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BJ & Jamie - Sean takes the Facebook acronym test. (7/17)

Jul 17, 2014|

BJ & Jamie found a list of acronyms for Facebook and put Sean to the test!


Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Yeah and Jamie. For museum is there they're being shown at his best with the social media -- is given Johnson passed. Well you know yeah and now that spelling bee you know we're out of school and everything in between gets fired next month yourself. That's -- so this little -- is over. Yes -- -- -- last -- we can't Google. To have perfect this furniture aria and trying to figure mennesses. I'm so yeah yeah I mean you're on there all the time him when you're doing all the FaceBook stuff for assuming your own -- what are every day so I that you're gonna. Do really good let me begin our producer job his knowledge is producing a show. A quality program a few -- but now it also has decided job of being the Internet special you have to -- Tina. You have to be -- you don't get this business anymore now. Yeah I it's neat idea I actually follows I am now we look through the list Jamie and I we promotional everything on the list. Oh yeah and Sosa it's quite simple. -- -- -- -- Let's -- can -- feel better -- yeah yeah yeah it it particularly. Did you. How did I did OK these are social media asks him site you analyst and I don't know the first one are connected. -- For your information -- Definitely think he's got it okay. Let me aces. BS that. Best friends forever that's. You -- these gay teens yeah. Thank god it's Friday. On a row is on the role and it's not as much plummeting nose and a. I DK I don't know snagged it. -- became -- he -- I don't know is there. I don't I don't want. As partly. We'll. Image to get these these and these TV through my delay by the way very nice. It hard wooden -- limbs and oh my god. And look don't expect these -- not a. No limit. -- L and the -- that's mine. Matter at -- -- -- -- Why the fans are paying. It was it's what the -- and it. And AM. He and they -- and now we're gonna pick and I got all the easy woods out of the way. Ask my. -- And AM. And Ali's volleys make answers. Many what was making -- ask me an evening. Always made answers it's kinda like ask me anything. The FML. And it's and the -- for my love. Our. Men and my life and oh yeah. And I think you get into. I don't think I'm. I'm here at TPT -- To be determined. TBT. Holloway saw behind him. -- it's. -- thing. We did -- without will I didn't read the urban. It's not. TH. TXT. -- straight night. MCM. -- -- -- -- -- -- men and -- Monday morning. Now but I've been writing about the. And imitates. An X and the AC missile. Do you mean a lot. Shall -- how. Bad there shake our. -- -- -- -- -- -- I did I'd and his image Jay two day isn't just getting answer. It's easy RO LS no RO FL. Art and now. You see insulin to. You know that's what I do -- -- and I see it all time low and -- laughing. Yeah. Nearly -- -- that he definitely grilling on our national -- No ruling won't be many. PR. -- We'll be right back. No bring -- bear arms only to be up front. Yeah. You know I I agree greens I think he is Larry now appeared. On TV had a clue. Own TV. A little old TV two. I had no clue miners -- Outfit that day but if you don't -- and what's your outfit of the day I'm might start. You. Aids and the U. HM. You. House moms. And -- -- -- said yeah that hit me up. Well get right back then. -- -- -- They mornings on -- 1059.