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BJ & Jamie - Manning Brothers new Rap song. (8/12)

Aug 12, 2014|

Peyton Elli have a new rap song... Fantasy football fantasy.


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-- -- -- -- and I noticed that that they're bad rappers are today. And and can not see it without the video is just Harden wasn't due to launch. As Dallas the Manning Brothers are back with another fantasy -- Fun they are though I have to -- I'd give that -- -- -- -- fund guys. Yeah not like a mushroom. We have but I don't know if I think this was better than last and the last -- so much I don't know I guess it caught us off guard. And now for the second time around it's kind of like doing a sequel. This I was aren't aren't good you know the original yeah the -- original. Could you play that for you opened the original and it was catch here was yeah it was something football a month -- -- even start. Yeah. That's so much better it really -- Yeah. So yes bedroom and -- And long. Half and half a that are the Manning Brothers they're back again. -- you gonna play Tennessee the ball well. Wales I don't think so -- -- man because got burned last time what's that what would like college or content in a series but Mary for the ball now because. You know last time all the stuff fallout happened I finished well you know -- did great in the league and and it didn't get my money because some kid fell off the stool and I don't know the whole story and before. It just gave me until well just just don't play with whacked out people yeah. People in our. No I play -- I know. No but people you're associated with -- I don't know you're part of the problem is I don't know these people on those there XOK. I don't know them. I was an election. Who don't play with them Jamie's boyfriend talked me into playing affairs for polling last year you know and grand prize like I don't know he went for 500 dollars something. I think at finishing second when a hundred bucks you get your money back basically. I saw several hundred dollars and never. -- It's not my fault or -- -- Hokies thought that the guy -- run in the league didn't pay you do your damn money it's not our fault it's your fault because you took -- can't somewhere does get salad they -- -- -- So he said BJ gonna get his -- because you just get -- -- that these people are in. How does that work how. His kids fall and BJ doesn't get it I England talk about these -- because there's so much. Seriously I'm not getting him this time no you ask me if I'm gonna play in the period only slightly normal people how he played with somebody that runs it it's not shifts. You know. -- there's always cost money or is it three. Well I don't play for free oh I mean it's a hassle the engine -- people that hour -- have all their brain function. That there is these people don't have the brain functioning in the very beginning when I paid out more money to play in the very football league. Nobody told me I even know these people don't I don't know them I don't want to know -- I don't associate with them I don't have anything to do with them. They're not allowed around my house in my house that he did not mean anything to them I apologize but as -- on. There was. A hundred bucks burned on the very football Lee has now I'm sure they're a hundred dollars richer in their very happy with your money. I'm sure. You just need to call. I don't know even in the paint I don't know -- they -- nobody. Seems to know. -- not exist if it really does Kelly it's all -- varied interest. But -- certificates whole thing. A person could exist it's just a big racquet we try and it was a rat pack. I -- and I get involved in some kind of a -- -- are you glad I I had apologies. I am going on they collegial that you have a boyfriend yeah they're bored pretty yours at Apollo he -- a -- -- I'm telling you can't just given that but yeah that's really dig as you know -- -- -- and this I'm gonna do I'm screwed over BJ watch the action. They don't -- -- Peyton Manning and see if his plea set up for grabs this year I'm sure it. Isn't there a way. And different. -- What -- your talking about. I don't locally I've never done one and broken -- and I am at I don't think you could start a -- could just mean you. Don't we -- -- really to -- -- I can tell -- are gonna be just me and you against each other for not. Well -- -- a legal thought and four dollars. And I started I don't I'll need it all thing and then -- this -- scandal like last year they're ESPN channel just dedicated your ex. Yet I saw the whole -- yeah yeah. Let me just -- go to bars and April draft parties in UT is CN fuel and I going to a draft party just beat me -- -- yen. We're sitting or keep your picture ought to look at -- European because joining your kid what's his idea you know and don't you take what's that idea yeah I got -- explain the position yeah -- The economy you two are your only friend. You haven't I know you're -- can be a part of it we yeah girls and then -- third person when and wherever we can -- Whenever we do you reckon won't go through for me again and there. Athlete who cheated. On all out of. That's very football I like -- couples league. Through thick and thin will muddle it took to -- is village is the best. So sweet that you two are like best buddies and only bodies. The ferry football for insanity if you don't hear enough for me -- Who shot. -- -- -- They mornings on -- 1059.