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BJ & Jamie - The shoplifting News Anchor-UPDATE! (8/7)

Aug 7, 2014|

We got an update on the Fox News Anchor who was busted shoplifting.


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-- We were just doing a story a couple of days ago and now we have an update on the story. Where this lady was caught shoplifting not just some lady it's an anchor. Take it she's an Emmy award winning news anchor. And and she was shoplifting coach purses and she's on the Fox Network in Sacramento California very highly rated. Very popular lady. And I guess she just fell in with some mess that is a boyfriend who this is what is said that he was her fiance and that he had prior and to this. Been charged -- like arson and -- Making them the whenever and shoplifting and then she fell in love with him. This brilliant thinker who is Emmy award winning she Fallon the public and -- She became him she fell into whose footsteps -- if she basically went along with -- -- yeah it was just a reported we have does nothing to lose your Monday. And the lady was caught inside of a store she was shoplifting wallets was when -- -- and a coach store at a coach still war. And they founder would like seven wallets. This year -- and his -- tucked away at it and how she got busted was they didn't really easier to sneak it while its biggest new issue. They sit there eighty is this so -- talks to -- First paper that. My question about the whole thing -- because it's so weird it's so strange and she's all put together and -- you know they showed prior -- News cast and she's got back together Smart girl with a great career right. Here's my my right so let's say you're dating some. What is the most. -- -- what's the most extreme thing that you would be except an. That makes sense like. She's been married -- says this many times all our year I seem I -- you know shoplift did in. Maybe there was an arson and -- in Atlantic now. The maybe she's gone into the pokey couple times OK she's been incarcerated and two different nations -- -- letting go but like what's your what's your like. Cutoff point what is it like him. Child abuse or Japan and the bad maybe. I I think there's a lot of things would be much cut off I -- have a problem would lease out -- residents and I mean she key moments and people who look like. When I was able to take they had no idea I grabbed this it's nice isn't it nice we like. And. Do that. Because my it would do that my -- is. Gastric bypass. American gastric bypass that's my -- yeah. Because -- -- that I'll tell you because my sister had gastric bypass right she was cut world. No no I'm dating her and she let go to signal talk to work you know. It misses the point is she had it done and I watched it when it doesn't have a block and then she was able to gain weight back. Can she can stretch her stomach so much faith. Here is is abuse -- guys had gastric bypass he can become morbidly obese again. Need to have that and that is the strangest answer no it's not who we're talking about shoplifting in -- and -- In child abuse of my children prisoner why you gonna feel it. What to cut up what is yours is gastric bypass it what what is -- that -- -- that some that you're dating and I group deal breaker Lancaster I. Yours is the. Dollars in child to be on Saturdays right now on meth I don't mind -- it would have. We're just kind of I just cannot do you police gastric bypass surgery in Houston that morbidly obese and you like Goldman. I would or just the way -- do -- that you didn't turn -- you do now eighteen just her. OK if I had just met somebody and they were were but somebody that I got a long way that I found attractive -- wanted to date and blah blah -- we go out a few times and then they reveal to me oh by the way a few years ago I had gastric bypass that wouldn't be a deal breaker too soon and would John -- now nobody you don't now now not. Well they did it for help three's yeah that's that's like by habit I had bypass got to stand in my heart is like better talent than -- -- that you can help. It dead mice are too so I'm not you have watched -- stretch -- -- stomach again. And they become really assessment to it in the air wacky. So -- -- like on the deal at that fatty. Yeah and he absolutely is making is just if it. Different he got to take that back for example picked back. For example that so I I'm connected to more than you -- -- I am -- connected to thank -- and I didn't said he should. I know fatty fatty. -- this week when he -- -- anyway that's one and then when you find out. Your boyfriend hair club for men. DM yeah thing when that stranger you know you got a real thing with me award to. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Don't know but this is the. It just because we -- -- here to look for women had probably have to rethink that you're looking through her like you know her college pictures now that's 7000 -- ball you're like a good time. You are your -- what you're saying -- let's find out that their boyfriend had hair club for men and break up with them right there -- It. Yeah so there is -- -- murdered at all everybody's really cute and haven't had captured by. This is fine it's fine. This dog to -- and that's why is not there this. And Ares I expect it yeah that that and a hard drive. -- -- He -- eight weekday mornings on Dallas 1059.