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BJ & Jamie - Golfer knocks diamond of a woman's ring. (8/4)

Aug 4, 2014|

It was a one in a million shot!


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On Alice did you see it live yesterday when the woman got hit with a golf ball. Well did you see it where you want to call yesterday. But I like to think -- do you does that -- I was Linda on the most beautiful day every Sunday afternoon where you sitting around watching golf -- like big golf tournament yeah. Amazingly beautiful yesterday not -- me and I told the free -- and you were not doing the environment. -- want to -- why you weren't not only got quite an ironing and -- that's an iron. I was doing an Iron Man. Yesterday during the golf tournament the PGA tournament to big. Sergio this guy that's leading the whole thing he tees -- he hits the ball 300 something yards. And it hits a -- and on the rain not certain diamond out this is -- -- -- like a four carat diamond -- big diamond yet the big -- and golf ball hit her and yes on the fly it didn't bounce off something -- the on the fly hitter on the hand that had to hurt. Yeah my guess and it knocked her big old -- Kennard diamond was in case you already ended the -- setting on the yeah. On her finger in the ball hit her on that finger hit the diamond and not get out into the grass area. And that's -- -- loose diamond it's just a loose diamond in the show on TV they showed a picture of her setting. And you could seasonable day. Wrong things and hold diamond -- there completely anti. Yeah look around for the diamond here's the audio from the golf turn it. Yesterday -- Great bird vs Rory. This flag. That's serious and if that's book. Sergio T -- essentially that I had a lady on her finger on the moment these diamonds are only blue now we find the ball. But not the diamond -- This could be the most expensive tee shot of all time now -- Big diamond in the rough yeah. Men. Diet and their routes. -- that. I've done golf come and gone -- and commentators in Miami clowns -- your group. Soundly at diamond in the rough and oh come on me. Those guys again they're just -- did. Any country would it -- or -- is Rory. This flag. That's serious and if -- book. Sergio was two shots essentially that I had a lady on your finger on the moment of the diamond are -- -- -- yeah. But not the diamond even. This could be the most expensive tee shot of all time how rough. Diamond in their the diamond in the rough and -- I walk all -- to -- rough my god there. -- went over the lady they might team so you could hear what was going on he went over and they started looking for the rainy. It's so everybody's out looking for this -- another. And her ring that would be easier to find looking for a -- -- yet. Yet which is our debt -- they don't find at this point right so Sergio tells -- the easiest guy to get her information that will take care of so he was going to buy her a replacement I would have told him it was like ten care absolutely. Right. Yes it was flawless and didn't guarantee -- Many which can afford that you know no big deal -- so he's gonna buy airtime -- well about fifteen minutes later some dude steps on it finds it. They find the -- He must -- looking toward -- -- -- Andrea Phillips. When -- they said he stepped on him. It hit that I don't know I'm just watching the nasty scene they show us some guy holding a dubbed big diamond actually like four carriages of holding it between his fingers one. -- You know I would have been embarrassing if it was -- and she -- mistaken in my eyes look important -- -- an -- -- and I -- -- well they mentioned that. The goal for the announcers yeah Google will let you visit Cuba particularly you know and woods Sergio would never know a new buyer real died and they is on the hook for real diamond on this night. Even if it's -- she's still got a buyer real diamond at this point again is the thing is is like they make those CD's so good now -- beginning Mattel -- in front of parliament. How embarrassing is that it's like -- and it lasted and. Nobody no interviews and she's hoping they don't find it at that point -- it's fake diamond because he's gonna buy her real diamond nobody's gonna know right. Well and also you don't -- tell and Betty and TV it's like I mean it's true go ahead intelligent you like. I think I'd memorize and I don't report he's got a real and I've been forever nobody is teleport -- -- okay -- okay I'll never miss it. This looks better without getting into it I love this -- -- that is we heard -- Yeah. I mean that this ball -- 300 yards she has no idea that it's coming her way -- -- staying there and I am it hits it right on the fingers or had not broken. We feel like right that Dimon saved your finger. My -- team that diamond save her finger on broken her -- -- why does Ayman. -- -- with the black. -- -- -- -- Robert how you watch the here's what I don't get what he's out items commentator having our watch that -- I like to what you because -- what's -- -- reasonable okay that's up from for the commentators. -- expire because people doesn't -- keen to hear you anyway. Well and when I just talk normal. And then if I was down there you know get me hit a body I. Am going to. I would will be back credit that he would. Harm or vs Rory with the -- -- -- series and if grant's book he changed weekday mornings on Dallas 1059.