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BJ & Jamie - Man faked death to get out of relationship. (8/19)

Aug 19, 2014|

A story of a man who faked his own death in order to get out of the engagement.


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-- Jamie checked this headline out on American guy fakes his own death. To get out of marrying a 23 year old British girl. This is the saddest story I've ever heard and accept that Rory McIlroy -- story was really sad because you know then wedding invitations in the wedding dress and he just flat out called -- and paying. Where I get married but this guy is -- -- how words if he faked like he was. Rory McIlroy did it right it deep cold feet you know it's the running somebody's life and going through with the marriage when you know it's not going to work. And Roy -- -- they've -- you know what cuts. Which just isn't gonna work and so I got to play golf either eagle on your own tennis life and I'm gonna go play golf will see a later. And I did that it's definitely better than the incident Howard to call girl and what what are so years I guess her dad are his dad called her and said listen. No the boy call. Pretending to be the -- -- -- anyway and then listen. -- he's really really been depressed he's been really really really depressed and and I've been worried about a -- He jumped off the bridge when he's passed away with a single and a she absolutely believe then. Well moves closer. To eighty HM well I guess you say what -- drums umbrella car in the race that he -- Car crash dilate I think actually if we -- -- technical and down to the words that said they threw himself in front of the car. It did the idea this was his car accidents and whenever we can go on about that part. -- -- -- -- these days. All right so the parents obviously a good kid that made the phone called they don't know anything about it it's just this guy trying to get out of marrying this girl -- keep the mind she's a -- and he's in the US so there there are ways apart. So she picks up the phone. Also parents -- eventually. Test say else orange is that. Guy is asked fought with the terrible car accident. And I yeah the parents say hump and I and -- she said it was so. I mean here she is she loves him and she got engaged -- and so when you find out -- a mother and an adorable and Mary you know passes away anymore make -- might have it. But she took it to heart and she said she couldn't even -- she was in a fetal position she. Was just out of Burma and meet the demand that she loves his debt and you know we have to remember that -- Yeah believed it I mean can you imagine her emotions when she heard this phone call. About her fiance being killed Michael are exactly I mean she just said the -- -- needs -- man she loves and go to Mary she said I couldn't breathe that there was absolutely devastating now. Once she found out the truth are good about at the -- little lady the lady down has come out with a statement and talk and about it and I love it I think she calls eggs come back. Extra it's right -- here she is. I can say is that fifteen Google is going to be my wedding day. I mixed feelings about this this -- heartbroken and smoke there. Relieved. And so I really can't I'm not going to be married to -- -- kind of low -- them actually yeah. Thank you -- path and speed generally mean about mentally talent like about the way you can go about breaking up with me. I mean opportunity they had to break up with me and if he chooses to take it. Being used out and fighting and then ten going to be uncle who don't like I think I've got in the car crash like. He had Sonia -- and he's really frustrates me that I'm an open kind of person if you want to break up it's not my -- -- in his left in America. Silent -- all of my life not actually in America. Tumbled 4000 miles program in the country and I don't lie and lie about myself and I'm great -- without him. Well. Well all the supply you don't wanna marry some said they their death let me. You know you can't even be heartbroken about that -- anywhere -- oh my god I didn't know you you're a lunatic kinda shows he's a liar yeah right Qaeda. Kind of just a little bit to be faked his own death from here and give any reason why he didn't wanna get married elves and not really no no I never said -- He just he just wanted back out of it I guess you know any he'd gotten so -- and that he had to come up with something and he just couldn't bring it to himself to -- -- a break up -- which. Hello she's long distance she's ever looked at and I mean that's the easiest phone call to may not like she's you know down the street you're gonna see -- McDonald's every three days. Is that that that is a coward etc. I did -- -- I. Talk about -- high who has no. You don't. Cajon -- but the November spent fifteen. It is just so well worried by Dido and hurt her feelings and bad guys young guy -- it. I he wasn't thinking about it sons being dead. No acts that senator murder feelings with this -- -- -- -- emotionally that you -- I didn't call our. Well I think sometimes man thinks that women you know -- so much into a wedding in the whole thought of the wedding that that. I don't the devil killer tiebreak off the way I can see that go. I can see where you get so deep he gets so close to the wedding day but didn't you get cold feet but you just can't. He'll call the wedding you can't do it too much has been done to many people are expecting and -- you've got to meet expectations. So what you do as a caller Italian -- Well now I don't know if that's what's that he could -- it's like I could see where you can get so deep into it that you don't if you didn't wanna get married. You don't have the you know Watson call -- -- Just -- do you do you Merriam that even though you know it's not gonna last. I think that's the -- it's toward this guy is -- Dean Smith. Really and big dummy it really isn't she should be thankful that Savannah I know everybody is it -- -- Nobody is ever really thankful that they find out something so. You know especially that that's crazy idea. You have to look back and a hang on hit her husband not that you have alluded to race that's exactly what she says very. Today is a fifteen to grow best it was going to be my -- -- mixed feelings about -- still -- and smoke there. Relieved. I'm really -- I'm not going to be married to 200 low -- them back he's. Think his agenda and speak generally mean about it really talent like about the way you can go about breaking up with me I mean the opportunity they had to break up with me. And if he chooses to take it. Being his diet and fighting and and ten going to be argument look like unbeaten -- and -- Holy cow yeah they always day especially those heart -- and I -- -- everything happens for a reason you know hey you know we everything happens what about that woman hired to decide that. Found -- her husband was married like three other women. That's really the guy that there was some FaceBook yeah. Yeah aren't you glad you I got this crap once again another -- in another -- here's this guy be a big dummy this guy. Would not give his FaceBook password to his new wife right I think that's the story and he wouldn't give his a password Scioscia never cease FaceBook page that small you marry somebody that refuses to give your password FaceBook. Am -- marry a person. -- -- -- -- Yeah somebody and then to your dating in your engagement they say no no you you're not allowed to -- FaceBook page now. Yeah in a lot of they did they give me one minute seems to be one letter offering apparently you just put it in wrong. -- Stale and now. Stealth at an all out and talking about Adobe on his FaceBook page he had pictures of three other weddings he's dead. Does that. -- did dominate. And -- shows him standing walking down the I'll -- with three different women he's married for talent isn't that again listening to. I'm still haven't found out and yet it is it's too late. You can keep that it's not going forever in an area. I don't know I don't know how they do it I don't know life you know those -- double lives sitting. We are people have a family here in Colorado and the guy flies out on the weekends because he's job requires it he's really meeting another family and I don't hope. I don't get that at all I don't know how you do it. And maybe so strapped small and I can tell you one woman enough to hit. This -- marriage and -- -- now do you think just doesn't turn just sport in spite. You know we -- do you think he really loved Germany gotten a pickle or. Give unsure of who that person is is it. Sport or spite in like is just fine released in -- And don't have any clue -- words like I'll tell. You you know. I watch a lot of the crime investigations show you know that and I've -- a couple of things on their most of the time you had a situation like this -- a guy is married to three or four different women. He's taking financial and thought -- advantage of each and every woman. He's got credit cards in their names and he's using -- credit cards is not his name there it's and they are names and it's all financial just a rip people. -- we needed hello all sort. -- -- -- -- -- -- Darn right this PGA and -- it's weekend mornings on Dallas 1059.