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BJ & Jamie - Great Denver Grill off! (7/2)

Jul 2, 2014|

BJ is hosting a new cooking show the Great Denver Grill off.


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On Alice -- mention of something here very quickly this -- in India and we're going to further. My TV show starts this weekend -- -- so excise act on the senate. To stop the great Denver girl off -- -- airs on CBS for this weekend need. To hear that France. Don't CBS Paramount is not one of those weird channels they can't find little to actually. He's all right and CBS thank you can let me you know and usually these shows are on weird channel. They are yeah normally it's somewhere on the cable system may even -- on with his rabbit ears can pick up ugly show that a marked and he now can I touch you. Let's wait till after the show us what you critique it for. It's gonna be on CBS for Saturday afternoon at 4 PM more PM and I brought her some golf tournament or something yes four and so depleted. Yes for fourth at 4 PM yes Saturday appointed and get on Sunday -- -- like it like a big time slightly. CBS four -- -- CBS fourth floor yeah tomorrow we like the -- -- tomorrow but Carter Saturday night. You know I have to great Denver grill -- -- really well espionage says some professionals here in town that you are drillers -- this in the hearing comes yeah it. And I'm hosting it and did it airs again Sunday. 10:30 in the morning -- that's not to. 4 PM in the afternoon and that's what a lot of support for three great time slots and attendant in the well for me and as I'm and I get up to five I guess I -- perfect name for four of it's imperative that our people sort of atmosphere but watch it if you get a chance for critique it somewhere down the road what do you do in -- -- don't give me a little inside possibly what he doing -- I'm hosting the show on basically say hey welcome to the great give her grow often got some and so we hear they're gonna grill against these people every year in the -- gonna win this big green -- grill it. And stick around we're impose import car on the way to real because so farm board. -- -- Korea but how you really do. There was a -- that I. Well. Do you report I mean it's about I tell you -- can influence more host of our products and our heart is at. 678. Welcome to the great Denver grow pot BJ of the BGG in the morning show and I'll sort of 59 today on the show wait wait. Necessity JGB morning trying to -- I'm beads from the -- and then I. -- -- -- -- Sure I didn't hear my name is set up BJ from BJ and Jamie yes -- I didn't I'm it has to let my name with more emphasis on the -- yes. -- -- -- Welcome to the great Denver gorilla off I'm DJ on the whipping post of the -- like. On the PGA in -- morning -- we may be controlled so my proposed freeze. They can morning. Hey we're gonna barbecue that's much like in my life and career -- to. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- That's episode one and -- And how well. The little their big tour yeah I do feel better not -- I got there on the chance. And I say that they're taping I just tell you about it. I just a handful or and that Sunday at 1030 and you know our example as he Jane Jane. They mornings on Dallas 1059.