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BJ & Jamie - FurCon #2 (8/7)

Aug 7, 2014|

Sean is going to FurCon and he is looking for someone to join him.. You won't believe who calls in!


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-- eight weekday mornings on Dallas 105. All right -- line is this weekend it's the big bird convention at the marry gotten -- he's going he and his wife he says -- not Pristina but I'm sure you document to a. Allowed Jessup at -- got to always accused and on conforming command somebody -- with a hole I got some accessories yeah. Every -- on the planet for you does it air bag be able I don't assume you. Bit you know prior to that -- on that doesn't work though I I think suits that he is is not for con yet. Material you may. Ask that they sell over it. It's the best thing Jean meet at that point yeah -- Selena and knows how to -- like nobody's business yeah he's he's a wily coyote. Oh my -- you. Hit everything so let's use that showed get this guy and am now -- no no no I'm not saying. And then I'm just saying -- you're thinking that he's got all these costumes it's not a costume party itself first conviction you've got to be furry. It -- -- Brothers has a -- outfitting you burn that bridge he can't run there in the give you won't take back the priest uniforms borrow perhaps. It borrowed chicken. Little giant -- That's why I say with the. That would be lost -- if you would like to be there you gotta be a nice couple him you know he's going. If you're swingers. Is -- when -- different -- tells the true. If you are asked if your swing your -- months looking for a nice couple to go along defer on this weekend he's got a couple of extra tickets so we have to take its and you go to that what is -- to -- it's Mary and -- afternoon and that you can who publish are -- him you need to be open minded swingers. Right now what -- each and -- solicit for -- holds and I. -- holed up in just a casual go to the party I said we were solicit them for no -- it. I thought that's what he secretly building and we keep -- what -- -- that. Because -- -- -- and. -- -- let us who should we -- in person to just saying appears when -- -- mean you have to do it but you're implying. He can't gallantry -- make -- lumberjack but if you would like to go -- card he'll take caller 21. That would take -- do I don't think you're gonna get 21. That's this action she could give us his take caller to the. Yeah I know you're gonna have a lot of swingers Illinois -- I don't. We're about what -- -- they'll cut color to today and I think he usually I don't know how this little thing worked. But don't you like -- and no 11. That works on whether -- -- first uniforms so you don't really care that's yes it's all about you know look -- -- the ticket well look at this. Not one person's -- didn't. Three what they do -- real degree attempted to. 5423 you've got a couple tickets to go to the convention yes I do not only a couple of conventional and for a nice couple chart on the screen he's also -- yeah. I don't I don't karaoke. I didn't karaoke night is that an area is -- -- there's one call our opponent maybe is worried that aren't hi who's this. -- -- hi April. Allow are you into the first convention a little bit. Early DM costume. I'm not yet no idea where it is she married could be fighting you're the man. Yes you know that's required. And you guys you know. Experiment. Corn. Crops. -- However if you -- this -- that back. All I plan really. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Why not. Let furry -- for young Mario I don't know how weird it's -- -- Yeah he says weird yeah -- life didn't -- yeah it's. The well we have a blood yet because she owns the final judge yourself hang on just the second Lincoln's legacy of these days they would yeah. Not. Curious moment. And you're at it. I'm making myself creeped out. It's so so do you have a million. And you guys are -- to dress up in some -- assuming go to the for content with -- Well it's best and that way you don't see their faces -- it's and I had no idea. The. -- good -- and yeah. Yeah. Yeah who's -- agents and that's our Jason. I the end what's up. I wanted to win the tickets bought it for a time. He is as well as John does isn't good enough hole with the -- it's do you have your perk costume. You don't. You realize. Why things went by Jason I think your winner Chris how has been owners. And. That -- California. I'll write. It down -- I get it back out on it -- somewhat aren't the greatest thing ever. Greatest thing in math and Jones and love you I think I. Literally paying attention. Yes and it's just a -- delegates who did her job and hit a -- what do you think that there. I'm still a lot of calls got to come in. A -- Jason -- like the guy in the. Got a costume got a wife knew instantly zoom on -- -- apple. That he -- you guys have fun yeah. It's weird. The -- his life not live for. -- -- Money. Is apples and you. Scared about what -- and all of political a couple of times I did the did it. Certainly don't have anybody else who shot -- didn't -- Wow out front this. Young boy. It's a PGA -- we see. It's 1 --