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BJ & Jamie - Snakes in the Toilet! (7/15)

Jul 15, 2014|

Bj says he thinks all woman have a fear of snakes in the toilet.


Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

On Alice question for you. The answer -- ask you this earlier today because I heard this while on vacation from three different women. And it's say like one of those lifelong fear things that you always think about. OK okay it's those three different people confirm this -- showing he can play along if you want CP reverted to -- Okay have you ever had a three year. The snake can pull it. -- Last have you ever had in the -- or not he said he confirm this with three like -- just walk around announced we don't know if they had appearance they get into like. You -- as we. I am not a -- But no I'm -- conversations. Some legs for color skin lesions -- who haven't no they were talking and it was like comedy is their lead lead and I did you know what I can't day ever gonna go to bed at -- Net zero girl goes all. Oh I have that same fear I always lucky if the lights off -- -- alike in I'm looking at wanna I wanna make sure there's -- snake. -- shock to me because I've never heard of that before. He has Jordan. Gary dealing with a free market. I I just I just went he just now and just went down plus just ask you cannot take a couple of calls -- -- this and is a real thing here is -- I'm telling you. -- -- -- 3030 my god why do we columns about why you -- a little bit -- which it took all of that. We yeah I -- know. Yeah I took to get your life not -- angle and you and they were morons. But you are talking snakes and where. I wanna know here give you any other women. Because I thought this was kind of bizarre and I wanna know of any other women. Have that same fear that's us -- there's a snake in the when they go to the bathroom you wanna get inside a woman's mind. The -- javy I in general women or is -- -- when I bring something up when it's got some good people -- -- -- -- -- -- -- And it says. I wouldn't know of women feel this way I swear I have read each different women tell me this pretty shocked me shock and off. Yes I wouldn't know how women feel about snakes and -- let's give us a comment to me -- VIQ well you have legs you know. -- and it's -- that make you feel ladies -- you know when it comes to women in really trying to figure out you know it's that's a real -- or when even thinking I can't go to you wanted because you're not a normal one OK I just went and and -- an -- thing about a snake coming up on an ethnic at last night. And think about snake. -- -- -- Try. Not. Yeah when. National Geographic shelled one all about like your ears and things like that. I -- and -- the toilet at. And that legal. It was ignorance and yet yes I'm -- I -- In the article are back -- back when I was that it. -- -- -- -- -- I'd be wet and I can't pick on -- And saw that it actually my biggest fear it just like a gigantic. -- -- And this is -- about an -- does this -- the door stick let me on this -- spiders. Well now I am asked him questions -- Know how women feel -- winner of women. Feel fearful. And how you feel when you feel fearful a fearful snakes in the toilet yet BJ. I want high. Vijay you're gonna hate me at minus spider and our. Topic. Don't I don't -- Would bet that they want it not -- -- your love Nate but mine is I have you seen underneath the edge of the total all. All right this -- and terrified that there are like a -- and -- underneath -- You agree on underneath that add to the -- every time you go Heidi. Or even public places. I do I actually walked around when I'm not that I can and -- eight. Lot of the. Yeah. And gloves in your purse. And -- have blonde and sanitize -- you think of that and asking. Still in it and what's your language underneath it wouldn't even think about it until both of them has. -- didn't but so are. Are you cleaning -- snowed the -- -- supported John's -- a question. Document it's a warrant what are. Delighted that a little more logical than walking around its -- -- That spiders and not a room and what more we know how me and feel about this do you then feel about women feeling like they feel about the next few visits home. And well it. -- -- -- -- -- My. Real thing that Jack. And what -- all the people -- -- Yeah. It's expert. Italy and so before I -- the -- and I'm supposed to check for snakes. And slow to check for my editors list definitely give out my gloves and my sanitary wives and Lebanon now before I don't. When humans land bridge and she's got an attitude right now it. Contains eight. They mornings on Dallas 105 time.

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