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BJ & Jamie - Letters from Prison. (8/21)

Aug 21, 2014|

Jamie got a love letter from a nice man in prison.


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-- Is exciting yeah. I found my husband's he's. So Jamie has a letter this morning a love letter from president from president yet this school cut short came up this morning you'll be lucky to put your probably your little stack of mail stuff. And I don't know that we can say that that's that's gonna be a big secret this morning. But some guys madly in love of course he's doing dot detained but he's madly in love -- Writing her from prison and just coming -- no disrespect to this dismal. -- daddy when he said the surprise for me Alice pan am excited. That says federal correction is -- -- -- but for me I think that any time that I find out that I have an -- it makes me very very -- all over the -- Very good about I appreciate it it's I just let them. -- also -- to any prisoners to do that or write me that's fine. Just won a slam a prisoner. Right now. No I don't yeah that's right now. I really appreciate -- -- don't know -- do we ever yes -- Friday and was -- -- -- -- this keep from the out of federal color corrections isn't that -- went out on having your somewhere it's on Quincy and Quincy yeah. Self corrections -- are you and -- And yeah. I did Jamie Allison she every morning here at that club -- -- a -- match up -- Club met with the club fans love the humor Ari look I may recognize who it is get time to be funny I like I'm thinking -- like I like in the McNeill yeah okay. To the entire show you have got to be the funniest gal in the business barn and please don't ever stop doing what you do you rock. Will you please and an autographed picture view he he he yeah thing and I -- Yeah yeah you would find some that we consider ensure that it's me and a wife beater. Not you we want to pictured Jamie well I know he hangs -- a picture of you -- present that's trouble. Yeah heavy accent is head an -- it'll still got it in -- that boobs I'm very dusty administer oath and no I am not one of those six cards or diaper snipers belt on Wal-Mart could well I should've. -- read this don't know genius I'm not sure what those mean that. I don't know that Dmitry inflation data for the papers. Our growth and heard that term before he's -- a -- and -- -- and less mean like that they can't keep their valves in the U. Yeah -- turned out here on the outside now. I haven't charge simple professional boy he can move he's -- deep I love him and he hasn't done a charge you. Simple possession and that's why he's in prison says you can look it up on the DOP web -- or -- -- -- also know that I write a monthly three world column. For disclosure magazine. Out of Illinois I -- seriously considering doing a piece on the hole where the eye view your excel well he's he's gonna write about you for the column. For the column bomb may end in the prison and I don't know I think he's just a web blog. The column is now called. Looker hooker. -- -- promote the support. And let's see air. Charged after eight years of being. You've been locked up for years for Duncan is the only could be a -- in the -- through gun charge on top of Newton and extended you know maybe a sentence that he didn't. I'm reading this but I'm excited says that's pros -- -- of the word play thing there never mind. Does he say when he's gonna get out of the pokey so you guys to meet a man dinner. Sending you a couple of articles lest you think I'm full of blank. Some are serious some not so much much club. Much love how it's the way he finished much in love love Bo Ryan you know Jamie and he says some articles about -- and. Can imagine that the mayor says that as story about a chicken and a boy and this is as hostages attacked over. Or read those who have makes him sound hot yeah. Yeah he can and -- can -- can bring something up her you know you know I sit around and watch a lot of crime shall know him right there. IC a lot of different shows where. Women find true love in -- they find people that are incarcerated are good people they just had a bad. Okay -- the guy's got a gun charge OK no big deal so. If you strike up a little and correspondents abroad and weren't much love and in and in January doubts and to see -- personal kind of guy does turn out to -- he's not a bad looking guy -- he got an -- pressures in an Ares I mean he's not it had done this you know super model prisoner that was out in all the women were going crazy over a few weeks -- he's -- decked out for sure yeah but the problem is and a poor guy is that they only get to use his mug shot offers articles. So I think that was a bad day that he was kind of like a little sad yeah he's not exactly smiling. It. I think it's a way that is not -- follow voters he mug shot is his side column shot that I should ask is for the and so because that's the only that's the Olympics are you get him in prison is do you approach felt I think that day he wasn't very how -- well. Time. -- you know it's something I really haven't thought of doing it adding I am the pen -- you know -- -- thing with them with a prisoner review preserved rescue. I would've put in his letter when he gets out. Because you know there's no -- -- starting aid a relationship for the person that's in prison if the guy's gonna be there for the next fifteen years I mean at times gonna -- -- demand well. I think if he's listening I think he can stand in line for the -- and he can call -- Ryan if you get that one phone call per day right I don't do you use 1 in the morning to call us here at the show. And some of the bright on the phone have you dealt him to get it in you can talk to Jamie -- alive and can really lay it out here what your intentions are because will rule. This letter is kind of figure all over the place them. I mean I know you're not a diaper sniper. You learn to play yet and -- like -- and I know your gun charge might have been just an accident we don't know we're willing to give me the benefit of the doubt. You're either very well read -- yeah I wrote intelligently rights intelligently and so. I just don't know really. Like how he's gonna support and usually at -- financial. But we don't know maybe he's a trust fund baby that gets in a lot of trouble. You know. But still millionaire just go to go to jail -- you don't get answered absolutely I could do what do most think -- what if you did this what if we write him back and we you have a ghost writer. EE in we have Sean do. -- what I want to let them. Please I'm sure -- president talks as -- as you guys think you are dead was in the pokey for ten years I don't talk about it and knows it's like the war yes like now you talk about don't you know what you're dead at the river for awhile I think it'll probably doesn't talk to like you know that in talking. -- hated dad described experienced and he didn't tell you some of the prison they're just now. Democrats as a good education did he ever tell you if the rumor about dropping the -- the stern are no we didn't discuss the I did ask in here that's gonna -- -- a kind of see -- preliminary look to him. I mean. You know I I I'm not till I it feels a little uncomfortable to get a letter from prison and nine sure is a great I -- And boom. It. I write him I'm -- and you realize I'm gonna say Jamie appreciated your letter it -- some cheers of photographs. -- -- -- That's really great guy gets one letter a day or whatever. He let alone or meet -- alone in a prison Pierre -- won't meet. And ET. Also in the misty said it correctly yeah. It got under. His Alan make you mad he's got a charged with. No real. Danielle you go wait that long on the -- -- I think we could've been the next day and who knows. You know just like you forgot that you. Yeah I know it could be he forgot that that was in his car -- no secret was -- the maximum OK it's gonna freak. You know you lift up a jacket and -- yeah by god Rebecca brown picking the next thing you know you're the bogeyed twelve years but if you. If you have a good and it's not registered whenever I'm guessing that's usually a fun and. I don't well let's get a big rap sheet market that things can get really ugly kids. It was my understanding said -- yet simple possession but we got several holes here let's just quickly here I know we're running behind Christy it's the BT -- morning show it any advice here. I'm out you know you know it. I diapers -- needs. I don't think we need I say I can separate oil. -- Christie Christie Christie there's some really nice guys some lovable. Keepers in prison. I wouldn't call them -- they have committed crimes. I mean not all of the -- off or people. -- I heard that prison guard should there is sometimes a couple of them. I'm sure sure I don't know loving it out it and I oriented well they've seen on what do you -- what -- you -- it. Okay. There and that's what I heard like you know those that it's like those teachers with the students via the war room with yeah with the main -- while and a. That's the schooling about you're Sheryl Sheryl told he painted. -- how can I can return here. Yeah. Eddie House and she said not so good about themselves oh -- Nadal who can give -- innings in Obama punch you know exactly what the process went down -- -- great great. Right now are not true or not sure all this yeah and. I Cheney they write fifteen million different people a day they're mail room that not elites where. It's not that I know. And you know. This note is some Sheryl. You know I've realized. I'm not feeling like I was you. Know I ain't. Do you see so you're telling me that he's writing that a hormone challenged Jane at the same time. Yeah I didn't everybody -- you can write to try to get them to giving him -- And what they do they do. Singing and she hair that was that is around -- dominance in hair occur if he's -- that girl and. Oh -- RS -- human -- day. There are some adult writing back because I'm not special. -- wouldn't because a lot. Not going to be a personal -- pretty ill and so he's probably getting -- hello there today. And -- you have no idea the amount of mail these people. -- heart breaking into breaking news saying I'm excited yeah not special enough. Expensive yeah everybody has to have a budget JXT meet with the BJ Agent Orange team. All I. Am eight that it. Can. Is that is that what makes it worked with a. -- -- wait it out you could you engaged before he went that claim. No. I knew it wouldn't ordinarily. Contact and then we engaged about three years ago. After he -- guardians. You can't get down when he behind the glass. You don't actually not I'll -- it up and do you guys get conjugal visits. You know I don't I don't. Know what. Chill if you're not fully and love and engaged before you go see and what it's over the top twenties in prison they can't even see the guys in jail what makes you love him even more. Well I -- Actually we weren't together before he got locked out. But that's what I'm asking how do you fall in love and getting engaged what he's in prison I mean what. What DGE. -- you know each -- while it is keeping a one can be a liar which spent a lot of them out there. I declined to talk to you and you needed to steal about how special how great how to that it -- you're actually in the evening when you get out you were -- You know I mean I can't -- -- -- -- I get. -- presenting real quick here and I know we're finally Elena just after. Is crazy you got engaged to a guy you don't even really know any cookie via a ring again get down telling me you don't have. Relations with them because you can't and don't. Don't even know if you. Do. I believe he's not yet although I believe camera and only guy I eat -- that happened. Even sit around waiting for him. I wouldn't quit and they weren't. So Manning -- I was -- even sit around waiting for him. -- Over here three years -- and each and here the only thing I really should you meet. I didn't learn how to -- it -- the amount. -- but. They deal and they deal. -- That you always -- or do we find -- -- which he and four. Let's stick saying he had. A long and point. I'm in her and I -- and I -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Here's crazy I don't like to try to check and it is an ever. -- and. -- -- Stewart but that's crazy just crazy -- hit it really is kind of crazy. Adrian did get emotional connection at that like. Let let thanks -- in. I don't know judging her indigent. I wouldn't that's crazy. Violent crime and he's engaging enough for many many many years when. We just get really it. PGA and she -- weekend mornings on our one Obama.