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Jul 21, 2014|

Jamie hurt her toe and she noticed that a lot of other people have stories about hurting their toes too! As Sean and Hank battle it out with intros for the TOE SHOW.


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On Alice -- are you reading here am I OK so let me just set this up just one time right slamming in its first -- Under the influence of high dosage of -- via cell. -- some things I'm thinking of might not. Be so clear do you guys yeah. If you're sobered Greg -- -- thanks fascinating here and you're someone unbearable to. I know I understand attitudes but because it's Sudan has that weird chemical and Nadal. Aggressive and then if I'd ever set in the studio did some clock watching today is -- right I'm sitting here just counting the minutes like public comment. Because you're gonna Cadillac ST remember we're gonna get out of genie out of the student is just -- legal panel. Branyan signing and they take care because it's. It's awful when you have a colonial -- -- -- take care means so this year and an economy and have been -- -- in the -- -- -- -- -- -- And message and the wrong and yet we -- little uphill into the -- it okay so I don't so I I keep some concrete this weekend. And in a I think about until it's all purple green or above. And so I posted on FaceBook -- that everybody seems to have this as story about it was like -- -- -- rod didn't. One woman her to have gotten -- did what she had to get amputated so I was like oh my god who knew. Talk is so -- universal. It's universal don't talk to remedy into. It really yes it really is and it's especially when -- on to defend it's fascinating. To try you pot smokers were about ready to have a a fascinating segment. Now that hosts the total show has not really taken off to a good one yet. But I don't think women I know. Hillary gets The -- -- to believe it so shadow we had a problem. We are at -- stage of the -- show of where. JB commissioned our producer Sean to come up -- hope -- does some fumbles some detectable in neutral format and what they keep up with the -- What can I needed I needed because you're not gonna supported so I needed some kindness and -- some -- yeah he needs -- million -- -- some role players around. So it looks good right art and sounds good -- here's what charging up with. And yeah. Can't get more simple. That -- well. And so then as -- I have. -- that most apartment -- show yes you do yes. I have shares and class mornings she it was a -- effort to so he was on your team like where the -- -- dumbest thing it never entered his life insurance like. Hot and carrying. Hairy Hank will support me and let me -- let me -- Between France and so I asked him I said well I need your help -- they support -- hopes up. So we set off a pregame. And then he can usually deliver. Welcome. And here's what's happening more inclusive -- it. Not a whole lot of what well here again. I don't know why didn't make you know the -- criticism. Before I really absorb it. Let me play. And then after right after I -- do like the official thing like when we take calls let's CL works OK you ready are you to. Well soon. And here's what's happening woods moves today. Not a threat to regional unto affluence it's real treatment as loud as we don't -- on here today Alice we're the trio until doctors in real three clip. Can ask the question platform are are you calling with your -- story of how you injured goto yes then what the outcome wasn't as its multi million -- still talking about it. Failing to -- and Rios 32225423. It's still -- Thank. And yes. The -- them on tape to make that ought to. And night and amateur. And. -- -- And -- and active night life sentences and have -- yeah here's. -- -- -- -- Four like -- Astoria hotel and the nice thing. Mean when he -- that painting while much time and don't. Well soon. And here's what's happening recruits today yeah. You know I think it's tough talk to me dad I gotta get -- What are we doing until county. Do you want to sex until we get the calculation the diet -- the moment right now is just blow it out of the water with -- syndrome did told to say. No we're not good to talk to these things. You barely can say it. Can we not give the that the world crops. This guy comes not -- -- he did tonight I just blew it out water as I have eighty DH DEC. An amazing job and the dark. I got here and I get a good thank -- very very good. You put a lot of effort in to that you can tell -- your heart was into work on not between the two right and it certainly. It's just that. Little bank that was solid. And others it from the us. None of the Oklahoma school loved the microphones there's on the day would be proud campaign campaign you're now the top students from over their very nice -- you really are. Warmer to it right. The field. Well cook so. And here's what's happening recruits today. And you know that's what really puts it over the top prize he came up to that line on his own them here's what's happening with -- today that's right. That's awesome right. -- -- well I think it's a lot and that we do to abduct Tuesday Tamara. Given days that accused. Kerry. Did wrong. Really you're gonna call about your -- -- -- You do now purposeful broke and -- it in. Pay and be. Don't tell me I'm an emotional story. -- -- -- -- -- -- I'm island ami -- bullying and it really -- And then my and then you begin -- -- where you could your I try to buy in the purse didn't. And I can't hit it in the head with -- and I broke my toe. She until the end of may well soon. Here's what's happening -- the -- today. He was a money and brokers. On the tripling. April your -- toes today. The stupidest -- -- -- -- you -- if you believe -- -- just to leave -- go. -- Equity warrants. -- I have a younger edit or your little -- we -- out. About the -- year old. We're not I -- that might have. Are you are out of luck and I'm a -- or not that at -- And what happens. And seen and here's what's happening -- to -- it. Volatile. She put her -- I think ready for the big -- and -- on -- -- I'm not in my toes and only know five dollars you. On the other foot. -- own -- Oh hi I fell down the Iraqis came and broke my total. Well June since. Happening real close today. As I can't sit here in the thank somebody got talent -- -- Clinton -- talking universal you don't believe. -- Universal. What you want. I broke no armed let me. It's funny actually they did. What. They do. I decided -- became involved and I want to show yeah. I index slipped below and selling these infants who all is not accurate and job what my child -- like -- the -- -- Well yeah. And here's what's happening with those today and -- yeah. Hello. John and Helen thank you. What what is that heroin and as she stuck her foot and mouth to Fallujah home and Johnson and it him in his checked I don't know that to carry. Good morning you can hang up on me again. And. -- it sounds -- Oh OK okay so I must admit -- eighty that it might eat. And I can and other people and I broke -- next to Michael -- -- -- regular and I had a per common about giving her. Eight thank you Gary chin and -- the risk you've had lifted up one of those boots in the stir just destroy and kill -- place. Like them how to keep accurate but it -- -- audio locked in or out of that you went around to. -- -- Terrible she she had a C section Michigan that a vote mr. Good morning share. How are you. Move would you. -- -- -- Here's what's happening in the to lose today. That's an -- I did. -- -- eight weekday mornings on Dallas 105 -- kind.