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BJ & Jamie - Denver County Fair Pot pavilion. (7/17)

Jul 17, 2014|

The Denver county Fair has moved into 2014!


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We Jamie what is that the county fair for the 21 century yeah that's what they're billing it as a board member county fair August 1 second and third it says were mixing up a big batch of traditionally -- sad item now. It's the 21 century Spain. That county fair for the Denver county fair the committee yesterday made the announcement that there will be caught. Billion. Yes well I'm pavilion at the -- -- -- only the cattle competition. That only you know get a funnel cake but you'll have a plot to billion. Yeah he -- this little. I am torn overboard on the hot day it's just you know there's certain places I think what I hear the words failure. I think so family oriented. That it's not even funny it's like a circus it's like having a top ten million at a circus OK. I don't know if he had. No wet T shirt contest at a certain are you just being right. You -- would -- -- easy now that he smoked pot I don't have a problem with -- Right I it's not that it's just that I voted for it I know you did so it's it's not that I don't think we're being daddy daddy and Justin's. -- he's he's the poster. No I didn't unfair for the player. It does and I'm probably better. They slowly it does not solve it as a corn dog as legged I unit a unicorn and when we don't have you weren't that implies it's psychedelic rate a little -- And then in this she with big blue and -- out. -- -- and she's holding farm fresh vegetables with a first place blue ribbon and she is she's leaned. The county fair for the 21 century people. Yet it's that's a little weird that is the official like poster in the is that what you're using to market this -- -- the. It's an official -- their poster designed by local artist mark -- I Candace Clark Allen was his model for the -- -- this year. -- I am thinking more like a towel. On the poster that's usually when maybe apart it may be millions of -- You know and their rights -- background a Ferris -- Then you got to eat a candy apple you got cotton candy. Here's -- point. You know the phrase club I am so used to get like and a blue ribbon for your ticket. Well now you get like a blue ribbon for the biggest -- -- you can roll you have. So I think -- for me it's because it's a clover it's a big green clover I think it's like code for marijuana. Those kids there because older now and the four aged kids are like I'm not sure -- can't afford chicken not older now Jamie I'm gonna show my new. They'll -- -- -- all fifty states in all fifty states would -- have some subliminal sign a marriage clover to represent pot have you ever seen at Disney movie there's penises everywhere she. I have heard that it's people all miniatures to you know justice for -- exactly so just say in the four H club. That that lucky at that lacking clear over the asks. Me -- and they've scheduled for opening day. At town for twenty on opening day of summer I had some -- and displaying one -- over the line. A band has been scheduled when one -- over is that is that the rights title. One took over the line shown. I had no clue. I'll and then they have another post from looking at this because I'm on of the web seminar. They have another poster and it says it's the first Kelly fan ever ever have a pot civilian. And it's a cherry pie. And you -- the middle part -- -- -- cute little things you can apply to marijuana leaf cut out of the pie crust all in yet you were seen Eddie I cannot see right there. Seven leave it there it's -- four leaf clover though that's also publisher. In order as might that is the -- I don't want to share what does your ballot this year and well I did. -- 3225. For a -- is 3032225423. Are we over the line you are not over the line -- we just overreacting -- guests. To add to what the Denver county fair is now going to become the 21 century keep in mind they've got a homemade bomb that competition. What's potato -- May get out of the potato. Like an apple. Now. You actually use of the -- yeah I couldn't smoke get out of an apple or my you know if you're desperate. Well those are desperate measure there's there's a lot of competition homemade bomb competition. There's plant competitions who's got the best plants big beautiful bold you know. Plants against and then there's -- like gay brownie can be different infusion competition to. On how you can incorporate your pod inside certain foods bread and don't forget right after that is the kids twelve and under -- dance competition. Again if you've got a comment until 32225423. -- -- The fear of being so Stanley friendly you have well maybe even the T shared that but I don't play it. Here's what I remember about the -- going state fair back in southern Illinois compare him. I said the deal according state fair and all of the -- and what they called the midway they had all that stuff and detractors say it now and all the staff Obama. But the big pavilions were way. A over the air where he -- like look at people's smacked her mane and young are emerging quilts in the quilt show and now. Yeah yeah so -- I guess in the pavilion the top of things -- be -- over the. Gay is a little bit not on the midway with the quilt they did announce that they did say that it was going to be like cash and and it's and one of the buildings upstairs or something. So it's kind of -- and a way. But yeah it even if you do it that way you put this place you know off site just a little bit. You still have this incorporated in all your nose -- -- -- that girl holding the bananas or whatever. She's old she now there's no I'm -- -- an -- so yes yes tomatoes and she is you know a stampede you know from your garden I guess we're not a demand a state. Here's the thing. For now as the civic lineup you know you have to smoke that we need to make the -- interstate. I mean the competition have you ever walked around the pavilion with the -- of the did -- my grandmother made -- I like she did and every single year her routine and fruit. 92 and so we always had a Goldman and we USC ground whites -- quell -- we always end of tracked over the airwaves from the fun stuff Lindsay Graham light squelch. If I was high that would have been cool but but but but the -- Social affair has become so looks and that you know he needs the plot to two runs and just a bit I mean. And they may have more entertaining they even had one competition where you can make fruit and vegetables into like a little sleuth. Like she made a concert of like radishes they are concert goers. And and stuff. Three cabin with those cantonal knives -- County fair and everything via view that everything everything was tickled GMT -- you hedge crafts and arts -- crime. If there's. -- and adding your mind run. And there's little rat is going to look. Certainly he could go to the livestock -- you could see everybody's competition with -- sheep are there and digs are you ever heard of that steep mounds pot. The -- don't like heat. She began so it doesn't it just really sad that like for academic CG I mean not cheap. -- and she'd get a -- But if he's a little bit of not able -- there's some strands of -- everything's entertaining no no no it dead Mitchell -- so it's gonna make like the mule pulling competition. It's a little better than just. And that she might not looks about it. There are good you'll pulling. I don't know. It's. Looking at all the competitions and stuff for the possibility yeah of the full pool. And that's where they put the weight on that that big -- yeah hasn't yielded to pull. They have that person in the -- detractors on it and -- it I might remember that. -- -- I don't call. Oh that's right it's got -- little slant on it yeah it increases in late you know this is crazy. Happenings. I don't who have. I don't know I guess I guess we embrace that. I'm entering at best side I competition. That's right their idea best homemade roach clip that you don't I actually read a eating contest show and I thought. Us and -- competition. You know honestly you should it get and bruises guys are so creative viewing -- you might come home with the blue ribbon. I didn't sell -- its -- check and see it's it -- buttons the pieces live competition joint speed rolling. I'll. Truly be -- I don't. Read a eating contest I'm led to employment data for this is is is. This is awesome I'm glad my dad out Enders and what is a -- first second and third of August -- only three EC yes it's an eagle. In Bali Talbot county fair back where I grew up it's like. Two weeks ours is due back home -- trading days he's you know there is just -- in announced. What you are gonna do him. Do the roach clip you did it tied it with your marijuana only thing that's exactly and yeah. And does he may sit tight and with a marijuana leaf on now and then didn't. Regular even to read those eating non politician. Should park we need is arguably the listeners you know -- business. What this this is one of three points. First of all we talked about a pizza singles party be examined and Jack. The doodle Nevada what happened. Mental part they'll parred number two -- -- of -- part number two is we were supposed to have somebody out in Colorado Springs because the today show's live intolerance brings the -- today yeah and -- -- where's our people are. -- Hank was gonna go down and assure us remember that where -- and poses assess watching and come out of the -- was supposed to photo bombed at today's what happened there Sean. I believe -- is. Not there. So I'm not gonna worry about -- the Ambien and answer any and in this. You know what we -- -- where big -- big talkers and big doctors that we you know doing damn thing about it. Pretty Indonesia the history does not guarantee that single party yeah that was -- -- whole -- on naming. Yeah. -- total FaceBook page. Assuming that for two days the nuts and Nevada Spain you know -- we going to be followed through so -- so many single people out there are so disappointed I. I'm getting email about it yesterday hey I have heard a thing about the single pizza party. You saved me either I said hey I haven't heard anything I had -- in the Colorado Springs did the photo bombed today Asia via SS watch -- an update. We need to start following through you know who do we need to start making you know -- We need an -- we're gonna start and that that I needed trapper keepers and we're gonna start the next week Jane Jane. They mornings on Dallas 1059.