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BJ & Jamie - Ice bucket challenge, is it a Scam? (8/19)

Aug 19, 2014|

Some people are not using Ice!!!!


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On Alice yeah I don't know just pat me on the back Jamie. Are -- -- a brilliant. It's me. I am a girl is that you he did I did. Yeah do you well you kinda gave me -- Lisa did the same thing now. He -- run that gave me that look like the relay BA's -- as -- anything else to -- prominent government and what are you talking about and I might -- I'm like well here's what's bothering me. This ice bucket challenge now I know that we're good call is great -- hail last embraced what seventeen million I mean me the boss and I had a conversation yesterday and he was telling me all these numbers are to new numbers but he was still telling me the number. Fifteen million raised went -- this time they only had one point seven million -- us -- that's all great it's all great from the notoriety for -- you know to fight a LS. Here's what I mentioned yesterday. There are people that are taking the ice -- challenge and they're posting it posted their video but they're not using -- thirteen ED. That's what he went off financing it that it was it was a little lower and passionate -- -- Yeah. And -- Zito didn't. And it's signed their night is nice -- And he was sometimes I get started don't like crusade didn't high item Barbara. I just -- to say it is -- I did I roll I. Was like you know and there's really is an under an ice because they're given to good guys that I like just ignored while they -- hate mr. cutting edge check this out Charlotte it's she yeah. Huge controversy really here has just -- -- car. Justin Bieber used in no ice looking actually did it twice he did that challenged rice -- network both times he never use the iPhone or. You clearly see the water easy -- and an -- he warmed up the water before -- get -- -- funds. I'm Doug and then I watched a couple of these ice water things on Friday on one of the news channels two people -- And I and I never saw one -- ice not want peace ice and either one bit. You. This is highly -- if -- This is an island. And in yesterday's all animate and I was like odd but yeah. Justin Bieber made it more interesting with his time difference. Answer it -- and is -- him on it and notably that it Justin Bieber. Took to work. And then he's got this water. Yeah AS -- it's no bigger than a hand he would cook a pot of beans and a popular San actually -- my. Yes it's it's supposed to be a bucket he used to paint is possibly one of the big like -- read cooler -- buckets right. Yeah he's got he's got a did you had to recruit really I do. -- -- Nothing -- and what's really -- Our view is what you've signed. Passion and like what you -- -- -- -- what what irritates you and you get this win tonight. It traded on it just seemed like. Eighty. And some of announced that energy into it. Is passionate and I had. Here's way out it was a. I see is as my civic duty and I get paid coming into radio show ranked. And it's money civic duty. To our audience to point out when I see a flaw in the system. And when I see people that are taking credit for things they aren't really dealing. You may be just interest news stores are part twist on something that maybe going on that it's that smug yeah let them -- the point is you're not much you could buy yeah. Budget but it took what this stuff -- Well up into the maybe a little bit of a do over it so that people realize there's cameras out there there are people out there that will take credit for something they're not do what. You don't really gruff. Kind of the crime dog hit a pump yeah. I can sit down and I yeah yeah I condi is why don't you got to -- -- that. I don't really care -- but I know you do and and that's I -- ice and it's a whole thing but we're. It just it's kind of shocking to me that you like all the energy and I like where you -- kids were just jump up into a frenzy -- -- -- -- ice. You know ordered doctors -- No I don't but the Fed -- I. Ice slick is well. What explains that I am supposed to kiss him back injections this morning. And I chickened out. I I -- I had chicken them I am was whatever you -- call me you can call me then if you do it. But I forgot exactly restless to go well -- all -- -- called this place yesterday canceled but I got a voicemail. But I canceled on them but not -- incident and the doctor's office. -- I'll just I don't -- The longer want to cancel at the international scope -- solutions -- rocky mountain -- solutions and a and I looked up and that's the right when but I don't think that's when I called yesterday I. And a whole story and say I am canceling because I'm scared I'm I'm I'm terrified me she -- Yeah I have to like spoon feed you stuff like I will look up stuff for you tell you where to go where I do look at it gives you dislike a little show about some some things. I. I use. It just it's -- your priorities are very odd. I do worry about things that I probably shouldn't. There they should worry about that I -- I got that's exactly yeah right and I do I do and I don't know why I have that work but I did. Yeah because like he yesterday you a lot of quirks what we we. But here's is very oddly Q were worried about your kids -- that you never knew their high school teachers are -- -- that solo album cares but then yet. Like obsessed about -- group. I don't know it's just we hear why is that what looked like I get that way. You know Lisa says that too is that -- really minor stuff I worry about the really big picture stuff like. Where's your doctor's appointment but. I'm in China making sure that he is the attacks people coming to your house and things like that -- that's so I don't worry about. I think because that other stuff takes effort. You know you actually have to do something and in this in this other stuff he -- can set. Guaranteed a patent and such a good night every single thing. They work for you had to have known for me you see him -- when you're worried about stuff that you have to doing blow -- it you feel like you're like the. Important -- -- -- but I don't think it's is it because I get to see. I don't think that's what my work he has not yet this is get to sit there and feel act I would like a little better explanation -- in the that -- you do -- get this get to -- -- you don't have that no he hit a. And wore it where is the other takes him. You know like calling me. I think it's a personality I think I got a personality flaw this -- lazy it. Now let's -- all -- it's it's called that I just it's a prioritize. Things just I don't. It certain things don't seem important to me and other things go out and like Dyson a bucket that seems very important. More. This. Year. -- -- out -- egg on my brand as bet they're giving it back. And went. Had initially you're at it at the end -- I donation. I and then you are not here I expect there -- -- hundred Alec looks. Now I. Expect and now and in Gary and any acre. Yeah that is also happening. -- -- -- discuss that -- that's another one of BJ's a thorn in the sides now wait a bit about what to eat you with me on this and people out there. I just point additional and he did it it and they anybody. Exactly. Exactly there are a lot of now granted I don't and make it seem like they were all down on the sized book thing because it's done wonders for a LS but not everybody that's due in the eyes bookings in the Muslim villages -- for attention -- exactly yeah. You at a market. That's what I would a lot of people of these that are delivered to engine and oh yeah I'm a good person and are not giving them a day and time. -- half. Where with yes I'm glad you said we wanna say yes. Producer and given him any good would come -- it's selling like you know say okay c'mon you're bashing it might not in the you know. Do you Justin Bieber because he did put ice in his -- in okay. Yeah when we're not -- that we think is a fabulous you know it's. All these people and our intention to the organization. Their donations are at times ten. Times 10 AM and it's a fifty million dollars that they had gotten so they're like if some people -- different -- not give the money that's on them. -- to them. You what's up. Well -- irritated about the -- I -- you're. Glad you're on myself. People are supposed to it's either contribute money to -- LS -- down and sell barter. So why aren't we so happy -- -- and and so that slaughter it means that there they are indifferent about the whole issue. And they're giving -- to a -- don't sell water in August. I think it would be much more challenging is that -- January or February it's freezing cold outside it yes. That. People are literally the whole point and at all. Well Jamie and I come -- glad. Jamie and I come cold weather November December were gonna do the hot chocolate challenge. Are you. I haven't -- his school June but the real question for -- you say because. You need to feel a little bit is suffering like people with -- go through Izzo is saying. No and I spent either contribute money to Eilat. Organic yourself what water. So all people that are calculated so that water. Are basically and actually care less about a LS I'm. -- an anomaly. But essentially it works the people that actually dug themselves are supposed to pay eight to at least ten dollars. How the money is being race that's why they have fifteen million. Now did you pass it on to somebody else and they have to do ten dollars and blah blah blah but if you refused to do what you've been challenged the you've got to pay double. -- Or no no no no. That's where the money's coming from so you are supposed to take and ten dollars is an allotment ten dollars adds up over millions of people. I. I don't get a good smattering of -- don't make. A they you don't want is. And this system. Don't get is about. And I meant to those six months ago and yet I still and video and they buried very very very large woman with a room. Really -- huge boobs. And she was in a little swim in -- -- -- this ice bucket over you know that with ice in and ended she was like. And her boobs are flat around there like that kick off it. -- -- and I was skis and apartment that. That didn't kick off this. And that big -- little big blue though that's what it did yeah. It was just two guys and the guy that jumped up the building yesterday. Is that what with the and -- -- -- -- -- -- I gets hit I think that's a different charity. Julie I saw that video well when I was usually makes you could this lady used ice -- we don't look big in -- I'll point out because she thought you could see -- bounce -- -- -- -- -- -- ice -- doubts about the globes it was pretty -- it was out. -- -- -- Hey BJJ what's up. Okay well I think anyone at the end of act I but they aren't you at. People are talking about it you're on the radio right now doing it last supper Eilat and -- -- -- it every word out that all our. Away. -- -- -- but it doesn't. It's an ice bucket challenge in the personalize it deployed using warm water -- my better. Economy. Now it doesn't mean it like talking about it and -- other people but maybe -- I didn't get money but I. -- -- They look at every little bit bar. This indeed is the guy goes to a lemonade stand and it's like ten cents in his language is changed back. What do you have to extend an argument -- she gets fifteen cents Barack. He's that would call on his little kid who liked to last hole exactly yeah shut that. -- the parents I'll call Health Department I would look at the pot shot to death quote. Contains eight weekday mornings on Dallas 105.