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BJ & Jamie - She cave was robbed, it was all fake! (8/18)

Aug 18, 2014|

The former Miss Texas had her own She Cave worth millions... it was robbed and now turns out all the items may be fakes.


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Three. All right Jamie I gotta get -- sort of -- is a fun story yeah. Two story that we had a couple weeks ago and I think you're gonna love this OK art remember the lady with the -- -- Oh the woman with a closet that was amazing things in that closet that was worth like that a million dollars and net. That was three stories -- -- spiral staircase he. Mean everything was. Gallon leg like was not every -- she owned was on. Blame everything on display even her watches and everything else I mean if I'm not mistaken it was either two or three stories. Yes I said -- you can go up and down from each level -- CNN's lessen the staircase brilliant cocaine the quality okay see you remember the story and in fact her she -- was so awesome. They she was featured unlike. ABC's good morning Miss America America this morning or whatever it's called break and then NASA they broke in -- and then oh yeah feet. Broke here and now her goods inside the place were worth like five million dollars Wright -- than just a setup alone was a million. But then all the items in their alike five million while feet saw her on TV broke into our house and stole a million dollars in merchandise and each of those -- combatants like twenty grand here. And then the watch is he stole some rollodexes and they say at least a million could have been more right. Whales or something embarrassing as happened blacked. The person who broke into the home back on August 2 then to the net long. August 2 stole the items and she gave came out. Over the weekend and contacted Houston newspaper that's swisher moves against a he turned to resell all the items and they're all. -- Old my. I mean are you freaking kidding me. A lady is fighting in defending herself say no they're not God's sake. He told the newspapers he goes I'm going to be disclosed -- for what it really is he went out to try to resell some of the self. And it turns out their -- all the burden. Bags and Rolex is everything. And everything every all that gluttony that she displayed on Good Morning America you know. Was fake. IE nobody. Lead apostle my guys do what he can. Show you this little boy is this kidney was DN disguised when he went to the newspaper curb I think he wrote him a letter. Oh -- but he's. Contacted the local labor to complain that the million dollars in jewels and designer goods stolen a whole mind are. They should say no they weren't. A little more thank you I Allen missed a fewer thank god but some of them know they're real they're real he says and Greece begin PC -- It was fake instead they're all worthless worthless and -- let alone that's what you said she's like. It's been really -- That's still do it justice. That means then that that's not true and she just she and she just the other items. Oh and then he just probably does want to thank. I've got other items mixed after the -- stuff from our gas collection. I'm okay I'm -- I'm. Now that the add this feed is saying that he wants 500000 dollars. Because he went through such hard work to get I'll let. Silly season the -- embodied. Oh wait a minute if you have both the -- what look at the bags or those the American bar him back I don't know anything about these coach Byrd in what I cook much. Our -- -- inexpensive no. I think there -- center they're linking Kabul under bugs seems -- 25000. Dollar bags. I don't know the difference excuse me I'm sorry what this is our coaches to me is willing to move Byrd is eighty. Are you are I know Rolex those can be you know -- compared -- -- -- But it added that it. Yeah they took her swatches that are publicly. If you -- -- the bags it Cheney's talking about in the Rolex Watches -- -- displayed in the way this woman has them on display I -- each bag -- watch is its own cubicle with actual light shining on it I mean it looks like something out about such a high in -- but this is in Iraq. That's where clause in his and then she's on Good Morning America showing off her she came. And then it turns out that is sold fake now first -- mall with what -- -- If you have that. You haven't -- collection. And he stand a good target collection mixed day. You ask. Nice and prove that is so. Oh my god yeah all. Right do you Bolivia all eyes now. Hewitt on Good Morning America boasting about all this stuff. You know the only thing I can think is it may need somebody's pulling a prank and and it's really you know real but all my -- -- is an embarrassing errors. So as a socialite is an embarrassing brawl he's. In the neighborhood. Girl -- -- -- spot either that either that or think about it this way what he knew she's bought this stuff. It was real and she has gotten do well that's the other thing I was thing and I mean she might have a buyer. You know or a stylus or -- -- doesn't cry heard the stuff and she's paid out and stake in fake it -- paint the actual money amount but it turns out the merchandise they didn't have a few mayor John Maine. Many they were also in cellulose and. There is suing one it Charlie sheen's bunny yeah is the Rolex dealer. A bunch of those Rolex is worth paying you're actually around marijuana millions man I need to order beautifully they -- -- -- really. And then there -- only like her blog I'd love to have and you get you want. We we know what it would I just can't be around you with or why now. I -- around -- you know. Because -- gonna start like thinking and -- like to think -- Musharraf NIC we could put our zone and just need -- but the mirage and over back over there nobody's gonna know me now. Well I think right. Now the buds know the first thing I look at isn't it -- served a day yet and I'm not gonna run a rental places here you guys I know like -- because people are gonna help pay me -- -- -- -- down to you know some ice ball hard. You know win -- -- Rolex on I'm gonna look swanky right exactly the noodles irony and they're going to be like love. I think you're the highs circle we is that you're you're sitting here this morning -- this is a high circle that Sean and I will ever be at exactly that's what he called the. -- telling just dumped into who's gonna show me and say I but so here we go well yeah I know is doing you know it's real because remember we stopped by a guy here. Think if memory and he told me that my medalists -- he -- precious ASE finishing at least -- out who -- who we think you can. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- That's hear him use his middle of the morning this is -- handsome man. CN this is astronauts stuff dad -- she's got -- astronaut medal yeah I told us flat out he's got he's I was there. And and I would have to talk to him because I always thought you thought this was fake. So I mostly went up to that -- guide because I wanted you to know what you think that I thought it was fake it. -- really has a real good hitter. These -- those who don't have a realized. Did you ask too easy to get a knock -- guy. I never thought it was but you're the kind of person that you could have either real or fake -- I can see this olympiad -- players because he ASEAN. That's OK JP TP go either way I am more -- no -- he says I'm unsealed indictments yeah Clair square feet. And he'll leave that women are those real cold -- You can't you just get a really nice guy out he's amazing isn't it these are all things she keeps you guessing you know all I would guess the -- with -- all the diamonds. Three dollars and laughing myself play enough I'll let my Rolex Israel look at -- I have dream somebody pops you can't figure jewelry they would know -- okay -- Okay. That they select theories are worthless and that is the thing -- -- what didn't he says yes then you can pull off players and holes because you let alone. So if you have one expensive piece like whether ensuring gays marrying or watch or whatever. And I think I have to be fake. Because some. And it doesn't matter indicates that you already shown you can learn the good stuff and that's -- -- actually get Lisa a really good diamond I don't really huge. I. We come to this I -- not just helping you see this have to get there. I'm so I enormous he -- amazing diamond and then they intervened. All Scot free lesson you can pretty interesting numbers Christmas Valentine's Day -- east through all the time you get jewelry there. You'll be Scot free because things move Los Claire's and holes can you believe this woman -- yeah. Can you feel. Ops I mean I'm competing on Good Morning America -- and I'm now on the money later. They catch him. So rarely do any of us if that's a great story. A -- and make your day to find out the latest stuff is fake blood kinda did it doesn't doesn't it. I had about a mile she's a Good Morning America -- all the stuff that you know million dollar plus it's yeah. Look at my mind -- is look at -- bags look at my shoes look good -- I. You secretly happy and we Earl Woods he had he didn't when she got robbed we were happy yeah yeah and now to turn out that everything's gotten close its stake it. Each day and they mornings on Dallas 1059.