that OK okay I had dads sent. Just they had some getting in a new Range Rover is -- crazy yeah I it's it's Orange County we're open have been priced. OK -- -- Sachs yes to bed. Is -- no no liberals are you guys move. Anywhere -- bad or disgrace I don't resources thank god no. That's just weird. Unless it's extremely cold cold cold cold. And eating in -- huge turnoff. I don't eat him. Well into -- I used to -- quart of ice cream. And I -- And it was horrible. Allowing pets in your bed. Grossman now know. Is your bed where your face does not -- dogs but nose -- yeah yeah blue flash not a jumps up there that's gross. He does but I know he does that's gross just sit there and to. -- -- don't know he's okay well that apparently I'm not feeling -- it hit that one of the biggest turn it is allowing the sentiment and instilling covers. He huge turn off. You know are we rolling into like sorry. So -- so here's what we got to do agree with usually and it was today we got to go home. Not not together. If that fact and I got home and ID clutter our bedroom 280 clutter in the bedroom we got to get rid of all the clothes -- -- hamper some as the. Then all the Brady. Lovely clean sheets cleaned and she didn't and they used pre. -- us some of that like smelly stuff bug spray you know like. Like we like cotton candy to -- there's -- bed bugs and like we like it's it's cotton candy it's not cotton candy and -- sprayed on the -- -- -- whole room smells like ranking sheet piece and then and then the. But I corn dogs better. -- like this -- -- -- opposite -- corn dogs and a honeymoon. Anathema to do carnival food out of corn dogs -- -- -- here live on. Whom. As -- -- -- -- care and I say anymore. AJ hence we mornings on Dallas 105 now.