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BJ & Jamie - Fighting in public. (8/26)

Aug 26, 2014|

A man and woman got into a fight on a plane. Have you ever had a public fight?


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PGA. And I'm surprised she didn't see this airplane story. Airplanes or what the reclining seat where they got a -- Into that the woman had to be diverted because she was given birth on plane and that divert its NC. She was Hewitt who is like -- -- -- there was that that was -- I think it got to throw you okay. They went there was a flight yesterday from -- Denver they were coming here I don't know if they're from here or not there's no details but I guess a -- altercation happened in the air and they have to stop the flight in Chicago over reclining seat a woman throw drink and a guy space. What quiet then reclined seat -- was her kids like they were. They -- -- Poland on that does seat rest and you know the guy behind this lady he had bought what's called a need blocker something like veteran -- I don't know bunkers into -- -- -- the blue blockers but some -- sunglasses all second. You know the same thing clear I didn't know -- I didn't know they sold this device there's a device that you can buy that hangs on the tray table that that's in front of the -- That blocks a person in front of you from reclining your seat on an airplane I've never heard of this it is like twenty bucks for this. And it's a thing so they can't -- back yeah yeah legal battle on an airplane you can buy that when you can hang them on there and and they keep secede from reclining back which continues. Very -- this isn't a getting on an airplane and throwing on this device so you block that person -- -- for that seat in front of view. From climbing at all. It's just freezing it just waiting for a fight. Just so you throw on there won't -- guy puts this on the air the lady is where it really upset here's the story. And a -- when a passenger on united flight was denied a bit of personal space on a plane led to an argument in an emergency landing. One passenger using a need defender it's cult the need defenders found that doesn't but -- just -- 5000 a gadget that attaches to a passengers tray table that prevents the SE and from former Friday. The lady -- sat through a drink in his face. And they were about to get -- Because he wouldn't take out the and the defender 5000 yet because she wanted her space. So they have the oil and the flight in Chicago. Firfer taken up for herself usually six to set their own quiet and passive yeah. You know good for are going to do -- need defender 5000 there. They got freak out both I'm sitting there on the airplanes they were right across the Ohio from this dude it is altercations going on -- don't agree -- there about the fight. On an airplane. He has usually they divert at that point freak out just a little bit and that diverts have you read a public altercation that death. We got -- fight somebody distortion of the politics calls I think 3322. L-3 33032225423. Have you ever been out at like grocery -- large -- couple lines have you ever been any retail story where maybe the person behind the -- was -- Durham fast -- what it. Public altercation have you ever had 130322. -- It is the funny part about it when -- in one of those you're like. It's almost surreal. Isn't like is happening is really Catholic and an adult and mom and I -- in a -- out in public. Actually happened my sister I did that Black Friday thing at target yeah. And so until we we both had our shopping carts out there waiting in line because it's a zoo. And it went to go grab you know some derided Nile finance I left my card there and I came up this is night. She freaked me healing like these -- human Guinea when Annika and not enough measures in December and that's it yeah. I should thank you can't. It's scary yeah and then I'm like I'm not doing -- like my sister was here the shopping cart and she said they -- -- -- -- security. You can guess we'd better not pistol at a price for her. No he should've told Al knocked in other tooth out yet Nelson and it. -- -- -- -- -- She she was inside there and she -- the event and says it's 30320 to -- 3032225423. -- got the public altercation. Thought security number and then. Here's how you shut him down just for reference. We're gonna pray for me. I'm gonna pray for you when you say that they can bite you on the yes it's hard punch somebody squared to two all when they're praying for him to you just say that but -- tell her that -- Go to mark Kmart good morning. Did an area we're doing great 303 truly who -- 303222514. Straight up public altercation. With -- -- -- -- -- Wal-Mart. Wal-Mart that's the perfect place. Yeah especially you -- catching him pretty don't. I anymore. It -- not I like target like upscale as as my failure to obscure okay thank you Wal-Mart a couple of -- Hello attacking -- -- a dead -- -- -- -- you know apple and they don't press a moral Albert. And -- -- Tora almost arrested and kicked out of Wal-Mart or three years. They gave the time you're almost kicked out and almost for three years. What are your book was that debt that was the story like I don't know maybe a year ago or some -- guy was banned for life. Because he's got good he did something he gotten an altercation or something he was banned for life or mark are you say mark that you actually did get banned for three years. Three years I can go back -- warmer. Wrong I really don't know but I think -- dark. I mean the last person I saw -- security at Wal-Mart when he walked in the door is like nine years old and she's really -- in -- and I don't think she has a budget mug shots looking for people who can't commit. I have no idea it's funny. Wait so you're -- small market. Access so that I did not expecting this morning. We can't Wal-Mart for three. Year -- -- -- I wouldn't want to go and sneaking in just because I want to thinking I. I would -- that I would too -- Various places all over town -- secret to doing -- -- I do what about -- everyday this policy on YouTube and they don't know. They don't care and -- and don't. Let that money. And -- this -- wedge from I -- not gone back to I go every day he's talking now. At each I think they aren't that big fat or what is what's on the radio. A -- and a is it. What was your public altercation. So I -- a -- play each lot. And they're -- people. Are a bit -- And I want to open that I NN I might not enemy territory and happy that they've won it Allen Altera. Panic and you -- kicking -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Both long and burning and we can then you're hitting. -- little light on. It all over. All the cannot. I'd add -- -- in many they expect no we didn't know we didn't get it Turk are. Heard me so they -- true. No but but but taking these calls almost in my mind I'm trying to think OK who's at fault here. But but Amanda when you're a public laundry is the first come first serve if they get there and use all ten guards they use all ten -- Well I don't. And I went Italian chain 81. It it won't. And there's gonna go with BJ and that's when Amanda because when I go to done in these yeah -- Whatever -- in the middle of three slot machines but I cannot play all three slot machines right at people who come up like. All of -- worrying but they didn't. Can't -- in -- -- of the my dad than than that -- that way it doesn't -- that the death and people. Really have to take three I'll hear that let you. I don't know whether you're the first one there we if you wanna take up ten you can take a mop it up the money I get to play that's why there. -- you yeah you're gonna have to go far -- not until your true. A woman once I was kind of machine -- like I have money in this -- like -- out -- more to the -- deal. But you know I've lived out on shore and like I'm sorry no you have to and in the thankfully at twenty bucks in my purse and -- He is your money walk away. Me and I never realized how slot machine and a laundromat was so closely resembled the. You know why because you're right because they both have changed machines have you put a dollar you always win the fourth quarters. I think. Every every inch of that sound dogs and those quarters that metal I think the change machine all the time always -- -- -- It's the BJ JB show a public altercation. I try to work it out department see any settlements and military he OxyContin or coaches at each. So I -- nurtured it it should try to achieve that telling yet at atomic apartments each. And told her she couldn't happen at any everything at her Russian heart became a national. I -- this rule. To screw everything in her car it don't try not -- -- had all our help. Holy cow how -- -- But what I mean are messing with Barack seek idea. Mad -- me they're kind of seed that would I think what we got there is an. That's that's what that is exhausted state you Janet -- and -- more let's go to Michelle Michelle. Hey what's your altercation. I it happened that the public library -- Dirty Erie -- I just got out of school and I have seen their. Later Richie -- two dollars. And I'm not only helping me -- as Caroline has hiking. I am certain mandate I think you know trying to. Location. Tracking and trapping. Current iPad and I had seen their Richard Alley to the -- Libyan Allard. And then they started telling us track -- We're being near Atlanta legal clearly the -- and my man who need it Americana. And I okay. Glad -- cutting edge and Cecil mean in eighteen in an armed attack in mind that there and Carol how my mother -- Bihac. And hiding. Jumped up and I started an altercation with her ends. Six we need to know -- -- average -- go chase. Clint. For instance. I didn't do -- -- -- And. An eight yeah it's an -- and you can -- can't just like you can't consider. Now if you haven't had -- -- -- since you do. Now heading to. Protect my mind you know for the -- How did -- you're -- -- is the current surge here. -- Having it collapsed. So needless to say my mom went back to reckon they're congress is they're taking. Yeah. This this is a public service announcement this is Michelle. -- way too much white out. Do you detect it machine in high school and I that you and I are as is so awesome I. I'm trying to yeah I don't distort. And now -- snorted -- sniffed it. I was tougher media and with the tip Alia that I did to disconnect how we don't do an excellent plot is the -- said yeah. Yes it. Mario what's your fight. Out came out now at a speed and southern Colorado or. Eat drink -- bet somebody cute. Well it ain't nobody in the oh. There are all that's going -- -- and didn't eat at 8008. Manila December to do right to aid workers. Got it while Eric. -- that are currently without tempers pretty. And Allen did a great deal. -- -- -- -- -- But they're -- I don't. Use. Our our area and it either happy. Or it. Yeah my guy as great a little stint in the hot tub. Oh I don't know mood they didn't they -- at Honeywell had a few drinks does that play out let them lady that started speaking I EQ it'll. -- Isn't there I. The stories doesn't missing part of that and I was drink you know. He's -- -- That ended -- And coming out and keep her in there -- -- the people. Yeah. Sometimes I don't love the Harry jail in bikini. -- Ali -- XP that TSA yeah. I again. Contains eight. -- mornings on Dallas 105 time.