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BJ & Jamie - National Clown week! (8/4)

Aug 4, 2014|

you guessed it it is National Clown Week! Honk.. honk!


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-- And Jamie. Music. Thank you. It's time wage in his crown week did you know that on August 4 1971. President Richard Nixon. Who have -- her home. Signing a resolution. Proclaiming the week of August 1 in the seventh as national -- Kim. It is -- apparently -- biggest a part of legislation that he didn't easily termed it. No getting cloud -- it is that going on right now. Can't sell what happens is clowns celebrate this week by the go to malls that goes back to libraries schools and they're open grocery stores around the world. So you're gonna see a lot of clowns out that's what Samardo what Albertson's you can super anywhere today -- -- Clancy could -- -- all week long so well that's your thing if you're like why and that lands. But in the his talking head who knows her and we're like maybe they where you know like some kind of Psycho killer yeah if I go into a store and as a -- -- or the circus is in town. Right but -- shopping of their shopping it's just weird. But they way it's -- week. Where's the big guy gathering around my gas to Union Station starts 11 AM. This morning this morning. It's as it's that in Colorado clown Alley. They'll bring together amateur professional and CI professional yeah. Amateurs again professionals against center -- This is semis haven't finished clown school maybe that they bought the uniform and a red nose right in the big feet you know the Jews and they just haven't gone through school because you got to go to school for -- its rights -- there's a current school yet. Anyways the B at Union Station 11 AM this morning it's all free -- a block and then I was reading here. Did you know that cool to cold rough phobia is a real thing -- assume it's Cold War phobia a fear clowns. Let's -- well they say it's a real thing I -- -- -- stuff out of me and I I don't buy it. You know slacker for example slacker doing the afternoon show -- -- Steve slackers says he's been saying this for years and he is a huge fear of clowns and every Tommy tells me the story or hear the story on the air I do not believe him. It says he has appeared -- yes. Well NBC eight. I'm just telling NBC says it is true the -- to and it's no laughing matter -- yet and I'm out got it. -- the -- The symptoms include sweaty. No idea. Feelings of dread it fast heartbeat crying screaming and anger. Anytime they see -- I don't time. I don't buy please that I think -- you think it is I think it's one of those things at. Somebody said she when your little like I -- -- -- -- treaty and then you're like oh yeah they are creepy okay. Don't just buy into it needs to buy into it and I get the whole thing that if you're afraid of sharks OK I don't wanna get the -- because they're afraid of sharks academics -- -- -- institute of sharks can teach you could they can kill you if you're afraid of snakes there wasn't no big deal but I don't get the -- thing either I don't think it's real I think it's just contrived made up. And people just putting their head in an almost say it to be. And being cools the word but it's it's just. I don't know maybe somebody feeling sorry for your -- It's just got -- it as I really did becomes the thing is to say it's a thing began is. You know remember like Clinton it's only airbags can explode aisle sudden and you can get -- -- Within I certainly -- my announcing my guys are freaking out about -- -- like oh my god there will never forgot about him that some people just stay I don't you know I. But but that's a perfect example because when you get into car in you're sitting in the passenger side you see the word airbag written right there in front of view you don't freak out you don't go in the cold sweats you know. No it's just that week that they were talked about it on TV right. I have -- Ebola fair hearing there. Right but next week when that's the -- flared up above -- -- yeah well ahead -- -- -- was -- be cleared up and actually well maybe we'll take a couple of calls Israel's three Tony to -- -- 32225423. Jamie and I don't buy it there's no -- of plants there is not yeah -- your head -- made it up -- you've learned that choice as usual idea I have two friends that say -- deathly afraid of clowns. And I just don't get it scientists did it -- it's like. I drove to -- so when she was little she used to Wear those flip flops you know right in the middle your toe or between your -- -- -- toner undertow. The flip flops and her mom told that if she runs in him that she'd be split all the way up her -- Like that that beard thing between your -- -- split you all the way up. So she is terrified of flip flops she can't flip -- she get at Myrtle Beach. Nothing has imam told him. But -- difference of -- because you said two different things there she's terrified. Of flip flops she can't stand. Being terrified is not the same. As having a fear of clowns like they can. What you come around with a flip flop and she'll screen. She freaks out she thinks of the -- -- next to her she -- freaked out she getting look at flip flops are people with anything between a -- it's I have to tell you. Like the first -- put on flip flops after I heard about that the kind of freaked out of us they let me all the way up the. They also say there are certain people that have a fear of mascots anybody that's in a suit like with a head on at lucky Chucky cheese. That people have that you're also -- yet fearful that some dirty. Moved many to clean most anybody got to appear -- -- -- -- crowds mascots 03032225423. That's if we don't -- I I just don't think that's a real thing. Well here's let this psychiatrists and psychologists. On said the NBC news the phobia. Can be traced back to the fact that -- hide your face and -- they're true emotions. So because there they have paint on the face or whatever and you can't really tell how they really feel -- freaks us out. Are you happy glad I -- you -- you have pane that says I'm smiling but really are you angry I can't know or drunk for the make up probably -- I think why I would have a fear of -- is who doesn't. The car. Creepy creepy people I'm afraid of yes because they're creepy. You know people yeah I I would I would feel the same way if I went down to the clown convention. At DI Union Station I just walk around looking around going to call. Really isn't what you dale ha yeah this is I guess is replacing this world around. Well -- way to judge I you know I mean I -- personally I wouldn't be married to man that on the weekends wants to be a clown but that's -- me. It's the wherever it is -- -- -- -- the week it's it must be crowned with the club to walk us troops to get his party's. Need A Jan. -- -- -- And good morning. -- Years ago. Didn't Seattle. You're talking at a sore and I -- I -- like grabbed a little eight years -- merit to ground and there. And dead where that cash register an academic honor and our media. Art and make her fate natural NG trader startled she. Ask her manager her at the organic and -- and you bet she did start shaking her. They sure as her eyes started a liar and senator Lugar said OK I -- -- the site and key right Eric -- -- -- that's your current. And editor. Mania. Asia that grounder in Nevada -- met today at the unleashed another step on top of that situation yet. And then brought the outback to finish term mania and I actually I can't chicken citizens she. Couldn't even -- She was crying. Start lottery. To read it sounds of the -- a little excited at top. Now. Little Clarence I don't get how you get to that point where you're just it's almost an anxiety thing to have that Jim did you feel like she was an attention nor. No yeah so it -- it just. Playing a little. Can't really nice you know agreed to be -- I got it there and then all of sudden just that. Which slipped and she can function. Because I'll tell you I am asking my silence and allergy west village did not -- the son of the special table -- Expected -- -- Yeah he's he's wishing -- big -- now urging a little it's able. A Nazi about five running a store -- I'm hiring people announced it's selling clowns I think they have to ask that question are you afraid of clowns. Yeah did exactly that might be an eight. Well thanks to me it's -- But yeah. I didn't think it here grounds. Outside of that as well we looked around if you will. Figuring out yeah I am and general talked about -- from -- -- by five inch clamps. -- -- Cannot let your house that at that lets you shoot itself. He's gotten it's everywhere that I don't thanks -- -- January. I have convention in Union Station. Right now we need to music and ended in a little color and brightness Dartmouth and innocent or. Yeah that's closing in around convention going on at Union Station all week long. Stay away and go down there -- -- -- doesn't appear clowns you drop them off down there just couldn't get over. Or is it. I forgot about something but remember I said. I would be afraid of -- because there just creepy people bright for me because who's the guided dresses up -- -- -- make -- -- your creepy yeah. And then I remembered something. Did you see FaceBook over the -- and no did you see our little guy over there with eyeliner I'm in special hat. He is surely knew he dressed up like like Renaissance man yeah. What was that all about. ID be pirates when I go to the end there and just do -- the Renaissance young and the dressed up or high. Stop war and I was in a constant you have to Wear make up when you're in a costume that's part of being in cost. I didn't realize people just have to go they I don't a lot of no. -- -- -- -- -- -- Actually -- -- that are there know -- yeah I hate to bean farmers now that people don't just dressed up the justices did the Renaissance yes that. Lots he's at the island and I'm one of government that is boom boom. More and say yeah I had several to choose from -- with the pirate on purpose. Has yet to Wear eyeliner. Eyeliner -- only -- Any chancellor island OK let's just talk about this the men that are creeping in life people dressed up as clowns. And less of those pirates together Renaissance a little -- Seriously your wife must be proud of you -- her -- was also looked decent solid guys and -- peasant dress and that she had made herself I mean. -- -- -- -- Yeah. And I -- you it's like you know they had that -- -- thing worried by the ducks in the open in the river and you know you pay money for that yeah. Goal to deceive the -- Grayson presently in the you know. They had that vote and the Iraqi People think that it. Contains eight. -- mornings on -- 1059.