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Man Creates a Spread Sheet about his wife and gives it to her.

Jul 21, 2014|

I don't think it works. Listen in of all the details.


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On Alice. Let me read a headline UK -- -- come to think it is OK I don't like it. I read it first with a I'm just. Here is the only one of those guys that you know that is why don't feel that it's like in front of them and nobody feels good. Yeah those self absorbed be able you know -- mouth breather which is very difficult so here's an idea that Dayton. I'm gonna get in new attitude. I -- I'm gonna get music charts and are you ready I'm ready okay. Could be get from me. But that's a bipolar. Awareness of Bible I am and I am -- -- by -- where. Critic of the -- hears it okay. Yes husband since wife spreadsheet. Detailing. The crappy lousy sex life they have. A spreadsheet seems so weird word for that to. December document flow that spray -- cut in those who have right here ready to oceans and the reasons why I think. The guy kept the spreadsheet because his sex life with his wife is so lousy he kept a spreadsheet. Called leaders -- it is and -- -- He's kept a spreadsheet for over three months DT healing. Every time he'd ask for relations every time that he got turned down what excuse was he. And the emailed it to would chewing away on business trip. And then he wrote at the very intimate -- are not commission when your out of town. Well that's a very nice visit as a husband a not a husbands but he had their honor and to protect the -- sickness and in health and in. Where the other words. It till death do a Smart guy and then had not spreadsheets and I don't wish you bitch. I think he Pulitzer going to let you watch. That's a little too much space and the couple had relations three times total. All the other days but the period the husband long to. The reasons his wife gave him TV yeah headaches. Right. Not mood. You don't look so good do you smell bad today he'd have that he's just not a nice person I would never put out for evil man like that good. That's me at least try to get his wife is that what -- only do these someplace. It's a spreadsheet like he hit a it seems to me if you're married you can actually talked to somebody -- that that's what's so weird about it it seems like the guys so terrified of her yeah. Yeah he had to do a spreadsheet he didn't send it to when she's out of battled. -- heard her and then how did this get to the public. Well I guess maybe she released I don't know you know that's just so you can look. It's well it's chicken -- -- and it's very chicken I X it's if you can't get to a point OK there's two options here. If you're that miserable. You just say okay you know this is organize we migrate to -- we -- okay letting you go your way I'll go model Angela. All our EU say okay we've got some problems do we need to sit down and talking if that doesn't work you maybe go see a therapist or something you know this is. Right and and what a guy keeps a journal of well today on May fourth she said she was hired yeah. This is so he's got it law by date and time -- -- and and like after she turned them down she he wrenched his computer logs in India. It's pretty budgets and a million reasons why this woman is -- the relations with a limit the number one out. Well number one reason is yeah. Look categorized a -- for women engine. In women for women -- why we turn it. OK I can give you top four reasons that if she thought yeah. -- heard -- just ahead. Coincides he's had taken TV let us. Feeling gross. I don't I feel groups and each game like you know guys who really -- gross I know that digital tried to us. Will lead -- and like. You feel gross do you feel gross do you look to us and you look like dad mom and dad big Turkey leg that they guy or that part -- mixes that sports Mad Magazine skyline -- with the a couple of days excess male and the nightmare navy -- and agent he's met a woman me. So that we can we don't might gets gross. You feel gross watching TV. Too tired right. -- -- and that that's when those that know it was another headache. I had a great -- the top four here's what I music resentment. All words that. On here. I know but -- never says that I'm against that limit most women don't have sex with men husbands -- boyfriends -- resentment and let me explain -- -- I was that this guy at Atlanta non -- on. The little baby with him. And a son of bitch wouldn't change the baby. And cinema biscuit eater when let me have a -- lower with -- Mr. -- the. The baby -- that. The no no I meant he would let me just have alone time without the baby needing to finish out Mo and Hughes the owner mr. -- The I hope. -- -- just following story for once -- It would not be Bloomingdale's and my shower you know I -- that guy he doesn't have to ability to create a -- and I know you're not feeling well so any of this anger that you kind of reversed back on me I'd just throw a mean joke there. I'm Justin looked the other now he's taking -- hit it irritates me that you would even think that. -- you should give my accident had a credit for make an air. Well I just I didn't really know him yeah. And be emailed me visualize that there have been like. A little -- it's late. There's -- there. I don't resentment resentment at something. Right. This lawn tennis and -- that causes -- -- -- it is yet. Hayden is because he wouldn't help with and many did this thing BJ. I swing are you an idea to get up at 4:30 every morning -- And the baby would be crying like firm to lay and 3 AM and I have to get -- -- an hour. You need. It supposedly. He -- -- of the baby. I couldn't hear I have to get up to Gordon in and how are but he didn't hear the team would contract out he didn't like maybe you guestimate would be totally -- maybe. And do one or maybe you're. That -- -- -- just irritated me so much and I would tell you. I as god as my witness I did not have sex -- hampered year. I hated him so much because I resented him a year. Just so you knew it was over. And if you go that long if you go that long you know summer right what you you know year -- so I'm I'm surprised resentment isn't as one of the things because. You please are still cold -- kids if -- the oh cold well the dramatic UT don't acknowledge that if debt and we've had a problem is some link you act like everything's fine just to get your -- -- and it really irritates me -- yet he's like okay and we're still mad it was a step over here and -- milk and you're out there like. He's mad too long. That's a problem that's a problem with women you stay -- too -- just over. Yeah it's a short life you've got to get over Kabul despite what you -- you fix it now get over it. How do you fix it there's nothing you can do to fix it because it's at least you try to fix it you keep rehashing -- here's what you do you go wow I really made a huge -- -- I'm sorry. Why can't. I don't make that many mistakes with. Think you guys are all too stubborn to say I'm sorry. Bastards. You know let the island -- your hand because -- -- -- yet his yellow and too stubborn just I'm sorry. -- -- -- Yeah I mean. You. Because you. God it's -- all over here right now I'm gonna get sick and -- but wet wet. Do you do you remember being married to your excellent well I did -- legend yeah -- ever like hold up because of resentment or did you not know. Let's go -- the current relationship I think that you know Lisa stays mad too long but I think that's who -- the way women are I -- you know I I don't understand. All right here's the thing if you have a conversation it doesn't have to be a long conversation can be shortened -- But if you've got a conversation say OK look here's what happened blah blah blah I'm sorry I didn't mean it. About a violence Mubarak OK I feel like at that point it's time to move we can move much but then. Other firms don't feel that way they they will wait and we don't really have been out on the table we don't really have this all completely yet we don't we haven't talked to throw. All I feel like I have. The difference but. But I think that all guys and the Carolina. The problem is John uses sorry as a band aid you don't really solve the problem yet permitted sorry. I said -- sorry. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- That's a day -- billboard chart is just they they actually it's probably a set of -- and those who would do we all know can I have some new you do. They mr. romance. And is working on his so yes that's burden on the social and here have this problem. I mean mr. love. Well yeah I mean of course seven of relationship we all have is she's our relationship usually just sit down and talk them out but I don't have a problem not eaten any action. No do you have a problem does your wife hold onto arguments longer on what you would like no not at all. Where I sit down work it out before bed kind of folks mr. perfect mile no it's not perfect because sometimes up to 1 in the morning estimates coming so what in the morning that I coming off there weren't. Z. And that no effect and I love science to beat him my friend but -- is like you know -- Exec Tom flash those two. And I -- I know -- them -- frankly it's not I know it's not it's really not -- not it snows sickening I turn off the radio when they start talking about how much you love them. -- Actually. And. Here's -- -- with and I can't believe it's. But it really is sure yes Sean I said it is it back in the day when Kathie Lee Gifford is to talk about -- Cody and paying with their kids and stuff and how perfect they Wear the light. Yes Sean I don't think our audience believes in love Martin to back -- -- particular. -- -- yeah did something wrong okay it was the wrong she got herself and some shell shocked. -- She can you imagine she'll under the spreadsheet with the Indians -- law. Would that be sickening to read. And as we did Fuzzy pink pants and a. Yeah. Full of people. And I followed and yeah. Yeah and you know -- It's a PGA. This 10 yeah.