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BJ & Jamie - Marriage Licenses Beta testing. (7/28)

Jul 28, 2014|

Testing out a new kind of marriage license.


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-- Hey there's some there's a beta testing going on a marriage licenses. There's a beta test. He it's it's a -- testing of different types of marriage license. It's really just to study and survey of asking people would you be you'll gain for this. Instead of the traditional marriage license where you get married. Till death there was part you are married into you seek a lawyer to get a divorce of that what they know what's happening down the road. There are three new licenses. There are being tested that may come to market. You know I actually does your time I heard about this kind. -- -- -- I think this has been studied for the past couple years because I've actually heard this before and it now it's being I guess brought back up again in various states to take a look at. Are the three licenses are much like contracts. For example once held presidential once called real estate once called -- The presidential areas that you take your valves and you know they last for four years after the four year mark. You can elect to stay in the marriage or get out of the marriage there's no of course there's no lawyers issued its soul for the warriors for years. What's called a presidential like a presidential term -- you can elect is staying longer at yes but at the end of the four years if you wanna stay together you basically both the grease on the paper your marry adult that there was part of being your back into a regular. Marriage license type situation got. Yep okay are the real estate like this this and this -- you both agree let's say it's you wanna change. Let's just protect -- we pretend for once please I. I am man enough imagination in my mansion. Even pretend. -- -- -- John let's pretend it's a gay marriage and you and I cannot. Our our real estate marriage would be that you when I decide upon ourselves how long do we want to turn to -- Pioneers. Seven years but he went and make quite a commitment to Aaron Harris on swallows. 530 leaders. We take what ever number we want but we're locked in to. We are married come Hiller I'd like didn't even get a divorce says you can get into that your marriage license but -- -- we get a -- -- and it's my fault -- it's everything. I'm just gonna play -- what is -- and came and killed your cats and dogs. I'd still have to -- put it Iraq. For the next ten years of life interesting in ten years as did the electric car -- you and I guess you know there. What if you get a classically bad things aren't as fun Aziz debate well he's gonna have to hit the -- -- or -- beat clause in the you don't have. I'm saying that crosses no used to happen are gonna happen anymore -- -- -- and if we -- seven years he and I are together for seven years. On a -- I work I don't like that -- -- here's the most popular and notable that. I think most couples people. Are saying that the role for it's called the date the marriage can be formalized. Or dissolved after two years. Yeah not like that and yet. We get married we go to the ceremony we get our license but we only have a two year deal. And at the end of two years. We decide to either make it formal and we are Mary do we have to go through the whole divorce process. All are we can just say you know what. It was a good round. Two year one you know why because at the end of the two years you know that somebody gets a decision to either relievers and so it seems like. The whole two years or maybe try a little bit more -- weapon is that. You know in the -- Most people well not most people because he's a pretty popular by. Think the traditional marriage license should stay intact and all this other stuff should goal what you should not even be -- that it it is a bonding you know it's between you and the other person you're doing it you know with god and and till death do us part very traditional and saying -- stick with traditional that's the only way you can be married. If that's the case this day and -- Divorce -- still like the only person it's -- people that are getting rich off of marriage. Our lawyers. Is the thing let me personally. I know let me am you know if I get a fight with than the person I'm when I'm miserable -- and his -- and I don't like. That we're fighting our art you know whenever you go and I hated it. It sad seeing you wanna be loved listening you and I have like we -- -- laugh and I'll -- you miserable and I can think I had as oh my god thank god. This isn't for America's I couldn't live like this. Yeah online group for over -- rule. But did you runaway UCL your girlfriends are miserable cul-de-sac and coach because -- have some Schwab knows. I just think that I previously said I get the advantage of going OK I'm -- deal with this this is miserable and unhappy. I'm out you know you get to do that and then make unbelievable. But if you're married you don't need to say that -- I -- -- -- is back her death do us part I have to put up is. -- Heard. I feel like that's what my girlfriends think of their husbands they just yet but is it real like -- marriage and that's an argument is it really a marriage if you haven't helped. Lou right soccer and I bought 303. -- -- -- -- Israel 32225423. Do you think there should be options. To a marriage license or the traditional license is the way it is. The way it should be and that's it that's just an oh my god one of us who cares if that becomes the courts and lawyers get rich who cares you should go into it for a life. What shall on shaking things. Why aren't so concerned about. Okay making it about me. But I'm so conservatives. -- And people unhappy. 3032225423. Traditional or there should be options I. Think there should be options I know a couple of my -- -- to be like if I can just get out of this right now you believe in options don't you that they would be like that. Yeah you can believe -- auctions and ever -- options person too I just think that it. Divorce rate is so high you live with somebody for a period of time you really get to know that person I don't know. I made the comments my girlfriends over the weekend. It seems like the married month. -- eyes will more than anybody's eye roll lateral collateral only did your husband. Today and those of us across the table I Earl I roll several. And -- and I can't really -- -- of the sushi place and make Tyrell. He's. I'll put -- of the menu. But everybody everybody knows but I Koppel that's miserable yeah. Just one you know many in W -- -- for the option -- and I just tell you I agree with them I don't like their husbands either. But -- don't like their husbands you I can't let them know their husbands or just. 303225423. Just quickly your Google pay Taylor. Just grumpy old men is not okay. Anyway my doctor -- -- I go ahead to Taylor should give me options or traditional marriage license is the only way that we can go. I think eventually we actually -- I can't entirely arbitrary try and I would -- they are actually it's drop it how long did you marriages last. I'm my first on my aunt said yeah I in my. One and lasted two years. I'll get a six when he still in the second when. -- now -- now what he's well okay he's yeah he's on young east and yelled for being divorced twice at 25. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Now. My question to you because you've obviously lived through a couple marriages. So when when you know this year's coming up and that's the time that I'll have to make up your mind and we are we stay in are we going. Think that's the good decision because that's what you can either work or get out of it that's not an up in the air you have to figure out right then. I really -- so pretty nice and quiet how I what I united -- 200 some -- -- trial lawyer or -- order you know once paperwork. I'd have been happy to get rid him and he liked. So why get married -- second time in the first hole is so bad because that's what I still whom. Because I thought effect on -- going to be better than the first one. Now what happens begin did you ski Krejci is that how you love some social activist and -- rescue like for them. Rule he can move move and for you to see those two year deal would have been a bad deal -- lasted nine months. Right yeah. I. Love it because -- on the order when I was pregnant with our daughter. -- that got -- my eyes and I was working so I went through until Christmas tree and I don't. I don't know what -- the UN doggedly green and they certainly did she do in the fairway I don't think we all know. Mean even the and certainly it -- -- tactic you know I didn't do you -- mediator. Now are so we have your vote here you're all about options okay are you learning from our why -- -- running away because she's talking about her ex husband and -- -- that he's. She's very uncomfortable. My lower Bryant hello little. Yeah you know I think we got a point where options necessary. And when we 2000 years ago they came up with this concept. Or an eighty year. -- -- -- Shia only to. -- yeah. Like 2000. Years ago Lipper -- I only if you knew you only had to -- her twenty years of marriage. Yeah. And my guess is if you know you had a two year contract -- we don't -- right exactly the candle. So Brian how many jobs have been divorced. Mohamed says that Mary. I'll only be ever be Larry watts. On that since he hall Juan -- Jamie show the -- first he well he's married once but he still stuck -- and -- so he's voting for you know there should be option -- Study. And yeah similar yeah well for you time. And. What's your wife's name. No I don't she's going to be so yeah you've -- or he does say there should be options to get out there that's what you're saying. So we are married once. And as stuff is going to be a window you can be dead when you know. I don't think. -- -- -- -- -- -- good options -- traditional marriage license. Mary it you're gonna get married you get -- -- out. Get married -- get -- leave and to hear it -- sorry your every every. You know these people that I know look at their marriage shall lead them. Terrible. Married and be kind. They're -- pretty do you think that it can be things. No they Gina when your love your love wanna get married their wedding -- yeah. The kids and what happens is you raise kids again once the kids are raised you look at each of the NC you know what I -- -- you. Employee Indy you're engagement are your relationship you think why I am I doing and why am I in the situation. It should say OK I should've married her and Eminem and record high that -- got app like. -- -- Does that mean she's ID and you are key -- how long have you been married. Not -- I knew she. Okay. New. Not evil -- It's. -- it's easy to get married yeah again I'm. You know I am not liking me you mean I steal everything gaining it back. I am not -- not -- I was child she is born too easy and play you get out again to board like that. -- -- But how -- wedeman I'm confused because Jamie can you get bored too easily -- see your friends how they are you're all about options G sitting here saying and she's like yeah she's sitting here and say that it should be for Teddy likens she is she does it make sense -- has them hoping her hard. She will find one and some sandals -- asked him. It's not gonna happen. It's like -- it's not gonna. And -- -- highest down out here. And -- more Daniel. It I have to go to it stipulating that only got -- straight year married I'm only pay like twenty dollars or against. Wow good point I mean -- -- but she has a great point. Okay did no thank you okay Iraq is stupid wedding to a that you did you know. Have a great day and -- -- eight weekday mornings on Dallas 1059.