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BJ & Jamie - Speedos are making a come-back. (7/16)

Jul 16, 2014|

Yes it is true the speedo is on its way back in fashion.


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Oh my gosh I just read you guys the best article I've shared list would be Jay -- before we came on there hold on. Around this the best news above -- here are good news. I know they get a feel freed when I tell you this again what. Speed -- are growing in popularity with -- that's nice speed and everybody. Well now let me ask -- questions here and you tell me honestly don't know joking -- -- -- -- you think I own speed those. Yes. Correct. I think we have. For years and bought out but says since vetoes when -- went to the Bahamas and time. Once owned and -- laughed at me on my god you -- to the Bahamas or. Laura and I got to you know -- to care where or actually -- on -- where once you wore speed goes to the bathroom. -- -- media well it's kind of in their international. And everybody does it I thought I was there when I got to the pool. Nobody had a no no he's only got welcome -- was vetoes solid man was -- bears yeah. I was just there and nobody had speed goes on no no I was just hoping to pull setting who is hopeful setting. At this hotel there and she's a hundred people there at least here I come I drop the towel. Yeah. -- Nobody else has -- fields so for me. Let's says that they're growing in popularity. And dad that we aren't even people in the United States of America are start to look at real look at speed -- and where's he -- I am feeling. Mean I don't know what you were thing and that day because that used to be -- perfect -- I. So I think that -- probably had some kind of influence on your decision. I know that -- and definitely is Speedo wearing. But -- are you of course still to this day -- I'm not -- -- you if you put on the nose lineup. Bill and I mean -- And yeah didn't but a lot of energy and who -- -- -- fit me better now that I do -- that's villas for years alone he likes kids hey don't I paid my kids hey don't. Women find it Speedo is disgusting. And even if you see a wall built many in you still find it discussed it is disgusting right it is disgusting no woman not why -- on this planet likes Speedo so no I agree with him. Yeah not at all. Because you know -- personally -- the end of year your penis and your testicles is not very. I'm coming yeah. Thank you. Appealing better than becoming yeah. And yes -- -- very appealing is not something that she is one look. Yeah because I can't figure out where it is like I can't figure out like what time it is again like a weird sun dial in there now the but it's okay right. And I have no idea like where you guys are they play is which way but what's it matter where we are it's still -- that doesn't really will likely view smaller dude it's weird to try to figure out what what you're doing and point chew on the market and on the hill again. Like the larger man you know where he is what time it is yes but the -- menu like how you scratch all that happened there then where are you mean I'm never really had a problem dispute on the. Just a bump in the road yeah. There media alerts I don't know this week it's like I you know it's a panel so yeah I would I would never looked so. I've never seen a woman that looked at a guy industry knows and so while that's hot that he -- ever I'm elected leukemia often. The other -- and they're thinking something completely opposite of what you take it you really think that and are looking that you and I lovingly. The hot real -- and I really think that I do not -- there's knowing. There's no. I know he's just in and he got to be kidding because it there's no way you can look yourself you can even look yourself in the mirror and think this looks good someone that is hot. And adding yet out of Q what -- you have to be just keep deal. You know what though Sean is just proven to me another study this. Many are liars liars can't umpire -- Who took a look with what would you do about it -- -- he does or does and said that women like to look at him in this you know I feel. And my hobbies. I did I -- young I don't know I landed him a liar here he is just like me I had a lot of songs -- Look what's the other -- OK so Elizabeth this just came out it's a new study by Al Lancaster University it said 75%. And that's a lot sending 5% Emanuel lie. About a talent. They don't actually have. The recent amendment lie about something it says about -- talents. I believe that they -- they say they are skilled in areas that they are not at all in the month. You don't want to my big lions. That I'm an artist. You're an artist moon I I'd try to have to know that none Nelson on this for years and years and years and attacks. Yeah well not incredible but if you sit down and you show me a picture of something like -- view what ever I can draw. I can draw -- and I've for some reason I can look at it the image you -- him. Drawn out you can drive that's not lie right okay now the truth is that as a kid. I entered that contest in the back of magazines were you can get that scholarship doctor Arnold being -- whenever that that the -- I was the better -- pirate turtle in the there was like a donkey or something. And I did that and I got accepted my I learned how to draw like a cartoon things. -- when it comes the other part of life where I can look you can draw you for an example you Sean yeah. I he would do why give it a shot I can't do that -- first let me do this in which you put discipline FaceBook won't let me tell you snoopy. Okay consistently by starting with snoopy to enter the contest and a drop Snooki I'm gonna show you what my my eight. What the beginning a -- why it's because I can do this which I do this for people like show them that it's in the now let me show you the -- Huge in us on his -- That's not proportion. -- OK that's good it's -- -- I can draw us into easily and has been a witness maybe yes so what I do know is I show this and I don't look Jane again I guess I could draw you. Ratified by it and he says -- don't just give me for a really yeah I -- be tuned to solidify model why doesn't accept. Ellen yeah see what I can a tree because all you do is you drop b.'s easiest job these everywhere else on our home now. Well -- is making these ever racked Drudge. Now so Intel but without the visual. Now you realize that you're drawing on the radio but I know about Bubba kind of okay FaceBook OK now I'm joined shoreline and also back. But your -- sentimental -- is our own like a flipper kinda looks. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- 5% and live about a talent they say they have that they don't and who and what you show on just what life. Then. You can producer radio show that he's a producer -- mean that he thinks women like -- an end the Abydos read every act. He had a bucket full you know I couldn't -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Kind of sick I do tell people that I can play the bass guitar easily and I can't. I just can fake it a little bit he can't play the guitar. I can't argue that guitar player would you consider yourself a guitar player yes I would consider myself guitar player but I also tell people that played bass. From what I've seen and witnessed gaming he can't play guitar now he's strong and you do know that I easily -- If you like to have three courts and acting you're Robert rock you don't can't pick player you don't I don't player I'll please it's. I would go grab it will listen I'll tune it up and the donated to end up to grab and we don't like my time with Helio and I Santa I play the piano the F and in Tucson exit a fan and a Tucson. It's. You know two songs I told you aptly you know you have told you I don't Clinton and in Tucson -- now I guess it's convene the eighteenth on the guitar right. Yeah who had diocese I got the usually use three strings this once again. But lie that you know -- I always thought I run the piano I did 75% of men -- -- -- a man or your husband even. He will lie to you about them than he can do which he really can't the thing I noticed -- -- Is they -- well this is back in the day when it was a thing they buy a magazine subscriptions to things that they don't actually do. My serve and today magazine and that was really popular in LA people bottling surfer magazine banning members and I don't do that and do cheat then I met -- cat fancy. No I don't yeah -- yeah. I don't know the only magazines. I election GOLF Magazine -- one none on and try to play it yet and I knew I don't tell. Everybody's insurance you get cat fancy. Once a month but I. Vijay thanks for weeks. Mornings on Dallas 105 now.