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Brest feeding in public? And that started BJ's trip.

Jul 14, 2014|

Is it OK for public breast feeding? BJ got stuck next to lady on an airplane that was breast feeding; listen in for his experience and what other callers have to say.


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On Alice. I don't know what to do what we can talk about your. Entrance back into the country if you want and I just I can look too bad because McCain came -- isn't saying how is your trip and that would I find myself doing is. You know it's like. Revenue in the ground. So I was like lose spying is now would've done is downed plane on your behalf. Yeah the original would have made me feel so bad how Wright was not. -- have you know why it wasn't a vacation vacation and I am one of those where you have to check on the parents -- OK so be sometimes just got to do. We'll read and I did -- Sunday and who turned on the consulate in August but it's not. And you know it's not your vacation vacation vacation like you and -- to. You know ranks so that's why I'm just a little bit like oh boy I'm just glad to be back to work play -- And and then then the whole travel thing it was just such obtain. I get to the airport and we're gonna get on this flight right Jamie. And now they charge also proceedings so if you don't pay extra you get this undersea. You know that I didn't know. Yeah it give you if you don't pay the extra fees get a senator seat. -- you can only now. -- and then so Lisa and I didn't pay that extra -- so we didn't even sit together so we're in two separate seats in center seat she's reform rows behind me right. So we're gonna wait to the last minute to get on the flight so the flight is packed everybody's flying at this on this flight for some reason. So I go to get -- and as soon does that put overhead luggage jet which I paid extra for oil in the overhead day and and seem IC weren't gonna sit down I start to plop down in my seat and the lady next to be sitting next to the window. Where senator Barack Obama. Well wishing a strip -- had a baby and she was breast -- she was gonna feed their babies. I think as the funniest thing do what you meant when somebody's -- That's exciting to our eyes anywhere -- Abu -- I don't know it was the funniest thing is she was not. Bad look at race AME shoes an attractive war. And -- so I go to sit out and literally when I sit down. She whips out her book no shame whatsoever I mean it's and I -- -- in the in the bad way I know the kid needs EOK on the big proponent of a breastfeeding in public I got no problem with. But is still reach my elbows touching her -- in her babies and why is -- Yeah. So the good did -- gonna -- me mom I. Sold it I study it it's all yours. Michigan and I didn't panic and I guess we're independent like reading your flat. I'll let you know I don't call from the popular Wheeling oh yeah. And all my and that's it thing I was into a three thinks first I think that is ladies have more malaria still watch you guys -- China did not help. I think -- you -- and you what you do is talk to your eyeballs. Don't look down don't look down -- down don't look at look at. Yeah. You know I mean you talk to -- -- I grabbed the magazine OK I did exactly what Jamie's explaining here I'm so embarrassed now this lady. It ever care to work it doesn't matter and she's done this and she's had a baby three -- four months I guess so she it's nothing on the may be asked to eat and I get. But -- a magazine an open up the magazine and I put it between me and her. So my team is not obviously I don't know I've got to kind of -- I magazine and between us. She is a word she has kept feeding the baby to. Idols -- got eyeballs don't let down eyeballs don't let down you just keep -- in the month of and then please my -- -- -- -- and then. I -- as -- comfortable there's a couple of things happen first I think some women's blatantly flop it out to -- feel beaten mad and raise a stink. And then I think some women do it for attention to I mean obviously do have to -- -- that some energy so -- -- not -- I lake and his guy I love that man that can't -- and the number -- And she was a nice slogan lady and then into mid when he says it may be late twenties -- -- I'm Susan nice to lady. It was really uncomfortable because yeah it was a piece of legal and and he came days blue -- is accent and the idea. -- and it's beat Jason you know is thing about -- And no -- well I was but he had to pay an extra -- -- I couldn't figure out well I mean ladies if you go do that you're gonna do where -- and I don't get me to bowl one ever. You have liked -- -- -- get herself in something that you flipped over year. Over the top -- -- and then hopefully. So yes most women do I think she was trying to get -- you go. As sexual Wayne and then just like like in a funny I highway. She just had to -- I think what you said like the flights have been delayed and delayed I think she just had like this baby's hungry here's let there be anything to say about a -- on. You laugh she literally show on lifted up hurt her sure. Boob came out grabbed the baby put the baby on the boat no covering whatsoever usually you know -- -- want to sell ever tells the story off the it's the -- -- I do not say that the league where do you say how he managed his. Then detain you as tax in my arm I was like. -- -- And I've never been that close to breastfeeding. And over -- never practiced that I've never been that close to it it would scared me to tell you never pretended and then and then OK now it's twenty no I've never pretended. Well -- Seattle and but I mean actual breast -- -- -- the real thing happy they're different okay the -- thing I did you ask her like a little squirt. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Our tour but I'm so embarrassed would this would seem like why me why me and then we're sitting there. And she puts soothing away the man who may look anything away. Device yes but what device it was her breast or breasts stuffed with cheese she sees takes the baby too lazy baby dead in the seat now the bit -- up right. And it takes her other hand pulls your shirt back down attendant looks for like maybe some damn -- or something. And she checked yourself and -- -- -- -- Describe the people -- -- she's looking and blah blah blah the next thing I know within two credits within two minutes I hear. Error. Error. In my what that oh no one know what that is the TV VV. Do you do. All over the place words today -- amazing yeah. -- baby due to the little girl dude. And now illegal and below my decision that did she Dugard device and put it yeah I. Was very uncomfortable. And -- them back. Just thought it was so funny. -- we need Jonathan's older dead in and because you guys villa's family private allows in June you know -- so you know I drive -- can't stop looking down. Blue book assume -- I know there's a boom out -- there's a -- about. -- -- Terry applicant and there while. When -- advantage of our family bedrooms you -- My brother doesn't up. -- Your brother -- we call that adventurous is. I got stirred. Are you that the man on -- -- Gary. You know whether it's an attitude mom socks off and on -- yeah what's up Derek. Well. I'm honored in non I wanted to day when I lie I have which under -- And get wrapped around my belt though you know and exposed. Didn't have used a better word to sell the damn thing under. Malaria. But I thought it that it. And -- -- one slight change top end and so that they didn't urged green yeah you're you're taught you that buying helped share. You know helps their -- act like -- stream on habits are without it all right. That will be deterrent to the globe hopping it's now such a patient firmly in. I'm -- can you -- but can do that forty get on the flight he put the Milken something. Would you judge and if you can accompany yes you can -- it I had -- -- -- but why does she need to do that for you. Because among uncomfortable -- I'm not there are doing good I've gotta fly I'm not only are you concerned about the brakes that the that the black. About re air -- white -- Well that's got nothing to do its visual so cheap Gerri Willis my discard. It's it's a visual thing it up to -- to it that -- -- and is don't have had gone that you don't have -- that. It was more it was it was more of the sitting there knowing that my army is literally function as a person not bowed and our babies at the same guy and he was an. She went species are you sure which -- you're -- -- They both -- Dummy inside seeds into the inside. And isn't -- what's -- at all of it is that. -- for men it's that that they see that it's a child they see that is speeding. And their thoughts go instead to bad places like there's a big guns and maybe there's a bait. Stop with your head here -- of each sold ride I had those slots in. I don't wanna say what I was thinking. She's hitting it that creeping -- over and over again. But it was an attractive lady and then you know I knew when you're at that point when you know you've got the -- and stuff I mean you're pretty good science that. So we're still. Really getting up. That you know that there'd been no baby there didn't wow this lady was built right up there would have been no baby then there would have been no -- out. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Bride to be divided -- another that -- -- -- -- that tells me says you can't tell the story and her you can tell the story near you're gonna meet women mothers mad everywhere. And -- -- -- it was just me I was very uncomfortable this lady didn't have a care in the world and should it. Should limitation about -- and we know the power of the -- Giuliani and we absolutely know the powers that right now if I did with my -- about he'd stopped talking and. We decide what I would just say that. I'm gonna do it's amazingly few guys to do that was your winners doesn't like -- whatever govern like seen him. But we would that a boom I mean it's the power of the blue bright Terry I thought -- -- doesn't the world stops with a that. Yes we know it. Yeah. And we had like a four hour delay I was just re feeding times coming back and -- -- and eight weekday mornings on Dallas 1059.