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BJ & Jamie - 75 year study of what makes men happy. (7/14)

Jul 15, 2014|

A study that has taken 75 years to complete, now tells us what makes men happy.


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He did you grow in this whole. This survey thing that you found it's not necessarily just I don't it's a study OK from Harvard -- is different the study. Confused. This is the one of the longest studies they've ever done about men and it started it's only man it's only men. It's gone on for its this is crazy it's gone for 75. Years at Harvard medical and senator. With a twenty million dollar grant and they just completed it. If you want to 75 years now means. It it's not one group of people is that not enough outlets that. It's not one group of people that have done this study they've actually had turnover in people who've actually done the study because for 75 years. He got to have people coming going. So it's got to make more act creek is what I'm saying well I think you're seeing that they only use the same samples got you okay gotcha bought what I'm saying is that debt. Not out of a lot of the input here in a different doctors -- somebody came into the study after thirty years he had been going on and then went on another forty he's still the same ideal so that would make it even more entry you would take. I'm such a crazy study basically -- have learned is that I. I have to be nice to my son like all the time it's dead man who had warm childhood relationships with their mothers. With mommy took home 87000. Dollars more per year then men whose mothers -- and caring towards them. Had a great month. So it worked out committed -- working out for you -- national side agreement you know and it's admit you had a horrible not -- they don't use the word horrible I apologize. Menu -- -- childhood relationships with their mothers were much more likely to develop dementia when they got older with the bombs. -- I mean they would get to mention I'm right. But I'm saying if they had a bad relationship Kamal on the need cause dementia later in your life -- why well yeah that's over 75 year study they've come up within -- rights. Among them how are yet collision for their dad. I had no debt. Well I had a dead and I didn't know him. He had -- I existed you there at the start mom got pregnant. Hillary left town. You realize it until after whose car on the lead the way of tracking him down so no debt. On what's said. Well if you had a poor relationship with your father. Or no relationship with your father you suffer from more anxiety. Yeah. You don't have fun on vacations. No I don't and you don't have overall good life satisfaction. Here. It said basically. Children had great relationships with the father's. They had -- no anxiety greater enjoyment in in vacations they had life satisfaction. 88. CC for me I just got back from vacation and I didn't have a great experience on my vacation. I did not thinking that it was because my dad wasn't around when I was a -- I thought it was just because I was it doesn't say. Know that I could -- better -- patience but no. It's got to do with. Dad wasn't there so they police say is. -- -- to do -- came to us it's a wonderful place by the had a great relationship of Baghdad Kansas would have been a great vacation. -- -- Again these tubes and yeah. Yeah. It is -- -- it says it's meant that it says that basically you would -- a great vacation if if your dad loved you -- you know cancer is Kansas that would -- it would have been angry and you would have -- Mormon imminent it basically says if your mommy I need to love your son accurately and just all of the you know over the time so as you send them be much more successful life if you're caring. And you should have daddy of them is not just because then also in late so early in life. A mother's love makes their income them and then later in life like satisfaction at age 75 is based on how to father treated them. And so going I'm ready. It has this weird thing about how liberals. Have way more sex -- up to aid in their eighty's and ninety's. Where is conservatives that having sex at 68. Let's don't get weird and they said they consulted urologists about this and they don't have any. And I got an idea why I think the conservatives to come so -- crotchety by the time and sixty years old nobody else have relations with -- maybe that's it. Yeah and the liberals are more fun loving they're fun loving free spirit you know that once these very current. It. -- with the show it's going to her car and want to gain attack. That you liberals you haven't just relations out the door being. And says that I'll let this good thing it says study this study confirms that no recovery from a lousy childhood is possible it is it is possible. You currently now have love in your life and are married. It says that allows each other as possible. It says you know happy child people -- -- childhoods. It's a lifelong thing that they pull off of right like childhood memories like. And I gonna brag about how great atlas -- Matta and has priest child who had a fantastic to have him that you pay important now. No it says I'm happy you know you yes me miserable people and -- to New York may inspire. We tell Americans -- -- -- the much more I contentment. After 87 Indy and now physically aging after AD is determined less pirated -- habits formed prior to age fifty. It also says this. The biggest I guess the demise of men in the study was alcohol did you bring down in its head since. -- just getting whiskey. Not a good -- and I just not a good day and even if your love and I. S ban that was shown to dinner last hundredth anniversary it says as the 75 years study alcoholism. Is a disorder a great destructive power you know -- Alcoholism is a single strongest cause of divorce. Between the grant to study men and their wives while alcoholism was also found to be strongly coupled with -- roses and depression those. -- together with cigarette smoking alcoholic improves to be the number one greatest cause more -- did it and you know dying and death. It took 75 years and twenty million dollars about the decision are we all knew that says that that the biggest demise to these men now. Here's the good. -- -- this 75 years study here's and he said here we -- the number drum roll and. -- drum roll. Number one most important finding from the grant study 75 years the study called this sending five years and twenty million dollar -- five years when he million dollars soon. -- -- Love this happiness and happiness is laugh. If you are loved by a significant other like truly truly loved. You will be happy. So lousy answer love this I -- he -- that love is the love is the answer it that's what it says that's why it's so funny because they're like the song once. What was he answered. And subtlety -- to love now we'll keep this together. Who -- now. And it can't you -- Love. And so traveling hill you. We'll let -- up and it took 75 years and twenty million dollars the captain to deal already and. They knew it all alone. Wow I hit five years I loved it I mean they sending it over report -- a bit but that. The people succeed in the study were loved his children. And have loved as adults bias as significant other their adored and loved by his significant other. And they had this -- life satisfaction. Into their eighties and nineties and hundreds -- drunks. -- In that alcohol played -- match out again there it blows everything up in his own words the number one most important findings from the grant study is. Love. Is happiness and contains eight weekday mornings on Dallas 1059.