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BJ & Jamie - Pat Bowlen stepping down from Broncos. (7/23)

Jul 23, 2014|

Pat Bowlen is stepping down.


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On Alice this is really sad story to pebble. Is he's like Connie is is that he is December so the word is alzheimer's straight in this very. And I guess the word is breaking more yesterday and today that the condition is much worse. Than than had been in a lot of people on Twitter this morning. Giving their condolences on you know -- get sued to feeling better whatnot. In their relationship with Babylon man what a sad story. Adds and held is seeking another no -- did not see it -- to give a chance to look that up hold -- bullishness. So they jet's data just came out of the Newsday he -- I mean I'm Jennifer whilst this you know like in -- -- you know I was gone on that I am. I guess it's bad now. -- and that's why they said that they he brought -- John Elway along time ago because they knew that his condition had worsened you know. -- and then every time I see what these stories so when you've got him you know the whole sterling thing with the LA clippers and all that. In these guys have gotten a lot of money -- -- rich people they own a -- sports franchises and things like that. And you think about you know -- -- money doesn't stop something like this I mean is that everybody's human and Newman -- boils down to it and you've got this horrible disease said. That is just inflicted this guy and it must be much worse than what we had originally thought it'd Dan. Or it's gotten worse because this morning a lot of people are coming out making comments about Paula. And yet. He said neither he is -- just found so 78 actually I give myself credit Jonathan he's seven years old and that. Too young for that late young kids and as telling a complete moron because I don't have knowledge and alzheimer's I really don't. But I see so many times people say that they diet of alzheimer's how do you die from I thought it was just the -- and well I. I think she can eventually kill you and -- I think he just deteriorate your your health everything just starts going down when your brain goes in your memory goes and everything just starts to you know. I don't know if you forget -- I don't know what exactly happens but. But yeah I I've seen too where people have died from it and. All -- all the time and I don't think for example when you get caretakers and stuff like you know -- understand. The most is something else happened. -- says that. DNA. And they can tell when you did you know what your condition. Or what diseases or what are the you'll get 225 years down the road. -- alzheimer's one of those diseases that they can actually determined and they can tell and forecast for you. Accurately. -- now if it -- I wouldn't want an. Old. Missing here isn't saying when you get older in life you are not gonna remember anything actually -- them filling a bad deal and -- alzheimer's but sometimes not to remember. In enemy nasty little bit of a -- -- I would like to the great if you could be like and -- -- -- or specific. -- -- like 88 was bad here. -- -- CDT in 1988 and it really liking. Yeah for me it was let's see 2001. It was a bad idea yeah. It doesn't directories that says specific -- ever you know I'm looking at what shots pulling up here and I I didn't wanna sound insensitive and anyway when I said maybe forget how to eat and that could lead to death. It actually is one of the the causes. Don't have estimated that he can't forget the forget to swallow even -- alone. That's of that part that's crazy. World -- if -- columnist he's some facts he's informed that Rihanna. I ever talk about just -- -- situation all -- yes. Let's that you got that on my right side -- our church and done. You don't extra mulberry street types from the application that you don't pneumonia that you guys are -- on nutrition which you know he kicked off. All. You break a leg you know and it clot -- clot jokes especially complication of alzheimer's unable. That are on your brain you don't actually died from those. And I'll be at the complications related to. Right because of always heard that is one of the worst diseases simply because it doesn't really kill you got a little with a three years and years and years. Right -- -- complications related how much and you know cancer or. Her eight the different features you get pneumonia as you get other -- that chill if you aren't they you. -- compromise because it goes to eat -- but I think actually it's like. That makes more sense thank you for because I really didn't know I was like real wet. -- -- a warning that if -- memory but nationally more sense you know the drive mean now that's crap. Is that you know if they give them. A swab or whatever and tell you can get it later. Moon and there's no cure all -- I don't get -- either how you can cast sometimes somebody's alienate. You get talked about cancer. You just know they can protect obviously not a guarantee but I'm looking a little more. -- -- well I don't know. I'm like yeah and I don't think anybody wants to know I don't think artists all the test and Lawrence. Oh yeah and they say -- they say the reason the test is Ayers if people wanna get a end. Realize you're gonna get to somewhere down the -- he can play and for. Adam Lambert -- my -- for black I think. The prime example of this because my mom died of breast cancer you have so I get that tests. To see if I have its have the gene and then I can opt out for you know double mastectomy whenever the wind. You can you can tell your pressure -- Replaced it can bring we're going to rip each. I still don't normally I know that that she and into -- sound fishy and it percent prior YY yeah and now now they're saying that the scientists actually Q and. Are suggesting that parents get it done for their children so that you wouldn't know what's gonna happen to your child down the road. I. What's gonna happen to me that my child it would worry me to death to know that my child to get alzheimer's a sixty. -- It would. Kill me. You know just I know there. Are -- data is sad story in a lot of people were talking about it this morning the pebble. He have a. John -- and tell you this is all known -- allowed that was challenging Bennett can't you're right that is a shocker to a lot of other people to what I saw. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- And it's getting quite worse. -- to be in the news the witness and not because I mean think about last time each time in the sweet. You know -- they pay and to the sweet and I'll I'll I'll -- that was file footage and -- -- NFL draft and no I saw some video of him or something it's just added it is it's sad story contains eight. -- mornings on -- 1059.