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BJ & Jamie - Lady Gaga altitude sickness. (8/7)

Aug 7, 2014|

We found audio of Lady Gaga out of breath at her show in Denver.


Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Everybody's -- about it -- Lady -- got altitude sickness when it's so we're kind of known for guests here in dollar Anatolia it's a real thing so TMC is just -- released that audio from the concert last night you know we gave way to get. You're the best seasons and did. But DMZ they just broke this they just now have the audio from the content and while this actually happened right here in Denver last night them. But now that album Latin. You can tell she's having problems right yeah. Yeah. That was all fictionalized. That was awful idol or Lady Gaga she's getting out of breath but he put that -- -- -- heed that you should put where cookbooks. -- -- Critique he did a fantastic job you did it in two minute new. And think it's fabulous. It's and quality. Of that album and yeah. This good guy in front row having an asthma attack or something. -- -- -- -- -- -- Yeah that's it that's it team VC they they use it -- so you -- to show last night yell at you and you recorded deaths. It's hung up front row yeah I know I really do about getting that they might play. Glad now that. Mack and. Three day. It is Jonathan huh. Look for ideally actually after. -- actual -- Lady Gaga. -- changing weekday mornings on Dallas 105 behind.