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BJ & Jamie - Fart machine pointed at France. (7/23)

Jul 23, 2014|

A guy is pointing a fart machine in France's general direction!


Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Jamie can you tell me the story about the fart machine. The part machine -- tort machine is gonna be blown away tomorrow night. It's a huge machine that this guy is develop because he's mad at France. And the guy has developed this big. -- machine it's gonna shoot out. There gonna put like sold for something and to -- just smell like -- you know apart and then they're gonna take it they're gonna make and create this big but. And they're gonna take the but in case it around this machine there's gonna blow out this -- in eastern when it towards France. Tomorrow night at 5 o'clock and do a big fart on France. This is -- a Dover Delaware and even Delaware yet. And little crazy well the part Iraq. How long it takes for the part to make it trillions of landing ten. -- Be a slight. He could take you know like a tsunami could be hours. Didn't do like an engineering path on the wing groups and now that's. A jury didn't Jamie I have not read into the story that far all I saw was the headline itself from the giants fart machine about to blow tomorrow night will be a fun machine have a near you aren't. And he I guess in I'm not really sure why you shooting that France flight. But I guess he's got a beef with them all here it is here it is -- -- biggest -- machine ever to -- at France is in ms. Collins threw that. He bill this big machine he's -- England France tomorrow night between six and 7 PM eastern time. Yet he's -- position it on the cliffs in Dover. -- it at France and then she let it rip. Think ACC -- we live on the -- -- DNA to be a -- on the scene. The engines used to power this not -- V one bomb. Yes they were used during World War II to -- something like that to to use you to make the I guess the out. Projection yet whatever those -- thing it's sending over the fart -- I guess it was an old machine that he's been revamping for a long time to forum France. Interest he's doing it tomorrow night he's playing it right -- France Jersey and it just fart in their general direction. It's gonna do it right at them ha you know that you saw this for -- general direction just curious. I'm not sure really -- in France. One prince -- him. They have that -- underpants with them and I see players sizing France net and be as whole life -- -- I see pairs dancing and fancy your under pain and they do that said. He's just heckled as a life in the I don't know this is a true story this guy's actually built this sheet that he's firing off tomorrow night six. As a catalyst for the coyotes would have it's gonna be covered on CNN or anything. That's a descent. Out. I think Clinton and I knew that get a nice to be covered ask than the men in the story doesn't really really condemned. -- why. What's going on in the who's going to be there at all of them is the president going to be there you know like -- you don't pull the plug. The -- Jane Jane weekday mornings on -- 1059.