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BJ & Jamie - Woman in love can be crazy. (8/12)

Aug 12, 2014|

A woman runs on the runway trying to stop a plane she thought her husband was on with another woman.


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-- and women in there are black women in loan -- our site count. I tried to our passion so I don't want what I let you decide how I'm I haven't done anything lately so I know it can be done about me. A leading Canada runs down onto the tarmac. To try to stop an airplane because she thinks you're cheating husbands on the air fight one another and. I have to tell you I saw this yesterday I thought about me -- so that's a -- -- just. A minute there's not being -- played. Ask your airplane she jumps of fence what stops. Playing. And it. -- ex husband. And I want my baby back baby back baby back alma may be bank. She gets she scale of things. She got onto the tarmac and she'd tried and stop playing and she not realize that those. Adam had become turbine engine whatever jet engines so Q -- do you think you helped. Unfortunately security saw her and grabbed her before she get underneath the plane I'm sure she was gonna lay down under the wheels is that what you -- -- I don't know important how. I don't but if you're gonna jumbled batsman who knows what you gonna do -- point is yesterday I didn't really know what her motive was it said that she just wanted to -- husband because he was on a plane yet but then it came out that she was -- was -- fair. She either thought there's two different stories she either thought that he was on the flight with a woman. That he was going off for little rendezvous with -- or that another source said that he was going out of town to meet a woman. They she'd caught him cheating and that she knew that he was headed out see this woman -- you want to stop them I don't know which ones corrective under the same actually. What I did here is that she was trying to stop the wrong plain cheap beer at the -- It turns out that he wasn't even on that and. I'll tell you why women go crazy why ladies why do you do it because you guys have no soul. No soul yet know if you have no sense. Sorrow or. Were dragged lower sensitivity. Or -- even just wanna get to Haiti. -- that makes you jump on offense and try to stop an airplane and your body because -- who kicking. It gives you can't even have him. This person has no. -- -- the tournament -- no heart no. I didn't menthol and loved to. And compassion. And -- and love to. Men get cheated on just like women get cheated on -- guarantees that there is no mayhem in this world there's gonna jump a fence and laid out in front of an airplane. To try to stop the airplanes. That's because of female guilt -- we only have guilt to a flee crashing like a little bug in the -- -- Checked the we'll tell you got to come out with about it. Who would try to how do you tell you it's not you it's me -- my actions I love you you know we try to fix it making good but you. -- -- who you don't think there's a -- what it's well. What I did well and and any skill on them they did go in and still hasn't been an infant and the ladies and what -- Did you see that commercial I don't ever that commercial where that one woman -- man rides off on his horse many he gets knocked off by the end or whatever the heck yeah. Besides. The X I'm a loner. Sometimes loner is just got to be alone and just devastated. Familiarize confident hits that size and they get a Geico commercial -- -- -- -- -- -- but I hope I'm a loner I gotta be alone in the. That's that's really no reason to do as we sit here and would like. You say you love me -- bubble and when you have no compassion. I mean remember when I found out that my eight ex fiance would step and a neighbor -- and then my son told me he's like. To go swimming in Kelly's -- -- and look at my fiance and my what in the dots that we may. The answer. Don't start with me. And don't start in the paint or my little goodness -- is imminent that girl well. It should be. Yeah. It's that it. Yeah he's cool. Rallied eleven as she -- -- -- police got -- Nancy it's great for the kids will my son loves her and loved the neighbors who need that again. It happened apparently she'd like -- she liked my car that work. If you have no I mean sure I could see you -- offense and stopping playing. If I thought -- woman was on that play with -- another man. What is the cold is that you remember you've ever been to -- The coldest cold. Just well. I do it's typical guy thing just clam up ray yeah. Trauma I -- like I don't know I don't know like I know what you're talking about women of the act that was my answer I I don't know what you're talking about you crazy you're crazy there. Yeah you know I'm not doing this your crazy you know I mean -- c'mon man. Think about it think about how cycle how crazy your being right now. I know you guys say that you know two over and over again that told the girl you know let it I had stunning light Hugh. And he gave her -- doesn't dead roses. -- -- -- I don't have that kind of heart -- -- you know I'd rather just like I'm Dogg right he had yet I mean I don't have a vindictive personality we'll start with me the ball. -- -- give somebody a dozen dead roses yeah I don't even like you know how many calls -- we had before where where guys actually just flat out said. It's because you gain weight your fat. Remember those. Crew that's the and it's not nice at all I'm leaving you because your fact I can't think of any anger that I could come to. Where I would look somebody in the eye and say hey it's because you're too fat. I mean net debt that goes beyond. -- just dishes. Although I did come my husband adore points. And -- -- the -- his man ever been around in my life can you put away your sweater matched. If your husband's a dish him 3032225423. Does this really mean things studio 2030322. Malice but 3032225423. If you wanted edit. Even changing name if you want to write yeah -- I think even Venus is the fat one. Heard that several times on the show up at the end somebody said that to me once and really did and that -- -- -- -- -- now let him what do you Allen of customers 71 kind of forgot Lou yeah. The what do you know. Oh yeah. I know story did you let it. I'm not telling you know you don't know because I'm gonna get in trouble you won't get to that if he'd just keep it and it and you know don't see any name you can tell me. No. Not because it just it no no no no no it's it's going to be trouble no I don't remember. You don't remember but I remember a certain story. Hello hi is it this is what where I told him that the -- seeing is that we sit back -- -- -- back. Well thanks a profit yeah. So how do you get those stories on yet elegant and I'd like that anger is it is how. How this series -- back of picture of me like we're glad it's technology that's all 8000 us and yeah does. Yeah well that is brutal and then suddenly -- attractive that I and a. I -- think that it's because he was just so boldly he -- and -- -- have an affair. I only want you anymore our marriages over and get on a jet plane and to see this chicken and see you later -- Investments isn't she game. -- -- She went crazy the lady shut the security fence and Halifax the infield international airport which we that was a big big airplay remove. And she was caught after jumping the fence but she was headed out on the tarmac to stop the plane. Turns out his. Or husband wasn't even on the plane. I told you like that this thing is maddening about all of that is when you I'll tell us and you admitted it when you tell us that we're crazy we don't. Know what we're talking about and so that we have to -- the bushes. You have to do is how do you have a -- to prove your point. -- -- you have to -- the bush usually otherwise you feel crazy did you as a -- you're crazy and you know you're not praises and after I published as. And then you're like oh my god there's a girl and I'm not crazy yeah yeah. I am in the bushes I am in the bush and the -- That. Yes it's learning. I am bringing my English I. I married him and -- -- and I had gotten very sick and I had parents -- very year a large amount right all right. That's chick Karen. And Brittany -- -- about that aspect has Arab. Why -- and anti ear and he never touched me and I said. It still heart is -- what you're looking into. Oh my god Obama. And yeah I'm. And scout -- I have lots all the way back during an actor and then he got it hit it. Aren't so. Aren't always yeah. Classical way -- -- a bunch of weight not all big and heavy they choose it if you were sick yet you were sick and he said. Have you look at yourself lately that's why I'm not trust you for -- I'd rather watch warned. You know about the at the time -- then after a lot of the ways they. I -- that's actually not to care -- And and I can be Catholic order and you know I don't like every. We may be months. I have actually seen. You guys that there are still the only. We aren't together very little Gerald Gerald -- -- -- are -- to ten. Question. Wait till we -- to believe in this addicted to porn. I really don't believe what -- -- you don't believe what you think counseling or whatever I kind of like a rehab from -- I don't but I know he's got killed counseling reporting skills and because he's not touching his wife right. And it's really are and actually you know Jamie I never understood it either. Way error there's a lot of Arab restarts it's come out yet. Actually like ER. It gains. Right. Whatever bag we intend terror alert that game they have now regaining its stake. Rewire it. Your your brains behind and you why it's kind of a certain move -- markets Christine Christine onlookers who can't allow. Litany you're reading too much -- -- -- -- tell let me start with the Xbox and those like car on an alien is the real thing. There aren't saying that there are okay how they started doing Eddie now. Finding out that it that it could be a problem -- split that it was eight kids that are have you know and just play the Xbox. And I -- and your husband was your husband Xbox later. -- a whole theory meaning Harry get -- you get it. You you're talking about the study itself far your your husband is -- back now you guys are together decent therapies and they're good for the porn. Is are you when he touching each other you. Aaron there. Hey yeah thank -- is elected I would lie and you know. And that he expects you to be like those girls on that those sites. Yeah. I know he he he -- then and that he didn't understand it that it is actually an and that way. You know day -- that -- you know there's no way and much you have a thousand dollars and can get. -- surgery that you can move you can look like. Like those. Would do that yeah that occurred the fact you feel so insecure about you know how you look because he's islands a. Yet he missed a he's gonna do he's got you where you would think in this. He's got I would view that -- doesn't care and respect he had all interstate and then. Well I think you know and I am who I mean we're Kerry Lugar. It's helped my job here leave no -- it. Get packed solid and I EI. It. I can -- it just said yeah I. I had is how all the competition called them up in the you know. They're really bad. It is still. There are back. -- -- And since I have. Well I never even thought about it it because I'm like how nice their patent just has to me computers at their desk right. And -- and in -- can you know get stimulated that seems so weird like sitting at a desk and then they go shines like a laptop. They only rumor is that I'm -- -- though I don't get double -- -- I don't know I don't I don't buy. I'm not flat top leader met all of right -- -- that's just an excuse in my opinion I don't see how you get addicted. To it. It that doesn't make I guess if you play the Xbox should be -- yeah I am and get that when at all. I think it's completely a choice band. Here's what I do know I think that like when I had an affair you can be addicted to the rush of the affair and sneak it around and all that stuff I mean I'd. And it really got addicted to that part because it was just bad and it was fun because it was. Ads -- bad right so maybe that's for the addiction is like to do rush is just so -- Or maybe I gotta keep watches -- not the. PGA and -- Weekend mornings on -- one Obama.