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Are Guardian Angels Real?

Jul 18, 2014|

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EJ and Jamie. I could watch this over and over and over again. This is the most amazing. Guardian Angel studio. Ever witnessing. Is this like for the day that it posted a picture of your dog driving your car done. That was a joke. Well let me just dog in the driver's seat and applause upon the and a steering wheel and he just drove us back from from grand -- and -- it was a total it was yeah look at -- -- -- you let get them and then the violent I don't panic and this this no that's joking stuff that stuff here on -- this is nothing spiritually you know this is stuff way beyond that. Excuse them -- to think about it. What's in -- put it on our money gets to me. Shannon or yeah this is stumble some and really just wish I just hit it OK you don't what I'll stop. On you take it from here thank god shortly and -- And seeing what coughing and I know I got some decorum and throat really did because of all choked up about this bump you get a chance to see the video show on eat out what do you think. It's amazing. It's breathtaking. It couldn't I wouldn't -- it's a it's a man being saved by a spiritual being it's a guardian Angel out. Don't think that a let me please let me say. There's a video here -- -- -- video content and show her art there's a guy that's crossing the road he's on one of those bicycles that you you know carry. Passengers in the basket bide your right. Most of it off is a -- ever again ritual so here comes -- try first -- think about that way adrenaline notes. I ride a bike that claimed that rich coming about that you're going to be missed negative -- I'm just saying let's let's take it. The gander at the man who has a rickshaw bike. -- crossing the road but here comes this truck looks like a delivery truck it's -- it's the surveillance camera. The truck and the guy are destined to hit him and all -- if he's gonna wipe out discount on the bike walk out of nowhere. Here comes his -- is this just weird like just freakish. Appearance eagle. No he's not an Eagles the Eagles who have been a -- up away from the truck. None -- with your reference in your referencing that video that baby that was picked up by the eighty going cure all and you also got. On -- yeah everybody believes it all the president land where an eagle picked up a tiny maybe you'll think that was the Eagles -- -- -- -- so is this is there's at least slow it down -- you can literally see the guardian Angel -- come into the picture grabbed the guy on the rickshaw and take him off to the -- truck passes on broke him. He just emergencies he's -- live from. He just emerges as it emerges in the background. And he's safe he safe in the guardian Angel. Saw. Let's play it soft they -- here where they don't you Wear and you know I just want to borrow and Wear them and where. -- -- FaceBook page to have at least take a look at this video. It's a surveillance camera you don't buy duty Jamie I think. -- like -- tape because I've been duped so many times on the Internet about videos. I mean haven't you like that one -- this that's all crazy you're like wait a minute and then you slowdown like somebody elongated his body yeah so. The -- akin -- what can do with film and you know still pictures. To change it all you don't even know what's going on anymore you don't know what's -- Now only you're right you're right they duped this many times -- -- there weren't any shark swimming around Manhattan after seeing the we all know that now but they don't know I don't buy this but I know this video I think you can see that counter up in the right hand corner. -- On here. Yeah yeah. Eagle picked up a baby and we thought it was so real and they had. The date the time and it was live and all that crap and is it was good has anyone seen this video. 30322. -- 3032225423. That the video of the guy crossing the street here comes the truck in the guardian Angel swoops in and saves. And here's what I'd like to say. Even if you have -- you know what if you wanna believe it because it's a beautiful story then you believe in -- okay that's really great and we all have guardian angels and or you can think oh my god everything's Photoshop these days level glove went after I don't think we're gonna get to. -- Solution between the two of us. The most amazing thing I've ever seen. -- changed my day yesterday that it you know there are a lot of doom -- things happening yesterday if you think about it. When that airliner thing the baby was found in Atlanta AMBER Alert -- -- the AMBER Alert yet and that's good on that but this this kind of changed my whole perspective yesterday we did it change. Just made me. Think that. Yeah why we have -- is that -- -- ass on the -- today. There's that's what you changed liking than Jesus of a little bit it's even Jesus young little -- well I don't I would say that that -- like I Ernie says it's like an -- -- But I just think that the -- And the -- guardian Angel things is pretty amazing I think he said he. Yeah eighty knowing it. So do you like that you're guardian Angel is like right next unit and a separate recliner. I'm I'm just asking them just like the event Roy hill like a recliner like right there. No I don't think that if by ten to my guardian Angel and anyway like I jumped out of this window here this building of the eleven stories up. My guardian Angel start could be done with a net. Nobody here -- on -- -- -- -- your -- at Scotland you're doing it extending the rest and your leg of Scotland you can get up and dished up between that. The chair -- no see you're being you're joking right. I'm just saying there have been times in my life and where I think that I could have easily die while we all think and somebody reached in and pulled me from from the Clinton -- you felt a pool. You've -- I didn't bells -- up -- percent right but something. Intervened in the main reason you know I got what I. Yeah I -- at some people got lots umbilical karma some people call religion when it. But I mean have you ever felt a physical force that changed the direction of you almost nine. The exact magnet and -- in my leg fixed. Personally but I did you immediately go to stimulating. In the get I don't go there it's small it's still quite a -- you might yet dictate that we didn't Campbell immediately there. It is pretty miss Ramirez -- he thinks it might be active and what the hell are you just pop a U turn on site at nine blocks he had been talking with spa. -- does -- have now we weren't so my attention to I was gonna take. There is. A new York and seen this video. I don't see in the video he's thank. You at all. Icy ball side you're good news or there are no longer column and no -- they're going to let a lot of video about. People -- host an art but I in the -- WR there's been many times where. Our size and denied her body mind and -- children died in and. Some didn't inner workings of rescuing America I. I understand you to aggregate gay news so let me ask you -- of the people have died by getting hit by -- -- they just simply didn't have a guardian Angel. Maybe there guardian Angel was on breaks or did now paying attention. He'll get there are not very religious person myself but. I did have a buddy -- he hit a mailbox or Wheeler said he saw -- light and used. Actually legally dead short like eight minutes he saw the light. Yeah. I'm gonna you know I blacked out on an event like when he saw the light -- and. But here legally dead for like eight mid Atlantic and -- OK but there was no guardian Angel -- -- stupid -- story. If you don't have to call the -- as I. He's following along I mean the guy and say like you felt this force that grabbed him from the Belmont saw the light though. Well oh my god he sees the light that's a big deal I agree with light I'm not I'm not -- not questioning the light and I think he's not going along with the story that we're dialing right now there's no. Not gonna have you seen the light almost dead what we're talking about guardian bullying shoo away from a semi truck. We can transition they -- to the light if you want. Sam. -- Good Sam have you seen this video of the guardian Angel the most amazing video you'll ever see in your life. And or -- it back but all -- that and let you guys know about. My experience regarding. I'd love to hear we're all intact. Please. Old I'm about eight years ago. Why. -- you know -- it -- gave it you know what you my mom and often play like. -- its. -- click -- well yeah it's Friday. -- oh. When he. -- -- -- Fine how she's cracking ice show -- -- high caliber OK let it. -- -- Well no point blank range at thirty caliber gun but I get bullet left the barrel. -- and -- the back or neck. And they waited you know two years -- -- -- -- -- -- without her we aren't today but there's no. No way you -- reached -- thank you could -- to explain why would opt out apparel -- How bad is raise guardian Angel I did your dad when the killer. A lot that one day. You don't look at people do that sometime but I. You know that the -- Gloria Berger got an -- -- personal. -- -- -- -- -- -- Is your dad still in the clink. No imminent. And one of those still -- with -- and keep -- -- debt. -- only because I'm so sorry. Thank them well it's it's not getting ugly because the end of the day is mom is perfectly fine idea but the -- -- -- thank you Sam but -- the -- in a better place than listen dad. That's pretty amazing that is in a better place for everyone. The story as the bullets stopped contenders really rhyme or reason for why that ball would have stopped where it did isn't that amazing. -- I don't. -- -- -- So -- -- there is. Very -- is. Random black but he person torch art credit you know that's -- you need to. Are some secret government into. The report for you know what's that could I believe that -- -- remember I ST I am IBM we're talking spiritually we're talking guardian Angel and you got the government and it'll also got the green. I -- -- like is that. You can get out of the everything that they -- she makes a lot god contains eight weekday mornings on Dallas 105 time.