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BJ & Jamie - We love Ambien stories.. here is a few more. (7/15)

Jul 15, 2014|

Bj is taking Ambien so he loves hearing the stories of what people do when they take it.


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On Alice guys love Indian stories and more people were goofy you love camping is like a love them. But it happens is so many people and your sisters posting your sister's out she got icing on -- she found that she had you know how they -- in those mobile Pillsbury he had bill. Like those popping -- a level and then they have that to device sync lobbyists issues -- crackers. I didn't realize until she gets up and -- all these ingredients lying on on the counter and then the. Well all. It had to be me than ambient via. And you know it's crazy about her -- she's had gastric bypass surgery. So that's not really great for her. No not a good diet and I'm good at getting after bad gets that I keep I can't figure out why I haven't lost any weight and I keep gaining weight. Because you know she goes to Jim Ellis stopped when -- put icing on crackers at 3 AM you're gonna gain some white. Run it and then on the side we -- taking -- possibly shown sister in law has posted pictures. On FaceBook immediacy every meeting we -- it in pink pills or something them and push it back surgery and and and don't know it's all crazy love him. -- -- And he -- my friend is supposed to be warning people well warranty yeah. While that's a part Kelly. What's up -- you. I thought it but the order quiet. I called me that I got an adult apparently. I didn't read it -- I collect -- the dirt on the floor. And it wasn't there about not could not in the Arlington dot. A lighter and I what I all of the plane but really the bank and -- current year. I went there on the back. She -- put economic. And she says they're hard -- -- I use your house on fire. A carpet yeah. -- images that she -- -- he was sitting there watching you. -- -- that Larry I think about it let me. Eight at one battle with the cart -- -- -- -- -- -- -- water out I. And that is that not -- No idea. Out there. I don't know what I would. Wow so yeah -- -- -- if you're said that this is why I've never been prescribed when I don't have to come mostly but. But you know that's been a single mom it's terrifying to have. You are the only one that's caring for your child or children or whatever and you don't know what you're doing on that staff at terrifies me. Well it would also terrified me if my spouse was taking I guess it they've already done something like what you've done Kelly. I try to set to play higher you know that would really scare me I think -- demand you stop taking it. -- -- -- After he told me that I freak out because I didn't like while what do I do something you can create your. Worst and then he's not a route. Now like hey you know I needed to be broken -- -- That is -- I yeah I think that's I don't. It doesn't have like can't let me you know it's like and acts on that -- -- it Zeke well it's like it's made by I well. -- little ethnic by the people that memory to my mom aren't. It and then like in our 800 Italian and I'll leap pad and we wake up 78 -- Carolina later and you'll feel crowd right -- you took a -- on. Only guy that takes Ambien and he told me that before he takes it he always prepares his house. But he hides his keys he locks up his guns and gun safe he locks everything before it takes America. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- I'd -- it does and you've got to do all that plus you. Doesn't make sense to me if you're a person that hides the keys and those the combination of the -- say what's -- -- can you block it all the stuff up. I -- know you -- pretty even if you're a Miami and yet you're you're gonna remember that pressure. And let's give it to me and I can't remember happening think. I think that that. Cry but are hiding my own keys -- Dixon maybe that does make sense that Michelle. -- -- -- Well I went out of a -- -- feel -- my first out in the aggregate the darker look like okay we're gonna get you were. -- and cannot sleep tonight or we -- you're gonna -- like okay we won't get everything -- -- -- know -- act. I wake up and my eyebrow. And I have been that it about the unexpectedly out already married and I. I don't remember my water breaking out and it's -- kick -- -- order. Are we were only a -- at all and ultimately all we need delete Ray Allen ignoring it and -- I need -- I need to eat a lot -- out. And he did not hear you don't need -- got your honor -- well. And I thought probably attract the outing actually -- our member of that on. A hot bulky opt out the door. And then anybody you know he had -- like all over the intercom. And yeah I got a look at the end and I would like freaking out on -- and that's. -- -- -- -- -- -- I had no idea he says so -- you champion the entire annual price estimate with one continent and now now not only with your back or not. Yeah the only one item and you know and then I get into the -- at all. Like you governor to eat I eat they're checking whatever they can't look -- Screening a leading because she couldn't do my IP -- airport right -- like coming out my iron. -- -- -- Headed -- to start which. Today your first have to monitor amnesia. Amnesia EM symptoms and having a baby in not knowing it was that number two. And a long story can. You tell the -- number three of them rhetoric I was all look you know remember that they don't. Yeah quickly which ticket requests up ambient. Yeah had a coworker at all true all all all. That'd be you are complete -- or ambient. I think he said -- in case you -- I think he had a coworker who asleep but driving. Instead it -- do you actually driving serene he took the game in the got keys went out didn't realize what it was doing -- got a ticket will be should've gone to jail. Yeah. And we lost it -- You can't -- you -- I don't understand while you people are taken if you know it will actually out I don't get that means for even at. A fun sport drug because you don't remember anything no but when you sleep good on its will. You know I like to putt because it makes a little -- yeah. Alcohol -- a little bit -- but. This makes you guys -- the Prejean. And you don't -- But I'm serious I'm serious -- -- -- works on new -- you go to sleep and you you stay in bed you sleep soundly you wake up the next that you feel great. You feel so rested now granted he drove to -- The spark back great and you kill an even better and -- got a good night's sleep -- the car companies to think that that's well. -- well in Zeke well it could look at. Hey BJ hence we see mornings on towers once -- by now.