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BJ & Jamie - Golf for a good cause! (7/2)

Jul 2, 2014|

Golf for a good cause.


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We need some golfers. Some cars all murders your golfer golfer. You've been playing a lot of golf teacher haven't I have been yeah it's it's doing to club -- the good -- it's really eating better do you getting. Are you -- hello. -- our action. I'm you gave me anyway. I got game need to have gained a guy came -- he did pretty good not obvious very personal for -- due -- recent -- we -- golfers but he's not getting ninety. She is just -- -- really did Bradley Effect they wanna play with discernment that we're about to let -- -- probably I had love -- -- in August there's a tournament coming up it's called the Austin Jane Fonda. Memorial golf tournament now you probably hear me talk about this every year we do the a radio thought from Children's Hospital Alice's 36 a restrict its always mentions his kidney moss and because -- suddenly lost and it's one of the first kids ever been at the hospital since an Austin has passed. And so Jed Connelly -- dawson's dad does -- charity golf tournament every year to help welcome hospital. Which is great which is really cool and and judge on our floor you know him to honor his is son I think so what Jay is on the line GA -- All the mortgages they -- the -- forever. -- -- also do a good. And -- that weren't just yeah aren't you got to -- derby candidate in August right. Correct correct its target stood. I coyote creek and for a while didn't. All we can no good very good chance this year up on mobile -- million adults and under all on the. Warned her friend. Wonderful song are you look at new registrations. For the -- You know it's just began in registrations are always slow. That make -- real nervousness I'm here. They in the QQ and probably am in about a week and -- -- -- felt like that is so. Well that's why we're here we're promoting you -- a few weeks early. Yeah -- go out toward a lot. Though I'm not so nervous you know what you know and your body is what you do this stuff you know you have a goal and mare yen and you -- -- it BJ I mean I don't for a long time. My goal just before I die I will save the -- why. Automotive. -- playing ball but what Michael so. Entry a man he got a great heart and aren't so somebody wants to sign up now are you looking for singles doubles. Full force -- what are you looking for. And everything everything will work till we can take singles doubles solutions -- -- -- but I was taken since you guys -- -- my ball you know to set the example BJ. -- -- Jane Lynch signed up. No doubt would be awesome you know to just get the ball rolling -- the same. Well right now we will. What do -- -- sure it'll be on a roll lately the end from a -- You're -- you're. What you told look at ourselves god you know there are some -- that joked that. Then the guy who thought he was. He was it a foursome ahead of me but yeah yeah I played with some people on Sunday. Yes he did my -- joke remember that but I thought they did a -- time and Jordan Black maybe I don't know -- that the though there was a guy that it was played golf tournament Carter the deposit joke of the bird. Hello writer that I got the -- again everybody will love this -- -- -- get the get go ahead. Everybody I'm driving this Nissan. It's which is promotional vehicle he goes -- Vijay nicely -- -- these -- -- should -- dead -- by the vehicle. And -- -- what are you talking about he's the parties who led by the car because it's already made a deposit on it. -- -- I don't she'll have -- -- I would that be -- that I live there in India had to go with you get the jokes is flat out and is often it does at his car dealer channel and nobody who. Both like to get women to play here. And hit the -- all. Well what would watch it would want to do not a bad jokes didn't under the second. And RJ quickly how can people sign up. Are they -- China did send me an email they can call me. They just German registration or reportedly also didn't go anywhere. You know let's do -- like a little understood is -- let's just put all the information on her FaceBook page and our website okay let's do that. Ted has its -- -- Dramamine that's it. But yet -- -- haven't that we got a bad connection within -- it takes your all your information will put at our website and will put it on her FaceBook page immediately and if you don't play golf that you would help this foundation. We would love it also honestly I think well yeah I think we will know we'll see you in August. Our -- thank you guys you guys -- greatest. Thank you -- have a great Wednesday I had a great guy -- a partner to what -- heart just a big heart. -- it takes about a sick kids out of the hospital. You know he's a great guy -- love him. -- if you can sign up for the tournament thirteenth annual loss in Jay Florida memorial golf tournament which is coming up on Sunday August 3 we'll put all the information on our world FaceBook page and on the -- NGB page and to owls -- 059 dot com played against. -- -- They mornings on -- 1059.