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BJ & Jamie - harder than you think to cancel your cable. (7/16)

Jul 16, 2014|

There is a recording of a man trying to leave his cable company and the tech won't let him.


Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

And Jamie never tried to cancel some that in the person on the other new phone would not let you cancel. This is audio that went viral and it's a guy in Washington DC he's trying to cancel his Comcast cable now I've got Comcast additive. I commend the guy with Comcast -- -- selling out. They're trying to keep him as a customer Nokia predicts ten minutes or fifteen minutes you keep trying trying and trying. Until you just have to give up okay. Well I they got me and they got me a better deal -- -- well you know I get it is so. I get what that the guys doing his job listen this is this guy calls up and says hey I. I don't want cable anymore. Yeah. We think this -- -- Communist who can just isn't it doesn't mean it's. -- got -- pretty good -- have a conversation with you can't happen about this thing yeah. -- take a look at some sort. I understand that he -- yeah. -- -- -- -- -- England's middle yeah. He's an excellent service and -- that's actually a little. Then I will send someone willing to task and it didn't return if you will our chorus I don't personally intended it people -- that's why would probably not be canceling in store. That's when you -- to cancel. But so can you. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- I -- declining to say why we are leaving Comcast because I don't who knew an explanation. So if you can -- receipts in the next question if you have to collect -- form that's fine. Please proceed to the next question and we'll attempt to answer that. It's possible now this goes on -- on this -- on you for like twelve minutes so you've got to hand it to you can't gas guy he's trying to keep them. Up easily. Is what he's been -- -- -- so what's wrong -- what's wrong apparently give me -- -- what is your problem why don't you like our service right. So did he ever get canceled -- glistening. I'm declining to stage were switching providers can please go to the next question. What do you do about it -- that he. Senator Clinton's thinking you can go to the next question everything counselor service eventually the guy died -- it goes ahead it says okay your cancel your cancel I'm just gonna law does not doing so he eventually he does. But this guy never it never really you know comes off his. His stance of I don't have to explain anything Arabs and it doesn't want against I called -- will wants to cancel AOL. And I got the same. Feedback from the person on the other end they went on and on -- -- and at that time AOL's free he would AOL mail mail for free item -- simply frail you're the only person on the planet I know are the only person on the planet. Well. So I called and I said I just don't want dismay mail out there that sitting somewhere that I never go look at. I don't know what's gonna happen to talk just what -- canceled this guy went sir it's free why would you to cancel something that's -- -- -- -- Yeah I have that I think on my visa card and it's a dollar a month and so I called the number -- statement. And I guess I was getting some kind of weird protection for my credit card for a dollar month. The next thing I know they had me so -- 795 a month. From -- and everyday. -- got three year premium protected now. I want this -- and -- guy that's on this tape right here I want that guy in this building selling the PG AJ knew boarding an old camera yeah putting out on the street take note burning be exactly. Yeah. Yeah. You know -- yeah. It's. Phone call is really actually amazing represented an example why don't wanna state -- I think you can you can you can. Guys duties job in what to do his job ads on what is sell you can exhaust. Body of number alone and Elliott's body -- Todd has welcomed guest. It's. Gadget that you about the -- after a lot of work ahead of the business. -- and eight weekday mornings on Dallas 105.