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Jul 21, 2014|

Jamie hurt her toe and she noticed that a lot of other people have stories about h


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On Alice. To ensure future is serious about doing to show he's trying to put Shawn and attend. I'm -- -- -- you know what I found when I posted my -- one by the way -- account I think I don't know I have actually does -- do anything about it. But I did post a picture of my till and -- all black and blue and letting you yucky. And it's amazing how many people have till stories. So I was like. Here like that totally different new and I was like oh my I'm Yahoo! and show everybody had to tell stories so we'll create the beach and we show him. -- it seemed excited I just. And how far the Toshiba's gonna go on now realize that you did that whole broadly kicked things kind of like when the truck gets Dicey and you kick dating a cinder block -- -- -- -- garage which. Which caused this problem -- that menu he decided to do the show took. Or or should. -- -- They're going to be an already in -- that you you put the task upon -- on my producer -- create some type of a you know almost like a game shall open like hey let's make this thing. Highlighted in making big let it. Like I was here's how I I pictured again -- -- -- we just had a big jet jet -- and -- 01. Telling that. Sounds a lot like some of the other opens that we've had in the path of -- -- would do that does this and I am not so here's what sure you and I'm not entering. It really is an added bonus Iraq. A -- show yeah -- just hurt and there. It's better than the I guess he show his elbow show would work the F. OSHA. And below zero tonight show I produce our -- show opened here. You anyway here's what we -- here's what would -- because I know you're not that thrilled about -- I don't -- well not -- that. Yeah -- a couple of good -- stories I can billion negative -- about the the excitement that I am having one of my tocchet. So here's racked up we do just keep it even -- we're you know we're partner. So if so you throw is amazing. As -- at stake and there's just no way to describe it. They would do the show OK if it's awful. If it's horrible and if it goes nowhere close -- no two story to tell -- -- so we don't care what -- did you -- can tell because of production values or -- exactly Barney analyst -- the ZU and I'm not hurting children came running in it very proud of this by the way OK he's ready for a commitment. That's it. Yeah simple two point. Junior yeah -- with a -- normally do it is. Tonight because she's right a little bit negative net negative but just. It's not on board I think here yes hey. Yes. You can -- Right until other production room and you give Obama what what we don't even wanna hear it again when I -- do as Sony -- maybe I think that you know. In little competition you know reference scenario world. You know they're happy the Idaho school broadcast gradual much like Charlie battle bushel on his turn to the poster child for a battle for the into the school well as she is executive producer. It is and like an assistant yeah. That you haven't I don't know yet via the and so I would say that is this is his moment to -- I have listened closely -- -- what you have is. Compete -- okay. You know here's her yet here's what doesn't make sense to me with the with the open it's just. The way it's worded -- I don't understand it's a good old fashioned -- -- -- -- the old -- the Ellis -- why -- they -- -- It's not likely have a good old fashioned waffles. Knowing you know -- sounds like something that we done over the years SpinRite quietly yes been it's been like stapled to show for many many years -- -- good old fashion show it's back again. Never got to talk shows no grandma's waffles and -- It's not old fashioned to sit and then I got a box paint pictures from the music I apologize that I was gonna be really send it to nobody hears you hope it don't show on hold the island Italian and we'll give hated idiots and sell something together. He can beat you sure the equipment. Yes yes all right so do you think -- are you up to the challenge I'll take I'll. I'm on right now you have fifteen minutes my -- are. It does otherwise this loses it's momentum because god doesn't add some but. Yeah. Thank god it's Monday. Kids should look at myself on Mondays this. The Fed does -- make -- think things that are fascinating loop Hemingway. This luncheon event doesn't mean. It or not fascinating. -- fascinating -- lieutenant this seems fascinated. I think there's enough so -- -- on the planet is that tells us they. About the wording I don't -- -- a thing around and I she is that they so. So I think it's over and he's -- -- -- -- is exactly I shot you should ever take your deterred by it -- should -- don't feel intimidated don't like that if you like blow it out of the water and you just -- Sean I know Larry he's got the ability to fired. As -- stepped it will save jobs. Yeah we got Graham actually yeah he's not gonna push its weight around which he could have wanted to be a big boy I mean think about her. You don't get consistent -- you don't -- This is your moment just beyond that it's to be just how writes yeah. We pretty much delivered success here read simply we listen to that. You can be debt we are just sort of set -- momentum and we're we're handing new achieves to become. Exactly I mean this show is working for you nobody else to -- work but you. Good luck and good luck and I -- we'll we'll check back when he had fifteen minutes he got it got. -- and eight weekday mornings on -- 105 now.