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Been looking at your phone and started talking to or walking next to the wrong person? Maybe Kissed?

Jul 14, 2014|

Phones are distracting and it's easy to make mistakes when you aren't paying attention. Listen in to these funny stories!


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On Alice was challenging times sitting in the airport. Saturday -- it was Saturday yeah Saturday -- So the guy sitting next year and were delayed you know with the flights -- And just like we're talking about a few minutes ago how people -- on their devices all the time to sitting -- not paying attention to anyone -- they got to literally in the seat next to me. And at some point he gets up anyway he's going to the restroom and restrooms are directly across from us. He walks in to get this to be the guy gets up he's got his -- he walks into the women's restroom. Medina a Brazilian look up he's not paying attention and move the guy literally walks into the women's restroom buying. Like knowledge Lisa nice it. Which is just wouldn't choose from no idea because it looked up from a is -- I still looked up from -- thought he still want to look at as thought he walks right in. Passes woman coming out. Goes it and stay in. There's like two or three women that walk out wiley is in the two and walking out looking over their shoulder like that just -- this guy with an in use the restroom. So he obviously he had to poop. Well why didn't ask but I mean did you guys have young's right poles and sometimes you know you. I mean I don't know DIA is men's rest and you guys have journals. Yes okay so we just the end of that I either that or. Just -- storm stalls in just jumped in there and didn't even look around it was so you know -- this device and you know did number one in the stall. This is what I I think I actually did this month's UN to women's restroom a news the grass you know here's what happened -- -- And I am telling you right now that that this happened many times and I think women that men have done whatever. I'm add to the Mile High Stadium. Right and it was at a ballgame and Deborah and I wanted to rush or quick before the you know the game started back whatnot. So I take off running run around a corner ready to women's restroom didn't realize it. Just saw the stalls joking and use the restroom came out of the stall and a lady goes really. I look at her Mike what do you do an -- I thought it was Eric I old utility here she goes no what are you doing in here and -- name now. I had no -- Well let's play top urban here and now I had the worst moment ever happened yesterday. Yeah your boyfriend message play shifter a chick. Let me explain. So I'm waiting were waiting for the car serviced because of the hotel right. And all within my my son comes in having fun. On the -- boyfriend whatever he almost kissed this woman and he totally tried to kids is Carla and I should wet. And so my boys are locked up and he's cracking up I mean he's hysterical he's bright red BJ -- just totally bright red. And he's like oh my god I was on my phone. And he's like keep that he's at least he might know how much contacts in I was on my phone trying to figure out where our car service was blah blah -- And he said there's this element and I thought she was view and she was sitting on the bench so I leaned down to cancer and he's like I -- I really love the -- hitting got to widgets written she screamed. Did you. He's like yeah I thought I'm so sorry about -- my girlfriend and I -- where is she Egypt. Feeds. Life. We should look like was -- human. Life all my guide us. -- -- she was a -- -- as I have ever. -- Jane that's not nice she was up bohemian have -- -- that's not nice. Story. And I -- you're just jealous yeah. Please you know good. Oh my god -- don't look like her any good now keep in mind David he was all freaked out because my son or best -- him in unison and I think he was gonna keep it in until my front runner up. And you know. -- him and he -- but I'm just -- to implement with how many more exactly. Who do when you confusion I don't anyway it's I am I look at this woman and a -- You will he think I looked like that Greg is. And well I was on the phone. I was on my phone I was texting I don't know I I was right by you you were right on that bench. And I was texting and I want. Bench -- -- and I was texting I don't have my contact Dan and I leaned over and that's why -- you and I guess a drag accuser and -- And you know I heard her. I mean even if you don't have -- kind of thing don't you know girth. -- -- -- -- That's not I -- -- a rental towels sound effect adds I seventeen cents seen. Laugh. At shell hole then he is he thought I was the -- on the -- -- PG what do you do they would lose. You are some what used to the Fort Riley used to Wear glasses in the John -- When you when you have to Wear glasses -- little lowly -- I don't know how black and you have to be. To look at a woman who is clearly. 200 pounds more than what you way yes. Have been mistaken her as you and you leaned over to kisser and use this far away from her face exactly you are either Bly and running blind drunk. Or are no we were sober because it -- -- play all our eating them half -- -- just like cows and wildlife by the now when you. Maybe maybe maybe you he had one of those big war and we -- opportunities. He likes women and women opportunity isn't it there's certain guys and they went to -- is damaging. Maybe one of the I -- -- say that they may be that he had been you being a very -- woman that. Yeah. I have to lie hey he's missing I'm Carl. He has -- missing here is his that fetish I. We'll -- maybe he's missing is that yeah maybe there's a -- that she's trying to you know. Have you ever accidentally kissed another girl members. Please and yes now -- -- texting. Old player takes the lead -- about accidentally kissed another won't really devastating there and I look red tape they didn't try. Who -- what would now. Never grabbed like come up and grab -- his shoulder though that some of the strangest stories sometimes I watch them. John accidentally joy and -- camera accidentally just another woman because -- Accidentally -- -- wrong guy on the -- And that -- goes the wrong man -- The wrong shoulder. Never kiss I had never attempted to kiss the wrong woman but I have started conversations or attempted to continue a conversation with the wrong person yeah athletes are like. -- yeah sorry because I'll get on my phone in the middle of the conversation was which Dana and then she gets irritated by the affect them not only not on her social kind of locked away. And then I'll go to continue with the person next to -- who could be some strange woman who thinks I'm crazy as this happened. And I've never -- been in mid length. No we can't let that I was where I was sitting she was set so I got up. And then she'd then have -- sit down and so -- like I was thinking intention I was on my phone and I thought that the Hapsburg. When you. I don't mind. Now what he he just keeps digging a hole is that -- from -- When you see. In it has to be so obviously it is kitchen sitting down. I didn't notice and I was on my phone and I and I just read and you were right. I could see -- could happen. I could see if you -- -- that could have I toll could -- on your phone they're sitting next to her and taking your phone and then you get off your phone that -- luckily still assume they're right there. And then you instantly downhill -- influence on him I could see. I can give them the benefit of the doubt -- Riviera where in the same color surety. Well we work I'm not seeing him the day and we -- wearing. We'll greatest so it was so. Out of the norm and so obvious that her son cart team running to her. Yeah as his lady screamed. Yeah this closely or let. Sorry -- at -- The Enola. Yeah what's up -- isn't like I'm not -- is with the eight year old daughter that it now Amy may get hungry. Well maybe he was hungry and it's on the -- so there. Amber ma -- remembering that he's not. The content and cartoons like that I apparently don't have a great. And whenever it -- Bugs -- with the chicken and he's taken boon whenever chopped on to Larry and and my son since unlike. You fall -- shops for perfect we wouldn't have hot dogs. DJ NJ weekday mornings on -- 1059.